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  1. Wow lots of ideas, clearly a lot of thought has gone into this. I applaud you for your work and effort. I am with you, I like the 'noble' Bretonnians with its grounding in Arthurian legends and the odd smattering of Robin Hood. One question though, you mentioned you wanted to reduce the number of gods in The Empire, but then detail 8 that you would include (with the seperate parts of Verena) - I know this reduces the number from 9/10 (Rhya/Taal 1 or 2?), but I assumed you would reduce the number drastically to 3 or 4, or maybe only 1? Good work though, personally I am happy with the iterations that have been so far and would rather mix and match between the 8 versions that have been created than start afresh. But your game so you are welcome to create it however you like. It does sound a lot more fun that the current Age of Sigmar though. But that is just my prejudices, I am not happy they blew up the world and created this sword and sorcery version of 40,000.
  2. Great news Ceodryn with the new players. Long may they remain players. I like your idea of running them alongside each other in the same game world, it will take a lot of juggling but could have memorable moments for both groups. You could even have players from one party 'guest-spotting' in the other game, if some can't make it for a few weeks. As for your predicament, I am in two minds, I understand what you are saying and it is better to have a predominantly human party, with dwarves as the extras. But I wouldn't want to put any of your new players off by not allowing them to play a race they fancy. So I would recommend you don't limit their choice of races. Careers are a different matter, as not allowing some of them as a starting career, does not prevent them from transitioning into one as a second or third career. So I would agree with you and change Ironbreaker and Swordmaster from Basic and put them as Advanced (probably Intermediate). I don't think Waywatcher, or Wardancer, need changing because neither have a powerful, free item, like the other two and so don't really break the game. One thing on option 3 A) what happens if they roll no successes? Which happens more often than not, especially when drinking a healing draught! Hope this helps a little, and I hope you all have fun with the games. Gazery Oh, and make sure you let us know how they go.
  3. I'm afraid you just have to be patient, they will come to Europe, but it does take extra time.
  4. I thought there was an added rule in one of the supplements (Hero's Call?), which enabled you to spend extra successes on extra damage. So 5 successes could mean you use 3 successes to activate the '3 success line', and the other 2 successes could then be used to add +2 damage. This was limited to a maximum addition of the player's rank. So rolling 12 successes would probably mean you still have extra successes that can't be used. For example, 12 successes, use 3 for the '3 success line', if your character rank is 4, then use another 4 to add +4 damage, then the last 5 successes would be 'lost'.
  5. They are both right, it is 2 recharge tokens in total (not 2 lots of 2 recharge tokens, which is how I assume you were interpreting them together). It states add two because it is a reaction card, I believe most reaction cards state in the line about requirements that you must add X recharge. Just as a sort of reminder, probably unnecessarily so admittedly. Hope that helps and enjoy the gaming. Gazery
  6. Don't know if I'm a bit late to the party, but my thoughts are as follows: WFRP 3rd - I have played this online, nearly weekly for 5 years, and I have absolutely loved it. There are a miriad ways of dying and each one creeps up on you (my last character 'retired' one corruption away from a mutation, one critical away from death and on his way to insanity!) you do feel like your character could die at any moment and you can struggle to kill a lowly goblin. But it because of this danger and 'living on the edge' which makes it so much fun. As for being like a board game, yes I can totally see how it can come across like that, with cards that need to refresh once you have used them, cards for enemies, actions, equipment, places, wounds, etc, etc... It can feel like a board game or computer game. BUT, the greatest strength of WFRP 3rd is its modularity, everything is easy to include or ignore when playing. If you don't like the insanity system - then leave it out, if you don't like the party sheets - then leave them out, if you don't like all the bits and pieces and cards - then leave them out. And it won't break or ruin anything. Personally, I like all the bits and cards, they really do help me to remember what is going on and all the cards are just a really neat and quick way of getting to the information you need quickly. DnD 5th - sorry have no experience with this, good or bad. I am about to start a Dark Sun campaign in the 3.5 edition, don't yet know if I like the edition, but the prep for creating my character has been fun and made me really look forward to playing it. This may be the Dark Sun setting, or my DM though, and not the 3.5 rules. Something else to throw into the 'ring' (there's a pun in this): Have you ever come across The One Ring RPG, based in Middle Earth? This is a relatively new system (within the last 10 years), but I would thoroughly recommend it. You play as an 'average' hero in Middle Earth, between the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Like WFRP, you can very easily die through multiple ways and often you will have to retreat from greater enemies. It is better to survive and be able to do some small part of good, than die a forgotten death against a powerful adversary. I am currently running an online game (spot the link! I don't live near any groups either) and it is going really well (I think). The players, all new to the One Ring, appear to be really enjoying it, and these are the same group that have been enjoying WFRP for the past 5 years. Just though I would bring your attention to this little nugget of a game, as it is definitely worth a look. Check out the website, don't think I would be allowed to mention the company on here, but they are quite small and do a Dr Who based RPG too. Hope there is some help in these words. Whatever you choose, just make sure you enjoy it! And good luck and hope you regain you lost collections. Gazery
  7. Unfortunately the Adventurers Toolkit has been out of stock for a long while and is in demand as a scent addition. So eBay becomes a rip-off, keep searching and if you see it come up for a price you are willing to pay, then grab it - don't think twice as it will be gone! There are three guides and three vaults - player's, gm's and monster's. The player's and gm guides were a brief attempt to open up the game to players who want to play, but don't want all the bits and cards. They are essentially the rules from the core, plus a couple of the earlier expansions and careers and actions in table format rather than cards. The corresponding vaults then add the cards and bits - extras for people who want them. The monster's guide and vault are same format as the other two, but with new monsters and, if I remember correctly, monsters hadn't been supplied in card format before, so the vault was an addition not a copy, and so worth the investment. The player's and gm's guides and vaults are the only things I have not bought that have been available for 3rd. Been tempted with the guides - for completion sake (and some better layout of rules and clarifications). But never for the vaults. Hope that helps a little. Gazery
  8. No, you are correct, it is once per Rank and so you can train again a skill taken at character creation (or trained during the first 9 XP) once you hit 10 XP.
  9. And don't forget Mordheim: City of the Damned
  10. As soon as you turn the card over, any relevant card effects will kick in. So if it has resilience it will reduce the damage done. If it is a pesky bat then any damage done will be ignored, because it can't take wounds in the shadows. It's a risk with attacking face down cards. And don't forget that you have to assign all damage counters to face down cards before you turn them over. So you can't deal a face down card one damage so that you get to turn it over and then decide what to do with the rest of the damage.
  11. I would say that he can engage up to two enemies, irrespective of how many he already has in his engagement. As by your argument, what happens when he already has 3 enemies in his engagement and then plays the card? As it says he may only engage up to 2 enemies but there are already 3 - would that mean one of them has to spontaneously combust so he has only 2 engaged with him? Gazery (Not meaning to sound like a d*ck here though, sorry because reading it through I do!)
  12. I think he means you send the 4th monster into the shadows, not all 4 monsters. The three stay engaged and if you select a 4th monster that has an ability that only activates if engaged, you can negate that ability by engaging them and so sending them to the shadows.
  13. On the most recent preview it states that the game should arrive at retailers in a couple of weeks. Yay.
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/11/13/a-grand-conspiracy/
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