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  1. Thanks that really helps, I will probably get it.
  2. plem45

    Worth the hype?

    So does this game live up to all the hype it has gotten? Should I shell out another $75-$100 for a FFG?
  3. plem45


    I really love this game and was wondering how much the expansion adds to it? Is it worth buying?
  4. Great description, I think I will have to get this one. I have been teetering and you pushed me over the edge.
  5. no, didn't know about extra tiles. Where can I get tem?
  6. Which is better, Beowulf: the Legend or Beowulf the movie game?
  7. Which is better, Beowulf: the Legend or Beowulf the movie game?
  8. Anyone around the Twin Cities(preferably southside) willing to teach?
  9. Also thinking of getting this one, what is the average paly time for it?
  10. AGoT is a re-theming of Diplomacy with several tweaks Not being familiiar with the books, but really loving Diplomacy, this comment intrigued me. Sounds like I might like to give it a try.
  11. Finally got this one for my birthday, now I don't have to beg my friends to borrow their copy.
  12. so if I own Descent and Runebound, is there enough of a difference to justify the $100 for this game too?
  13. When you play the games you create your own history and legends!!
  14. Opinions on the expansions? what is best? do iget them all or just a particular one?
  15. Yes that is correct you can only swap tiles if you declare a color that you have none of.
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