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  1. Hi! I do not argue from a "modern" standpoint. You have to be eccentric to become part of RT expeditions. But what some players/GMs post here, is neither eccentricity nor (needed) expediency. It is simple bloodlust and a vacuum in the head of the chars, hell sometimes the Orks have a better reason! The successful RTs have to make some hard decisions and take acceptable losses as well, but sound reasoning adds to their legend. Butchering your way along the stars might be successful in the short term, but sooner than later others will take action against such loose cannons.
  2. Hi! When I read some of the replies, I have to say that the game has already slipped all reigns there. Even the most militant RT is out there for adventure and business. In a very dark unknown, where you need at least half-way trusted crew! And pardon me, an RT with ultra-puritan or monodominant crew has earned a cruesome death. Even among the Sororitas or SMs you find some less triggerhappy examples, which are the ones travelling with the RTs. A group which does not care for any losses has to feel the hammer of the GM sooner than later. Psychpaths among the RTs have a well-earned reputation of being "removed" for the well-being of all out there in the endless Dark.
  3. Hi! On the topic how difficult it should be to get a working transgenic craft based on were it comes from, I´m with peacekeeper. And this say much, since I worked on a loophole for female Space Marines (or would that be Space Marinas?) in my games (as a plot device, not for the players) and my RT´s Retribution class ship has Eldar tech in it., but I always stay within the WH universe. I push the borders, but I do not break them overly much. The Imperium sees the human form as holy, so you can only alter to an extent. Some things, like better smell, would not be problematic, since it does not alter the form much and is something you can get in different ways. But "perks" you need Nid-DNA for, are way out there, so there has to be a serious risk involved.
  4. MILLANDSON said: However, all adepts (as in, the Dark Heresy career) are late bloomers, only gaining psychic powers later on, and usually due to either encounters with the warp or estoric tomes. Hi! I know, since I played 1,2 Adepts (and not only those with Psy) myself. But as I understood the the DH and RT books I read, the late-bloomers, be it Adepts, Nascent Psykers, Inquisitors, Sages, etc. the far majority of all those late-comers undergo the sanctioning. Only heretic groups or fFringers or extreme Radicals keep it secret.
  5. MILLANDSON said: Gunter said: Hi! It seems I stated my question a bit too vague! To clarify: I DO NOT mean a "Blow the enemies of the Imperium to the warp-someday-I-ll-be-a-primaris" psyker, but those gifted with only a small-medium power rating, like the Adepts. They have to be sanctioned too, since it is unlikely they would live for long if they are not. Actually, if you read the Radical's Handbook, you'll note that most Adepts who acquire psychic powers aren't sanctioned at all. Hi! I don´t know of the cuff which book it was, but as far as I know, the vast majority of "Adept-Psykers", Inquisitors, Sages, etc. which aquire psy powers underwent sanctioning! Only the "late-bloomers" of splinter or extreme radical factions do not.
  6. Hi! It seems I stated my question a bit too vague! To clarify: I DO NOT mean a "Blow the enemies of the Imperium to the warp-someday-I-ll-be-a-primaris" psyker, but those gifted with only a small-medium power rating, like the Adepts. They have to be sanctioned too, since it is unlikely they would live for long if they are not. The NPC RT I created after the char creation rules to cross the path of the group frequently, is a Trader powerhouse, not a "psykic" one. His gifts allow him to succeed in some cases easier or faster, which made him a widely known RT, but because of his business abilities, not his psy powers; he does not go into a fight with his personal warpstorm blazing. He has 5 minor powers and altogether 4 dicipline powers from Biomancy/Telepathy. I meant how do you gamers out there handle the sanctioning of those medium gifted, whose main life is in an other role than being a full-blown psyker. Bye!
  7. Hi, Boys and Girls! While in DH we have the option to integrate moderately gifted sanctioned "psykers", persons who have other priorities than just warp powers on their agenda, like the Adept or via ascension "Mind´s Eye opens", "Psyker´s Gift", in RT non of the "main" classes beside the Navigator/Astropath have that option. It is doubtful that there is a Rogue Trader or other RT class in the whole Imperium who has no sanctioned members. In my group we handle chars who will be gifted, like the "Psyker´s gift" and reduce the PF a bit, since the Trader or other class will be away for some time until coming back sanctioned. It costs them massive amounts of XP to get some powers and Psy rating, so they get some minor powers and one, two discipline powers mostly. If they want more, their other char options suffer. All right for us. A RT with one or two Biomancy powers (good to keep healthy and looking impressive) or Telepathy (like knowing when lied to or a Voidsmaster gunnery officer with frightingly good aim) are not gamebreakers, if handled with care. And in-universe there must be some sanctioned psykers in the RT fleets, even leadership. It´s too big a universe, that not even one RT has success in part because of his psy powers. What would you do/say about how to implement chars with some psy power in RT?
  8. JerusalemJones said: My solicitations from FFG are saying January for Exodus, so it likely won't be available for Christmas (much to the loss of many a gift list, I'm sure). And as Bleached Lizard said, the show has been off the air for over two years now (and I miss it!) but the game is still popular. As long as there is money to be made, FFG will release another expansion. Though the third expansion will likely be the last. Yes , I´d like more BSG on TV too! But I hope that FFG will not stop after they reached the end of S3. They gave us nearly everything, now we need the S4 expansion too. With the rebel Cylons, the Colony, ...Then you can say FFG completely covered BSG and then I will be willing to test a theoretical "Blood & Chrome", even a "Caprica"! First post for a petition for a S4 expansion for BSG!!
  9. Hi! It´s wow, that we get another Expension for BSG, now we can hope that FFG will bring a last Expansion later, hopefully soon. BTW, thanks to FFG for not abandoning the Game. Does anyone know more when we get the S4 Expansion?
  10. Hi! Camouflage Field (Xenos): This Eldar device seems to be a forerunner or a parallel development to the cloaks their dark brethen uses. With the field raised, you can simulate any optic ship form of comparable size to your ship. e.g. make a "Retribution" battleship look like a harmless bulk transport. In addition, it sends false signatures and readings to trick sensors. All sensors get a -10 to -30 malus (GM´s choice how much) to pierce the illusion. This is opposite the mimic engine, which is sureproof against sensors, but not against optics. It does not work against Tyranids (well, it works against their sensors, but the "Nids" attack anything) and the Necrons. Geller fields can be raised with the camouflage field online, but no Void shields or similar protection fields. Energy: 2 SP:2 Shippoints: 1
  11. Hi! Segmentum Bridge: These type of bridge is due to it´s "high tech" status and expense, esp. a dispens from the Navis Nobilitae for it´s "Warp augur array", normally only found on important battleships, flagships or wealthy RT vessels. It´s name comes from the fact that the bridge has diverse cogitators inbuild, which make them natural command vessels. It´s massive cogitators, bridge-wide hololithic combat displays, ergonomic, but highly impressive designs, additional armor, selfsustaining life-support, holo-network, specialised, interlinked augurs, administratum logistic cogitators show what the Imperium is capable of. While not archeotech, only few shipyards have the capabilities to install bridges which combine the technological spearheads of todays IoM and the remnants of the height of the Imperium. The Warp augur array is the crown jewel. Based on an old STC design (some rumors say Eldar runecaster), this device allows non-Navigators to calculate warp jumps up to 60 Lys like navigators would. No wonder, that a dispens by the Navis Nobilitae is needed to install this array and it only covers emergencies, when on-board navigators are disabled. The dispens in incorporated in the cost. Targeting cogitators: The "high-tech" fire-solution cogitators give a +10 on all Ballistics Skill Tests for shipboard weapons. Armoured: Works like in "armoured bridge" Holo-Navigation: All Pilot and Navigation rolls made by the bridge-crew get +5. Warmaster´s Hand: The military cogitators, databanks, hololithic displays and dedicated augurs give a +20 on all tactica rolls made by bridge personal. In addition, it gives a +10 on military/war related lore rolls. Administratum´s purview: In both military and civilian life, logisitcs, the flow of materials, ressources and stockpiles can be extremly important. A Rogue Trader can benefit as much from the special logistics cogitators as a warmaster would. +70 on all commerce objectives, +70 on military objectives. Warmaster´s Throne: Not only a technogical marvel with all the tech installed, but a majestic sight in itself with only the best materials used, the command throne gives a +10 on all command rolls and a +5 on rolls made to impress others, if you sit on it. Warp augur array: In the direst emergency, a non-navigator can use this special device to plot a warp jump like a navigator would. Follows the rules for navigators. Space: 8 Energy. 5 SP: 4
  12. Lask said: GunterBut again if you want female SM's make it so, but just expect critism or flames from people if you post about it. I have 2 female players in my group so I'm going to have to figure out what to do myself (one probably won't have an issue playing a male but not sure on the other). I'll probably leave the option open for them to play a DH/RT character leveled up to be on equal footing possibly even the junior inquisitor in charge of the squad. Hi, Lask! I know the 40k universe relatively well. My female SMs are actually a plot device. I have an adventure made where they play a role. A world recently came out of the shadow in the warp. This IoM world was under Siege for hundreds or thousands of years. They were industrial enough to manufacture new equipment and repair the panzers, Artillery, etc. of the IG and the (stranded) ships of the Holy Navy in system, but began to run low on people. (Sieges are not good for population increase). Desparation breeds new/strange ideas. The planetary leadership, the Military, the AM and the local SM chapter began to tinker and they succeeded spectacularly. Female SMs. Now the Inquisition (DH chars) arrives, Rogue Trader smell big profits on the "new" world (RT chars) and Space Marines come to reinforce this world(DW chars, if it comes out early enough) and the **** hits the fan, so to speak. The planetary leadership says they had a vision from the emporer to do this research, etc. Secrets, double crossings... What do you think? As an aside: Since we talked about presents for female SM; what about a Chanel-pattern Energy Fist or a Versace-pattern Plasma Pistol?
  13. Lask said: And if anyone even so much things of bringing them flowers or slapping the ass plate of their power armor there will be a bolt round ready to return the affection. LOL! This happens only if you don´t know how to woo the (hypothetical) female SM! Flowers?...PFT! How about a nice packet of Ammo or a fashionable Bolter! There are ways to get inside their power armoured knickers! Your idea about removing the breasts is irrelevant. Why remove them? An Armorum Impetor or a "Termi" is a rather effective "sports bra"! The same with fertility. You have women (and their potential offspring, be it male or female) able to accept the sacred geneseed, raising the potential numbers of the Angels of Death? Giving humanity more elite warriors? You bet that someone would see that possibility. In addition you can´t smell anything, when the armor is sealed. And slapping their bottoms: Anybody slapping the ass plate of a 9 foot armoured warrior is sure he can get away with it or alternately has a serious deathwish.
  14. Some very good points by you, Gailhead! My outlook on PA is roughly the same. For the 08/15 power armour in the RT book, there is nothing more to do for my group than a hard "aqui test". And that they are somewhere with an acceptable tech level. If we talk about Armorum Impetor or a Tactical Dreadnought Armor, which have stats in an other league, you can get them (1,2 handful at best), but only with a specific mission done well or you have some presents, bribes, etc. handy and roleplay it. And i require from my players that they train with the armor, no matter what they got, even an MIU. Even if you have the best tech available, you need to train to use it correctly.
  15. In my games (i´m the GM), i give my players a choice when they get a new ship. They loose between 1-5 PF, depending on the size und state of the ship, representing repairs (if needed), refits, new crew, etc., but then the ship functions like their flagship. Or they don´t loose the PF, but then they have all that pesky problems with replenishing crew, repairs, morale, the ships history and machine spirit, you name it. I see the lost PF as the price for a vessel that is on par with your flagship. No problems more, no problems less. If you don´t want to pay the PF, you have to get the ship back in operations the hard way. And i strongly recommend my group to send the new ship(s) on their own voyages for their dynasty. Only for really difficult scenarios, I let them gather the whole fleet. Alternatively, they can sell the ships to the Navy or other traders. Sometimes they can use them as gifts for various Adepta, Inquisition, Navy, etc. Presents are good for friendships. A timely present can keep the Inquisition of your back, for instance.
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