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  1. I am torn between Mutant Chronicles and War 40k and I was wondering were to start with this game. Help would be appreciated.
  2. I just started playing pen and paper RPG,s and the first game I bought was dark heresy, and I was hoping for any tips or resources that this community can provide. I am the GM.
  3. Thanks alot that will realy help me come saturday game night.
  4. Thats actualy a good idea. I gotta keep that in mind.
  5. How good is grimm really? I would love to buy it if I knew it would be worth my time and money. Any Help?
  6. Lucas Blackwolf said: I'd absolutely love to see the 7th Sea get a chance as a LCG. With a fantasy pirate setting where lovecraftarian meets the classic swashbuckling, what is there not to like? One can never have too much pirates or dark misteries, surrounding untold richess. I somehow doubt this is the "powerful" license they are talking about, even though the background is incredibly deep (as it was developed for the RPG of the same name). I am Huge into pirates and fantasy I would love to see 7th sea as a LCG
  7. I would love to see more sea based games with a pirates of the carribean feel. Put it down to a boyish love of pirates I think FFG should try that premise but yet try to make it deep enough to catch people and keep them involved.
  8. Which FF games should I buy I already own Twilight Imperium. I am thinking about Descent and then Arkham Horror after that what should I buy?
  9. Okay Iam really new to TI but I still cant figure out the trade goods. When do you get them how many how do the trade agreements work. Having a tough time figuring this out it is my only sticking point on this game. Help would be nice.
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