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  1. Your builder is right - Phoenix squadron pilot got Talent. UPD. I misread - crackshot is 2nd Talent.
  2. I think about shuttle with Leia onboard. So you can make at least first K-turn or S-loop without getting stress.
  3. Oh, ok. He just supports researching, I was wrong. Johnson tweeted a link to the study himself, writing that what Bay outlined “is consistent with my experience online.” And his past statement was about Russian trolls demanding to save Hux before film went to cinemas (what no doubt provoked new attacks).
  4. On topic. Star Wars franchise has huge fanbase in Russia. There are few people who know nothing about Star Wars. For example, original trilogy ran at cinemas in USSR - rare case for US films. Many people in Russia dislike Last Jedi (though not me, but it is almost bad manner to talk amongst SW-fans that you liked Last Jedi ). Also there are numerous web resources (2ch and others imageboards) where teenage trolls chatting. So it is not uncommon for troll flashmobbing some celebrities. Especially, so hated and funny reacting as Johnson. His past statement about Russian trolls provoked even more schoolboy trolling flashmobs (many of them not Russians maybe - just pretend to be Russians to troll Johnson). As to Johnson: he tries to lift his own problems on Russian trolls, using modern trend US paranoia about some Putin-inspired cyber-attacks.
  5. So why Johnson uses this device blaming Russian trolls in film's failure instead himself?
  6. Direct hit in 2.0 instructs you to receive damage card and flip it facedown. So, you can flip same Direct hit each Thane's attack.
  7. Top-right is ugly made from some TIE, it seems.
  8. No, this is not how it works. Target ship can't be out of range, because you check range to any ships before declaring the target. If there are no ships in range, action is failed (so composure triggers). Not failing coordinate action means: - composure doesn't trigger; - you are able to make linked action; - you receive stress for red coordinate action.
  9. I suppose you aren't native English speaker (as I am), and YAXB can set your native language as default. I got same error you described and fixed it by choosing English.
  10. It doesn't work if chosen language other than English. Choose English and it has to work.
  11. I plan to continue using my regional kit templates, just bringing cardboard templates from 2.0 core for specific tasks (barrel rolls etc).
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