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  1. GMO said: That's a good one; I'll add it. I haven't kept the above one up-to-date since it seems like some days I can edit it and some days I can't. Maybe it's just my imagination. But here's how I replaced it on the comprehensive list at BGG: "T1. Does a ship in the Wormhole Nexus gain +1 movement from Gravity Drive due to being adjacent to the other wormhole systems on the board? T2. Does a ship in a wormhole system or the Gravity Rift receive the +1 movement bonus from Gravity Drive?" It was already ruled somewhere (I think it was posted in the stickied FAQ thread) that systems are not adjacent to themselves, so T2 is unnecessary - the answer is no for Gravity Rift, and the wormhole part of it is answered by T1. Not that it matters, since you've already sent them in.
  2. There isn't a planet in the "Creuss Gate" system. It's just a system with a D wormhole.
  3. Iolly said: I think that's a huge problem. Because obviously you can't close off the homeworld of a player! That's just nonsense. Either he's unconquerable [as is right now, becaus HE can still fly through but others may only reach him by discarding the LAW or mimicing his racial] or he's down his homesystem in capacity possibly in an early stage. One might think that such a situation could never happen, but given that there are card to choose a aktioncard/agenda you'll see this if it's not balanced! The way it works right now is quite clear. The Ghosts of Creuss ignore the effects of Closing the Wormholes. No one else does. It effectively makes one of their two home systems unconquerable, unless you discard the law or play Multiculturalism on them. But people can still qualify for home system objectives using the home system they have on the board, so it doesn't really matter. It just gives them a system no one can take from them and makes it so they can always qualify for objectives.
  4. sirjonsnow said: Nekro can't buy tech with the Tech SC anyway, so the planetary discounts don't matter for it. That's not necessarily true. It doesn't say anywhere they can't buy tech. It says when they would otherwise receive tech (for example, after paying for it using the secondary of Technology II) from Strat, Action, or Political cards, they instead receive 3 command counters. The wording is not specific enough for you to rule out receiving the discount.
  5. The Fist of Ferrum said: Super excited for all this now. I've got friends champing at the bit to play Nekro and Aborac, though I'm not sure how attractive I finds the ghosts. Questions which I didn't see clearly addressed by the rules: If two Arborec ground forces attempt to build two more ground forces are the GF's counted together in their cost and thus cost one resource total, or must both be purchased individually and thus cost 1 resource each? Additionally can 1 GF and one fighter be bought collectively at the cost of 1 resource. Can the Nekro Virus intend to purchase a technology with the Secondary of Technology to intentionally recieive 3 command counters at the cost of 1 command counter and 6 resources? If so, may they use technology credits to reduce this cost if they could research a technology for which they have technology credits? If not do they receive some compensation for action cards which reduce the cost of technologies? If a player has both Gen Synthesis and Dacxive Animators do they get to roll to keep their ground forces twice? May 1 GF become 2 GF's in this way? AFAIK, RAW, if the Arborec want to build 2 GF with 2 GF and they don't have their racial tech, it costs 2 resources, the same as if you have 1 production left on a space dock and want to build a GF. You can never split a build of fighters/ground forces; that would definitely cost 2. It would seem the Nekro can use the Tech primary/secondary to receive command counters instead of technologies. It makes sense that they could reduce the cost of technology with tech specialty planets, but that's just a guess. This one is addressed in the FAQ already; GF revived with Gen Synthesis do not count as destroyed for Dacxive Animators.
  6. I'm going to have to disagree. The word "entire" is not synonymous with the phrase "up until this point". The space dock argument doesn't really make any sense either, since it only requires that at some point during the round you did kill your opponent's last space dock. Once that happens, it inherently remains true even if your opponent builds another space dock. It's a statement about a single event in the past. Qualifying for the Mecatol Rex objective in the middle of the round with Bureaucracy is like saying on January 1st that you've spent the entire year doing something.
  7. I just wanted to clarify tactical retreats. The actual text of the rule is: With this option, add the following rule regarding retreats: When announcing a retreat, the defender may use a Command Counter from his Strategy Allocation area to activate an adjacent, unactivated system that he controls (or that is empty). At the end of the combat round, he must retreat to this system. Players may also still attempt normal retreats. Additionally, errata exists for this rule which states: The rules for Tactical Retreats on page 11 permit a player to retreat to “an adjacent, unactivated system that he controls (or that is empty).” This should state “an adjacent, unactivated system that does not contain enemy units. Thus, the command counter does not come from reinforcements but from your Strategy Allocation Area (a big difference), and the system need not be friendly, it must merely contain no enemy units.
  8. If X-89 Bacterial Weapon is allowed for a Dreadnought without Graviton Negator when there are PDS present (which prevent Dreadnoughts from bombarding), then obviously they would be allowed to use it when bombardment is restricted for some other reason.
  9. From the SE rulebook, page 10: Shock Troops must always be taken as casualties before any other Ground Forces during Invasion Combat. This excludes any other time that a Ground Force would be taken as casualty (bombardment and PDS Fire, for example).
  10. The Hyper Metabolism technology reads: "During each Status Phase, you gain 1 additional Command Counter. In addition, before drawing Action Cards, you may discard 1 Action Card from your hand to draw 1 additional card." My group has always interpreted this as you are able to discard 1 Action Card from your hand to draw 1 additional card, only during the status phase (i.e. you aren't able to do it with the secondary of Bureaucracy or the primary of Assembly). Recently someone mentioned that their group interpreted it more loosely, so the exceptions above wouldn't apply. Which way should it be used? This ability may only be used before drawing action cards during the status phase. I hope this answers your question! -Corey Konieczka
  11. DavidG55311 said: broken said: There's certainly nothing wrong with playing it that way if you all agree that is what it means, I was just taken aback because I had never even considered that. I have submitted it as a rule question, so we'll see what Corey says. I would always recommend playing this way. If someone has a question on the rules, come together as a group and decide how to proceed. If it makes sense, keep using it. If it doesn't make much sense now, use your interpretation and then after the game figure out the correct way. I can't think of any other way to play, unless you are going to interrupt your game to submit a rules question and wait for it.
  12. There's certainly nothing wrong with playing it that way if you all agree that is what it means, I was just taken aback because I had never even considered that. I have submitted it as a rule question, so we'll see what Corey says.
  13. DavidG55311 said: The Fist of Ferrum said: Notice that the tech says "when you draw action cards" it does not say that this only occurs during the status phase. This means you can use it during the status phase, when using the primary of assembly, and the secondary of bureaucracy. That allows you to look at an addition 3 action cards that normally you would not. This struck me as odd. My group has always interpreted it as meaning only when you draw them during the normal sequence of the status phase. Is this really how others interpret the text of Hyper Metabolism? For reference: "During each Status Phase, you gain 1 additional Command Counter. In addition, before drawing Action Cards, you may discard 1 Action Card from your hand to draw 1 additional card."
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