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  1. You could make yourself a small reminder card, maybe something business card size or similar. When it comes to tournaments, I wouldn't start messing with the sleeves or cards; just stick to a non tampered with card in a tournament approved sleeve. Your best bet is to memorize the cards with important errata, and probably the second best option is to make a small reminder card for yourself. Also, I don't think that there are any rules about taking a second to look up a card on your phone, iPad, etc. So, you could probably just keep a list of errata'd cards with you and save some pictures of them on your phone or tablet, and then reference those when one of said cards is played. That's what the judges do when they have some question about that...they just look up the card in some way.
  2. Thanks for the updates, Mac! I just re-watched your 2014 final match the other night. So epic! I miss being there and playing SWLCG with you guys!
  3. FRIDAY NIGHT STAR WARS AT THE FANTASY FLIGHT EVENT CENTER IN ROSEVILLE! If you are in the Minneapolis area, and looking to meet some friendly people and get in some games of Star Wars LCG, stop by the Fantasy Flight Event Center on Friday nights! All skill levels are welcome, and feel free to bring new players who want to learn the game! There is usually a mix of 1v1, 2v2, and soon there will be 3v1 play (with the release of Balance of the Force). What better way to end your week than with some games of Star Wars, some great conversation, and perhaps some food and drink. One or more us us will usually wear something Star Wars related, and you will no doubt see a bunch of focus tokens, damage tokens, shields, and death star dials scattered over our tables! Again, everyone is welcome, even if you have never played the game, have no cards at all, and are simply curious what the game is like! I (or anyone, really) would be happy to hand you a deck and walk you through a game or two. Feel free to email me at divinityofnumber [at] yahoo [.com] or send me a message here for more information. See everyone on Friday!
  4. Building an encounter deck would be absolutely brutal. I would include a ton of the following: 1) Multi-sphere hate cards AND mono-sphere hate cards, so there is no way to get around some massive damage in that respect 2) Tons of surge 3) Cards that don't let heroes ready 4) Tons of archery If I were to build an encounter deck with no restrictions or limitations or restrictions, it would absolutely destroy just about any player deck or decks. For example, I could just include all cards with surge, aside from brutal condition effects that make heroes useless, or things that do mass damage or mass threat increase.
  5. It is the responsibility of the individual to confront the absurd and craft meaning for oneself, to fight phenomenological futility of existence by self-manufacturing purpose. I think that, in our case, this means actively playing the game in new and refreshing ways while we wait.
  6. I always recommend buying the products in the order in which they were originally released, so you get the organic feel of the way that the game progressed. Others will disagree. I am biased toward my own awesome experience with the game. I started playing when the game was released, and I had an excellent experience playing with new cards as they came out. For example, if you have a friend or two that is willing to play, you can build decks with Core Set stuff, play until you feel you've gotten enough out of the Core Set, and then agree to get the next adventure pack. Then, you both modify your decks and play the new scenario, etc. If you buy in the order of release, the decks in your playgroup should develop in a synergistic way.
  7. I think that SW LCG, played at the highest level, is intensely complex. That is one of the things that I enjoyed about it.
  8. I think that it would be cool to see the Core Set released for 50-70 USD that included the original Core Set with all cards 3x, a small batch of some alternate art versions of some core set cards, and then maybe include the first cycle of adventure packs also, perhaps also with some alternate art cards and maybe cool new tokens or threat counters or something. That would make it an appealing investment for new players, and also get old players to buy it.
  9. https://www.gencon.com/events/111680 Short Description: Rally your heroes for an epic battle against the forces of Sauron! Attack on Dol Guldur, is a unique, epic 12 player scenario!
  10. NOT Druadan Forest.
  11. I have to second Steward's Fear. Such an awesome scenario. Encounter at Amon Din is also really, really fun.
  12. The Race Against the Shadow tournament format is very enjoyable. Rules: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/67/af/67af4664-f4be-4a87-9054-76dfe63b850e/race-against-the-shadow-rules.pdf We held a Race Against the Shadow event a while back at the FFG Event Center and I wrote an article about it: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html/_/lord-of-the-rings/the-race-against-the-shadow-r974
  13. My main want is the ability to have quite long campaigns that span many game sessions. I want to be able to have my playgroup start at the beginning and then proceed to level up and spend many, many game sessions within a campaign-style adventure.
  14. Someone somewhere within the company should interact more with the forums. New characters are obviously new content, from a technical definition. But, it would have been nice to see more campaign/adventure content.
  15. These are absolutely awesome! The only thing that I can think of is finding someone online who is good at graphic design and can make them look like the style of the game manual. Thank you for your work on these; they'll be very useful to anyone who plays this game. I particularly like that you clarified how much stress various enemies can take and I think that the sheet for keeping track of what cars the players have access to and how much gas, the mileage, etc., is very helpful.
  16. Well, they could have just logged on and written, "Hey everyone. Not to worry. We do plan on releasing expansions for this game. It's taking a while due to X, Y, and Z." I think that PoD stuff is bad news. Also, they are just putting out some new player characters, not any actual new game content.
  17. I still like Eleanor. She is really useful in 3-4 player games.
  18. After playing 1.0 from the beginning and then seeing my collection become essentially worthless overnight was enough for me. I was smart enough not to buy in to 2.0. The meta for 1.0 was a complete mess/joke at multiple points in the game's lifecycle.
  19. Check out the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.
  20. Also, that 8 threat makes it even easier to get away with spamming Legacy of Numenor and/or Deep Knowledge on the first turn, leading to insane set-ups. I don't think that it breaks the game or anything, but he is a nice card.
  21. I have 2x core and then everything up through the last chapter pack. There were a few chapter packs that I even bought two of, so there are some cards that I have 6x, etc. I also have alt art Valar, Wildfire, and Mance, as well as some alt art house cards from Days of Ice and Fire 2010. PM me to discuss trade options or to make an offer.
  22. *bump
  23. I played without them for a while, but my group grew tired of seeing some of the same House-specific strategies used game after game. Also, players with experience know that with X players, House Y has an advantage, etc. The TOB cards, in my opinion, add a nice, moderate level of mystery that make the game really fun.
  24. I'd rather have them put the effort into the game itself. I can figure out ways to store my cards.
  25. I hear you, and everyone makes good points. But, I have LOVED the LOTR LCG and forever will. I also play D&D 4e and enjoy rolling dice and play Mansions of Madness -- things where you move a miniature around. I LOVED the idea of Warhammer Quest the card game. It seemed like a perfect mix of a campaign-style RPG and a card game. I had all of these hopes of having a playgroup that played through long campaigns, leveled up, gathered new items, etc. In the end, if it is just a $40 box with no additional content, I just don't see it being worth the time and money. I have also been debating about getting into the Pathfinder Adventure card game, but was hoping that Warhammer Quest would be FFG's version of something like that.