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  1. wickedwretch

    Miniature Market Shipments

    I just got a shipping notification from MM... but my order contains the core box, all the Wave 1 items (including dice, but not he maneuver tool) and another in-stock game. I was fine with waiting, but I think things just went horribly wrong for me, as I'm in Mexico and I shipping is quite high.
  2. I had exactly the same question, but I'm still confused. Can WWI and WWII sets be combined? AFAIK, WWII sets have damage tokens instead of cards, can those be used to play with the two-seat planes? WWII sets are obviously easier to get, and there's a Deluxe set available; can I only play with WWII sets and not feel like I'm missing something (other than the cooler WWI planes)? Booster packs seem to be WWI-only, can I get the WWII Deluxe set and play with those? To add to the confusion, a WWI expansion set was just released. And I really want those balloons. Too many questions, but this just came under my radar and it seems I'm gonna love it. Thanks!
  3. wickedwretch

    Missing purple mutalisks in new box set

    Hi, guys. I've got some broken flying units (got separated from the transparent stand) and they were easy to repair, but one of my Queens is missing the top part and one of the Wraiths is broken in half (much harder to fix). I know FFG's customer service is great, but do they send replacements internationally? I'm in México and I'm afraid I won't be able to get new units. Thanks.