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  1. It's not mentioned there, but IIRC Vulture Droids use fairly rare and expensive solid fuel bricks to achieve their extreme performance, and only have 35 minutes of powered flight. They're powerful and cheap, but using them effectively is fairly complicated from a logistical standpoint. Not sure how that would manifest in the rules though.
  2. The droid army crosses a body of water just fine when attacking Kashyyk during RotS, so besides the normal difficult terrain they should be fine for at least a short period. There's a couple of scenes where C3P0 gets soaked in TCW so exposed wiring appears to not be a problem.
  3. Grappling countered people with high evasion, if you were grappled you couldn't evade at all. It was better in DW and BC though.
  4. The narrative tools chapter could use a summary of the social rules in it. They're cool, but the hardest section to read through.
  5. Ah, I completely agree, the layout for that whole chapter could use some work. I was thinking you were talking about some of those social combat systems which run parallel to the physical combat system.
  6. I agree with the idea of increasing RF range on weapons, but it might make more sense to make RF range a stat for all weapons, to prevent trait overload.
  7. I like it as it is. Granular social combat is pretty jarring, and reduces the motivation for people to come up with creative arguments for people to actually say. It has enough structure so that it feels like there are actually rules, and the GM isn't just making stuff up all the time. Making it a system on the level of the combat system tends to take people out of the game, I've played a bunch of these systems, and beyond what's already there, most of them don't work very well. Its in the "Narrative Tools" chapter, which the players should read, as it talks about everything they're going to do besides fight.
  8. Increasing armor just means the players bring Melta weapons, as they currently ignore armor at half range or less. Increasing Evade would work, but would feel weird for monstrous creatures, and someone with many-dice weapons and Killing Blow would counter them pretty hard, but that costs FP. Ignored or reduced wound effectiveness is probably the best way, as there aren't already abilities which effect it.
  9. Except that you'd need much more powerful weapons than the low level norm for one shot kills (excluding accurate). A standard TB 3 8-10 wound human will walk away from a single las or solid shot round, excluding especially powerful variants, or accurate. Accurate overshadowed most other things in the old rules (at least by OW) but is really weak now. Seeing as there aren't a lot of weapons with low fire rates without accurate, giving it some kind of damage amp would be good. I really didn't like the way accurate was handled with the old rules, but using it as it was would probably be okay in these rules, though perhaps it should be fewer D10s. The new fixed damage numbers are a lot higher than the old after all.
  10. Nimble is okay, real tanking power comes from cybernetics until endgame so toughness already lost a lot there.
  11. I still like the "1 plus tens column of your roll is DoS" method. It doesn't fix the problem that DoS chance is bound to the tens column of the stat, but it does remove the one DoS glitch. It's also the simplest way of calculating DoS.
  12. I haven't followed all 5 pages of this thread so someone might have said this before. It seems that the best way to fix the comparative weakness of low rate of fire weapons would be to introduce crit ranges. Leave high volume of fire weapons at 10, but give 1/3 RoF weapons a 6-10 or 7-10 Righteous Fury range. You could adjust this for other fractional weapon RoFs, maybe give 1/2 Rof a 8-10 or 9-10 crit range, and 1/4 RoFs a 5-10 or 6-10 crit range. I'd need to run some numbers to see where exactly those changes would help. This would make it so novices die in a single round, but is probably going to be really nasty for Elites. I don't see the problem with just dropping that rules from elites though. This means that single shot high damage weapons don't fall behind the curve for critical wounds on target, At least, they won't as badly. Accurate needs a buff, a big one. Probably the cleanest way to fix it would be to make Accurate a variable stat. So a weapon would have Accurate (+15) for the bonus to aim. Because Accurate weapons are pretty much all fractional fire rate weapons, 1/2 RoF weapons would need Accurate (+25) to gain more from aim than a weapon with RoF 1 that doesn't have Accurate. Weapons with 1/3 fire rates would need Accurate (+30) to break even with RoF 1 weapons.
  13. Because they do not fight for reasons the Chaos gods care about. The most obvious influence of the orks is Khorne. He has no power over them because orks do not fight for glory or the sake of bloodshed, orks fight because they were born to fight. It is simply their nature, and they don't even desire victory. Slaanesh actually seems to have them ost hold over the orks, with their frequent attempts to make the loudest weapons and perfect armored vehicles. Not even mentioning the orks addictive personalities and love of exess velocity. There isn't really a good reason for orks to not fall to the Dark Prince. Still, it could be rationalized in that orks want these things for the sake of entering combat faster, or in new ways. This is a weak argument. Nurgle has little to offer the orks. They have no fear of death and suffer little pain. Immortality or immunity mean nothing to them. Then their is Tzeentch, the schemer. Orks rarely carry out complex plans, and their hopes and dreams are easy to fullfill, Tzeentch also has little to offer, because ultimately the orks are happy. In fact, their near complete contentedness with the current state of the galaxy is probably their greatest protection. The Ruinious Powers gain followers from the unhappy in one way or another. People who desire martial strength, influence, long life, and power. For orks, these things are only a single fight away from being in hand.
  14. The only thing the suit actually does is allow Longstrike to fire a lot of overwatch, the boost the BS is due to Longstrike's Ace status. Background wise the pilot battlesuit has a great deal of computers and senors allowing Longstrike to use the vehicles AI in tandem with readouts from the entire battle. I don't think there is a very good way to represent skill at overwatch with the RPG rules, though I suppose a bonus to the Overwatch action could do it.
  15. 1. No ballistic skill never matters for flamer weapons in this game. This makes flamers bad to specialize in, as there is only one talent which makes you better with them (clease and purify). 2. It does not use your reaction. 3. You could, it would make flamers better at killing untrained people and worse against people with Dodge+10 or better. 2+3 or something: Yes, you can test dodge. 4. There is no confirmation roll, just roll another D10. 5. Arch militants may buy primitive weapon training cheap at rank 1. 6/7/7a: I'd contact ffg for this, I don't see anything which says you can't but it makes a pretty big difference. 8. I'm not sure what you're looking for here, but the Olny War psychic power rules, and the rules in the free Black Crusade supplement Forbidden Lore.
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