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  1. I forgot about the splitting on ultra pro! I also forgot that a lot of people say Players choice shuffle nice but gum up quickly.
  2. There are tons of threads on sleeves you can search for. Most related to the big non living card game. There are also several You Tube reviews. Opinions vary wildly. Dragon Shields. Pro: Longevity Con: Not cut properly on the sides and can appear marked. Expensive. Ultra Pro Pro: Cheap, available, several styles, designs and colors. Con: The stupid hologram (for me anyway), Potential inconsistent length depending on the style. KMC Pro: Good quality. Con: "Mark" easily. More expensive than Ultra Pro, not as expensive as Dragon Shields. FFG Pro: Not sure, I just sleeved up my Lord of the Rings Core set in them so I will know soon I guess. Con: sleeves are too big (long). Legion Pro: Original Designs Con: Word is they wear out quickly, I myself have no experience. I have my dark side deck in KMC sleeves - Dark Blue. The Star Wars logo has somehow transferred onto the sleeve. It is strange, I pull the card out and the sleeve still maintains a shadow of the logo. Also the corners seem to bend and they scuffed up quickly. I used to use a lot of Players Choice, but I think Cardhause quit distributing them.
  3. Thank you all for the info! i obviously need to dig through the rule book again and get the finer points.
  4. Forced: After Hummerhorns engages you, deal 5 damage to a single hero you control. So my question is this, If I engage Hummerhorns, does the forced effect happen? I would think no because I engaged him not the other way around. But I was not sure. Also, this style of effect would only happen on an engagement check correct? Because once you are engaged you state in that state, so "after" would not trigger again? The forest spiders have a similar effect where they get +1 to the end of the turn after they engage a player, but if I engage them, that would not happen correct? Are locations only cleared at the end of that phase? For example, I need 1 more counter to clear a location, I commit a character that puts a progress token on the location when committed. So now there are 3 and it is complete. Does it clear instantly, or do you still deal a card and wait until the end of the phase to remove it? Thank you.
  5. Would the oversize cards upper deck has created to support archenemy and plane chase work or are they too big? That is the only thing I can think of close. I agree the cards are sharp.
  6. Durgum


    can you take more than one stronghold by combat per turn? Say my opening hand is 3 reanimate and 1 gold. could I buy a reanimate, play a reanimate, reanimate, capture. Play,reanimate, capture, play, reanimate capture and get all 3 on one turn? I have been playing that I can not do this due to the attack a target only once rule. I figured the stronghold pile counts as a target, but I was not sure. I assume you could buy one and take one by combat?
  7. I am five games in. First game i played all wrong and lost with spirit. Second game I won with spirit. . I think I could win with Leadership, I just ended up locked down. I was trounced with lore, I made it to the end but could not defeat the big spider. I was trounced with tactics as well, completing quests was abysmal. Time to start building decks!
  8. I thought I had it covered, but apparently not. Getting locations 4 turns in a row was not expected. This game kicks my butt. 5 plays 4 losses. I am convinced I got lucky the time I won.
  9. I was testing out the leadership deck on the intro scenario. I ended up at the location where you can not draw cards. Before I could complete it I the deck drew more locations 4 turns in a row. I ended up in a situation where i was out of allies, and could not draw more as I could not complete the quest. So I was locked down. Is there some location card rule I am missing that prevents this or is that just the way of things?
  10. I liked the old 40K card game, at one time I owned all but one card. Some silly titan card I could never track down. That was the first edition of the game. I never played the HH release. I hope FFG releases a LCG for 40K that would be awesome. Better yet if it has a way to play solo like the new Lord of the Rings game.
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