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  1. Player was taking a Wrath of Corax assault marine, a Raven Guard successor with a heavy focus on ship to ship combat. WOCs are okay on land but have tons of bonuses onboard ships. Only problem was all of their adventures were on the ground and WOC assault marines don't get jump packs. Then we got to Ark of Lost Souls. The WOC turns to the other marines, gives them horrifically complicated instructions on attack patterns and how to handle all the bad guys. The instructions involved using bolt pistols to maneuver in zero-g, running up walls and just being a bad ass in space. The other marines meekly pointed out they couldn't pull off what he was ordering them to do. The WOC just glared at them, "Why not? I can!" Another player was a Screaming Gecko Devastator, a chapter known for its insane bravado and complete lack of defensive strategies. Intro adventure had a hive tyrant swoop down for 1d5 rounds of tossing marines around. Only the Geckos are known for insane acts of courage and in their fluff they have instances of force feeding tyranids bags of grenades. So this guy decides that he too is going to feed a hive tyrant a bag of krak grenades. Called shots, massive penalties and he rolls a 05. Wasn't enough to kill it outright, but made it decide that it needed to be somewhere else. And it was all in character which made it even better.
  2. - You ask the tech priest how to put engines on a planet so you can use it as your new flagship. - He has an answer in under an hour. - You can afford it. - Three chapters of the Adeptus of Astartes use your homeworld for recruiting. - One chapter uses decks 3-12 of your flagship for the same thing. - You consider any ship under light cruiser as ordnance. - The item you chose for your one free item was booze. Really good booze, but still booze. - All the upgrades on your ship has made your crew more loyal to you than your servitors.
  3. -The Rogue Trader has an Ork for a Bosun for the same reason Jabba had the Rancor. -Though starting the campaign at only 12 years old, in 2 years has earned the monikers Savior of the Expanse, Lord Commander of Stryfe, and Koronos' Most Eligible Bachelor. -The archmilitant who thinks she's a harlequin and dresses accordingly is the least conspicious member of the crew. -The Bosun uses his intimidate skill for stealth tests. -The voidmaster's customized guncutter is off limits to techpriests, as she's killed 6 of them through cardiac arrest alone. - The size of the mercenary unit on your ship dwarfs that of some Holy Crusades. -When rediscovering long lost relic vessels from before the Great Crusade, the Rogue Trader's first action is to call dibs. -It's also the first thought when coming across rival Rogue Traders' colonies. -Tales of your exploits decrease the availability of multi-meltas due to a run on the market. -Your crew learns to stay as far away from voidlocks as possible on payday.
  4. 1. Will need to refine that, it's more of a realization of potential than chaos taint. 2. Should be the Inquisition remembers the Thousand Sons. 3. Reword it so they are up to their eyes in favors owed. 4. The flavor of the chapter is that their binding ritual sometimes leaves the marine untouchable. The chapter trains the guy and immediately dumps the poor sod off in Deathwatch. It's extremely rare, but there are recorded incidents. The Deathwatch views the guys as weapons and assets, they don't really care for their feelings. They have an exploitable talent, and they are going to use it. If the Untouchable lives, great! 5. Will change the fluff to a more reasonable timeline. 6. Bionic eyes have neutral effect, they are purely cosmetic they don't give any bonus at all. The bulk of the chapter is at the wyrd level of psychic powers, it manifests as lucky happenstance or a 6th sense more so than actual psychic powers. 7. Will look at the demeanor. 8. They are generally a codex chapter, they do show a preference for devastators and assault marines working in unison. 9. N/A 10. Will add some fluff. 11. The solo mode was the best way to show their development of minor psychic powers. I was really trying to avoid the original idea of being just a psychic chapter like the grey knights, so giving them rather minor powers that manifest over time as almost innate abilities. 12. Really not much a theme, just generic artillery librarians. 13. Change the fluff so they go in small groups, leaving the chapter frequently under strength. Sending a company would be right out but 4-5 marines could sneak through. 14. The cost to be an Unbidden is as high as you can get for a 1st level character. The character takes a major hit for fellowship and has to deny his own chapter when they kick him out. Will change the fluff to better represent their pariah status. 15. Change the planet to Purgatory, that should tie everything together.
  5. Might have been a typo on the list. The sons could be a successor chapter of the scions if we wanted, there is little information on them. If I had to all I needed to do to fix the list is a simple search and replace.
  6. I started the Space Marine Project a long time ago, and I'm finally getting some progress after pretty much complete turnover. It was an ambitious project, we took 25 chapters with little to no history outside their name and decided to give them a full Deathwatch write up. These are three of them. Angels of Purgatory, Scions of Anteous and Screaming Geckos. The Angels and Scions appear as name only in a list of space marine chapters, Screaming Geckos were mentioned once in the Rogue Trader era. Feel free to offer suggestions. The files are ODT and they are long, average length of a chapter write up is 12 pages, but it has not been formatted yet. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2IFwM9bT8zYTXlCZWlFLUNBLU0/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2IFwM9bT8zYSmlQekhobHBfZmc/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2IFwM9bT8zYcElRMWVlNllPeUU/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Was working on an adventure where the kill team finds a pre-heresy marine trapped in a elder stasis field for over 10,000 years. Planning on making him a Lunar Wolf, before they had even changed their names. He would be key to the plot so they don't just gun him down out of hand, the marine isn't evil, but obviously out of his element. So if he survives the adventure what do you think his fate would be? Executed, Black Shield or even turned over to the Inquisition for recruitment?
  8. Go with Peer: Munitorium instead. Gives them a bonus to acquire items with the commerce check, but doesn't have privates running around with power fists.
  9. Only problem with quill pusher is you can end up with a starting squad with a logistics rating of 60 if each soldier gets +5 logistics, plus 30 starting (40 if highborn). Might want to just give it a +5/+10 flat increase.
  10. So for an Ogryn his choices would be Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, or Fellowship as he does not normally have those. Non-characteristic aptitudes would be right out.
  11. The Glen


    Stole a rule from Rogue Trader for our Comrades, the rating rating. If you give a Comrade an order he has a % chance of getting it right. So a Incompentent Comrade only has 20% chance but an Elite has 60%. Gives them some autonomy, and the unit can make a logistics test to try and get better comrades at penalties (or even a bonus to get an incompentent in the field if they need warm bodies). Still trying it out but seems to be working.
  12. I'm probably reading this wrong, but if you have a aptitude twice you pick a characteristic that shares with an Aptitude. Does the new aptitude have to be paired to something you already possess or is it open to any of the non-charactistic aptitudes? Ogryn that gain toughness for aptitudes from Die Hards get a new aptitude, the only aptitude they can get from the characteristics they possess is Finesse. Or say if I'm making a Bone 'Ead can I take change the extra Tough to say Knowledge?
  13. Half your points for one guy to get a +10 bonus to obtain a heavy weapon just seemed extremely steep. Now if it does add another weapon, can you get a weapon that is more than Very Rare? I can see a Seige regiment that has a mole mortar platoon in addition to normal field artillery.
  14. Confusion is that it says 'add one favored X weapon' to the kit. It reads as this is now part of the gear you start with. This seems to be silly to allow everybody to start with a heavy weapon, but 15 points is a lot of points just to have the option later of getting it easier.
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