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  1. I realize that this is not the main focus of this event, but I am wondering if anyone knows if there will be anyone playing Call of Cthulhu RPG at this event. I do plan on going to this for all the FFG games, but getting in some CoC RPG that weekend as well would be a treat!
  2. Yes. I guess now we need to find a time slot. I am in CST and weeknight evenings or weekends work for me.
  3. Thanks for the responses so far. Emirikol, I checked out the sites you mentioned. I have been familiar with most of them, but in terms of WFRP, they don't seem particularly helpful. Paizo's site features mostly anti 3rd ed screed and I was not able to really find any WFRP communities on the other sites. I have already posted to my local meet up group, which is mostly Pathfinder (I also play that), and didn't get any responses that any games were being run. I might just end up volunteering to GM a game and see if I can wrangle up players. My offer (request?) to play in an online game still stands, though, if anyone is looking for another player. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the response. LOL, unfortunately I am SBVDog! But hopefully we will get some more people,
  5. Hi, I am a player looking for a game. Located in the Central US. I am assuming that any game will most likely be played online, but if anyone in the Milwaukee area is looking for a player, let me know. Thanks!
  6. I played in a Friday game GM'd by non other than Jay Little himself! It was quite fun, but I failed to talk to him about the future of the line... Doh! Jay is a really good GM who crafted the adventure on the fly. None of us at the table even knew he was winging it until the very end. I have no local group playing this, but the Old World is my favorite fantasy setting by far so I was just excited to be playing the game.
  7. cadamec

    Dear santa

    It would be nice if this game would just get out of 'in development'…
  8. cadamec


    This is a new, separate game, based on the rules of Talisman. There is no 'compatible' with it. There is no reason for it to be compatible. It is a separate and different game based in the Warhammer 40k universe. There is no reason you would want this to be compatible with Talisman.
  9. In 'Shadow Rune' when Zachareth is defeated and re-spawned at the entrance, does he come back with full health? Does he apply the 'stand up' mechanic to regain health?
  10. I would def get at least one more set!
  11. I am surprised and a bit shocked to find that there is only 1 WFRP event at Gen Con this year!!! And that is a 2nd edition adventure that is already sold out. Why is FFG not supporting any of the Warhammer RPGs at Gen Con?!?! Is it possible that they will be announcing them in the future?
  12. Lupin89 said: Maelstorm games Descent Journeys in the darkness 2nd edition Release date: 21.4.2012 www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php Very funny! Very funny big joke!
  13. @Necronomicon, I hope this message finds you in a better condition than I now fare. If you are reading this, then I fear that I may be already lost. Since my initial investigation in this unfathomable mystery, I see that there are more recent entries in the list of 'upcomming' titles that have superceded DH to the printers. (Upcomming from where, I wonder? From deep, dark R'lyeh where unscrutable Cthulhu slumbers?) But that was not the greatest of my sanity blasting discoveries. I let out a dreadful and tortured scream as I saw that DH was still listed as 'in development'!
  14. I would love to get a bunch of the 3rd ed. standups for use in 2nd ed. I really do not want to spend a ton of money for minis. Any chance that these will be offered in a kit separately? i like the way 3rd ed gives you the tools to visualize the scene without turning the game into a tactical minis game.
  15. Those look like insanely good paint jobs!! Congrats. I think I just lost 2 sanity points. Awesome.
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