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  1. Great, that was exactly the type of explanation I needed! Now it makes sense :-) Thanks so much!
  2. Hi. I have a question about using Pierce when the targeted hero has a Shield. The rule book says that Shields are not affected by Pierce, but does that mean that Shields can be used to counter Pierce? The example in the book is not fully clear to me, so I hope someone can give me a definite answer on this example: A hero has Armor 2 and has a Shield that cancels 4 wounds. He is attacked by a Hellhound who does 4 wounds with Pierce 3. If the hero does not have any Shield, (if I understand correctly), you basically "remove" 3 armor (Pierce 3) and then dish out the wounds, so the hero takes 4 wounds as if he didn't have armor, done. (Right?) With Shield, you would distract the 2 regular Armor points because of Pierce, but what now? Do the 4 points of Shield counter Pierce and block all 4 wounds? If the hero has Armor 5 and no Shield, then only 3 wounds go through. If the hero has Armor 5 and Shield 1, does that reduce the damage to 2 wounds? I guess nothing else really makes sense, but the whole Pierce thing is still not 100% clear in my head - I think I need a more practical approach in explaining exactly how Pierce works. Am I right in my understanding that in order to calculate wounds when Pierce is involved you "remove" as much armor as Pierce points in that attack and then take the wounds off the hero's hit points? Thanks!
  3. Just went through 150 pages of downloads on Board Game Geek - I thought there were 1500 files, but no, it's 1500 PAGES of files, and no way to search for names, and the sorting by title doesn't work one bit... So I went to the Descent page there and went through the downloads that are linked there (some where useful), but I couldn't find an updated rule book (only in a different language that I don't know). There are "updated" rules that include changes suggested by players, so nothing official. So I'll try to edit an original rule book with sticky notes etc. - better than nothing. If someone should happen to find a new rule book on any other site, please link here, preferably before I start putzing around with the PDF :-)
  4. I think the first theory still makes the most sense - the tokens are there so heroes can apply suicide tactics, e.g. using Blast etc., and still win the game even if they lose a life. I guess they want to avoid a stale mate situation where both sides lose.
  5. Hm, you're right, I didn't think of that... Thanks for the advice! I can handle that :-) (Still discovering Acrobat's capabilities...)
  6. These are all good points, but the way I see it Descent is not necessarily a game that is based purely on skill. Example: I had one game where I pretty much wiped the floor with the other guy, and yesterday another player wiped me out royally with still 16 Conquest Tokens left (BEFORE adding the 4 given by finishing the quest!). This second player had amazing luck in picking up the most useful cards as treasures and also had great dice luck - he did 12 wounds damage multiple times in a row and also had 5 range automatically on Quest 1 from the quest book - he shot and killed the two manticores before they even had a chance to attack! Both players were very good strategists, but the first one didn't have good luck with the cards he drew (in fact, I was very lenient with him and let him live a few times when I could have finished the game). So personally, I would never play it as a tournament for points since too much depends on blind luck (oh, and blind luck rarely is on my side, that's probably the REAL reason, hehe).
  7. Ah, that makes good sense! Thanks so much for your fast answer! We've been wondering about this for a while now...
  8. Hi again. I tried to search the forum, but couldn't get the search feature to work (it doesn't do anything when I click it...), so I hope I'm not out of line asking here. The Quest Guide says that in Campaign Play (where players keep using the same characters) everything is reset to the start values except for possibly extra money or training tokens depending on how many quests the character has survived. But most quests give you extra Conquest Tokens once the main objective is completed. What am I missing here? Why would you receive Quest Tokens only to lose them for the next quest where the amount of starting tokens is given in the text? Do the Conquest Tokens carry over between games? Or do the heroes have to fight their way out of the dungeon in order to actually win, and that's why they receive extra tokens? Thanks for any insight into this!
  9. Hi, my first attempts in using pieces of postit notes in the original rulebook to add/change things were the errata said were not too successful. So I downloaded the Errata and the Rulebook as PDF and tried to edit them in Acrobat, but there is something strange about how the fonts are encoded (and that's all I know...), and I can't even change the font because of that, and without changing the font I can't make any edits unless I can find the original fonts. Since the original fonts use names like TT6ACO00 and since I was unable to find them anywhere, I'm somewhat stuck. Is there any way that the people at FFG could either create updated PDF files with the new additions/errata and FAQs added into the original rulebook file, or a way to make the fonts available that were used in creating the rulebook? I'd be willing to attempt to edit the file and make it available (after permission, of course), but without the fonts I won't be able to do that. It is very inconvenient to have 1. the rulebook, 2. the quest book and 3. a dozen loose pages all sitting around during a game. Any suggestion or solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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