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  1. Harliquine


    Not much of a way really. Terrain gets damaged and glue breaks down over time. Now to help hide the damage you should paint the surface you want snow on a nice white color. Then as the snow rubs off there's white color underneath to help hide the bare spot. I highly recommend GW's snow product and using thin layers of thick super glue, P3 or GW brand super glue is fine, and then sprinkling the snow on top of that. For trees use white primer but hold the can back further than you normally would and at a down ward angle to the right side up tree. Light spritz work better than heavy sprays. This is a good formula for a powdery snow look. I'd post a picture of some of my stuff here if I knew how,
  2. Unless things go south for the game I doubt Disney or Lucas will pull the contract here. FFG has so far done about the best job with the Star Wars liscense quality wise. And when you break it down to apples to apples the only other company to try an integrated system of games under the same liscense didn't do such a hot job.
  3. I think we've covered this before. The lasers are great as a second unit to back up your front line units. Against lvl 3 infantry, BBQ boys, and light vehicles these guys rock. Against standard lvl 2 infantry swarms and medium walkers they stink. They work fine but I do agree that the statistics favor the phasers just a bit over the lasers. It would different if you could force a reroll on an opponent but you can't and that makes the phasers extras good because there is no reliable defense against them other than their crap range. Also so far the axis flyer doesn't seem to have lasers, just machine guns and some underwing hardware.
  4. Hey Rob it's Chris from the shop. You totally have to put them through a "Where Eagles Dare" scenario. Add in lasers and traitorous fräuleins in the snowy mountains AweSome!
  5. Fetchez la vache!!! And you alien friends smell of elder berries! Now I'll really be scared if they put a single white rabbit in an expansion set as the hero.
  6. I hope this isn't the only reprint available. Do they have an unprinted set of them for those players who need these models?
  7. This is what the 1/48 refers to is the Dust 1:48 Model Collection. The Dust 1/35 Collection is the wrong scale and certain other manufacturers have been named in other threads that are close enoughg to the Dust scale to use.
  8. You can still be competitive you just need to invest those same points in a standard platoon with lots of panzer support. You can combat all that extra movement and melee power with the blitzkrieg order. Your goal should be to hit the enemy until they have a couple of suppression markers on them so that they are forced to lose an action in the following turn. Also as Axis I find that I like having the imitative so choose powerful resilient models like medium/heavy walkers and five man infantry squads like battle grenadiers and either recon grenadiers or laser grenadiers. Then finish it up with a sniper squad and a powerful hero like Angela or Sigrid. If you can keep it small and limit the line of sight to your forces while focusing your fire power on a small portion of your opponent then you can win reliably against Allied shenanigans. The apes and zombies just make for our shenanigans with no suppression fast troops. If you like more convention tactics you will have to go with suppression tactics to make the enemy only ever have one action available.
  9. Denied said: I use my Battle Foam P.A.C.K. Go, hands down best army transports on the market and sadly priced that way lol. What all can you fit in there? My plan for Axis is to have 51 level 2 infantry, 17 level 3 infantry, 3 light walkers, 2 medium walkers, 2 level 5 walkers including the naught jaüger I ordered, 1 heavy axis walker. And if there's any room left I'd like space for a tablet, rules cards, tape measure, dice, and counters. Its looks like those are expandable so later I'd like to add a small bag to put any flyers in that axis might be getting. Which battle foam bag would you think I should start with?
  10. The Mickey plays well in mobile forces. You're right it can't go toe to toe with a lot of other walkers but your shouldn't do that anyway. It belongs with mobile force that can take advantage of game terrain by moving quickly to reposition itself to where you can focus a lot of firepower into a few small piece of your opponents army that have little or no chance of fighting back. You will eventually have to get stuck in but hopefully not before you whittle the enemy down and have a chance to make the odds far more favorable to you. As an Axis player what I like to see on my opponents side are slow moving troops that I can out maneuver and drop the hammer on or lots of fast elite models with light walkers that can be damaged by sniper fire and fall victim to overwhelming weight of fire. The Mickey plus fast moving hard hitting infantry is scary to me. They are just hard to defend against and difficult to react to.
  11. I'm a current Warmachine/Hordes player and while I love that game system I find that I usually want to play something on the side that is fun without being the brain bender that you spoke about. Ergo I usually look for a good skirmish game to get into. Things to like: 1. It's cheap. For about $100 you can get a 150pt army or for $70 you can buy the revised core set and get 2 armies and add from there. 2. It's easy. No really the game just started and the special rules are subtle. The melee actions are simplified and moral rules involve counters you place on a unit not modifiers and dice rolls with multiple checks each round. 3. Theme. If you like building a theme and actually watching it do well on the table then Dust is for you. 4. It plays fast. You can do 150pt games in a half hour and 300pt games in 45min. Don't argue about rules, just move forward and shoot the bad guys play style. Things that might deter you: 1. Heroes are not universally available and are often in expensive Dust Tactics expansion sets. It's true and you may pay as much as $45 just to get 2 heroes. That said you always get the pieces to play Dust Tactics should you wish from the boxes AND you get extra game terrain to boot in the form of tank traps and ammo crates. Sometimes you get a building. 2. The rule book is poorly edited. While the game is easy to play there are lots of print & layout errors in the book which makes it hard to digest. You literally have to read almost the whole book just to catch all the little rules left here and there in the rule book. There is however a commercially available PDF version of the rulebook which you can load onto a tablet or laptop and use a search function during the game instead of flipping pages. It's $20 for the digital and $40 for the hardback. And the first errata/FAQ is up in the support section of this website. 3. Theme is great but if you are looking for a competitive game this might not be it. There are balance issues and some broken shenanigans like sticking certain heroes and units together results in dennying your opponent either or both cover and armor saves. But so far both sides have access to some form of these shenanigans. 4. It's plays fast but for some the game will still bog down. The game has a strategy like 3rd Ed 40k where terrain placement can be like a game of chess and really dictates the flow of the game to be easier or harder for one player or the other. If you play zombies and put out a bunch of thin but wide & tall LOS blocking terrain you will have a far easier time than if you opponent breaks up your plan with interspaced fire corridors that leave your troops exposed. Where warmahordes had specific terrain placements for different scenarios this game has guidelines with not hard rules on terrain piece limitations. Which is why it's a fun type game and not really a hard core game.
  12. I'd suggest staying away from GW hate. You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Also if it is going to be a while on the book we could make some fan rules for the SSU. It's not hard to convert the cards as they already set the pattern with how they changed the Axis and Allies forces. I'd probably just let them use their dust tactics cards and take my lumps as their opponent until their book comes out.
  13. I concur on the immunity to suppression being a big win for walkers. And heavy walkers are so powerful it's been crazy. You really have to swarm a heavy with infantry in order to take one down. Medium and certain light walkers have a much easier time of it though. So really in this game combined arms is stronger than than running an extreme of all walkers or all infantry.
  14. Don't worry Denied they will release the new medium walkers and eventually the aircraft for axis and allies and some new heroes. There will be plenty to consider purchasing. And if you are like me then you are considering buying up a new structure like I want to do an axis powers pacific theater force in addition to my German European force.
  15. It's a bit short notice for me to make the trip to Savannah this weekend. I've got a baby boy that requires a lot of preplanning to make a gaming trip. Let me work something out with my wife and maybe I can play for a day and then take her out shopping and dining in Savannah I think she'd like that. Also Les I don't know if you make it down for the Siege of Augusta or any other conventions but maybe we can work something out that way for a nice day as well. I know you guys have a local convention in Savannah now we could set something up for next year. And in the mean time I can probably make it down there this summer with a few friends.
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