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  1. Id be interested in a card only expansion, yeah. No more A wing models though.
  2. You mean like Palpatine should have been? He was shown exiting a Lamda with his guards in Return of the Jedi. The guy clearly rides around in X-wing scale appropriate vehicles.
  3. My group just disregards the targets at or below PS2 portion.
  4. This sounds really cool. But what I have found about tabletop or PnP game design is that you do not have an unrestricted amount of processing power as if you were computer game designing and mechanics cannot be executed instantly. Someone has to to do the record keeping, it would take significantly more time to set up missions and get the deployment correct, that time isnt fun for the players. The depth it adds is really cool in concept but the actual fun that gets added to the campaign by including that mechanic will not outweigh the effort and downtime it will create. If you made an app that does the heavy lifting though, you have something.
  5. It would actually take a loooong time to cool compared to the same damage in-atmosphere. With nothing to transfer the heat to, it would cool entirely through black-body radiation.
  6. You can't draw a decimator as a random. It only has an AI card, not pilot cards. Ahh, that's it. We've been drawing an AI card then drawing from the stack of pilot cards corresponding to the drawn AI. That led to the confusion. So shuttles=yes decimators=no
  7. When you are drawing a ship type that is replacing a TIE when deploying an AI squad, do you include the shuttle and decimator? The 2 attacks and pile of HP on the decimator can turn a close mission into a rebel-stomp in short order compared to drawing a defender or something else.
  8. Does anyone know if there are still slots available? I have posted on their boards and PMd the mod but no response.
  9. I don't think anything needs a ban but if the goal is up expand the variety of what you see I would go with: PTL Predator VI Engine Upgrade and either the stress-bot or R2
  10. Go back under the bridge, troll! IDK i think scummy has a point. These types of posts reflect poorly on the community as a whole. I don't want to be associated with a group of whining, entitled, demanding, overly emotional gamerz. I was already in kindergarten. Is this satire?
  11. Whisper: PTL, engine upgrade, mara jade. Decloak forward, move, then boost and re-cloak. Nobody is catching that.
  12. That IP needs to be expanded. Though, TI3 is board game perfection (with the addition of some of the expansion content), they cant mess with that and they know it.
  13. Thats the one right there.
  14. There are a couple solutions to this issue. If you are doing a kind of grid control campaign then it kind of works itself out as the player with more territory has to spread resources in order to defend it where the player with fewer resources can mass units to achieve a local superiority anywhere along the front. In a non-map campaign you can simulate this to some degree by giving the player with less power (by whatever measure you want to use) the strategic initiative by allowing them to choose scenarios that would favor their particular build. This would represent them taking a more guerilla approach and choosing to engage only when they have either the opportunity to a crippling blow or the battle is very much in their favor (like the rebels in EP IV-VI).
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