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  1. Reinforcement packs are awesome. However; I am really hoping that once these are out plus the army supplemental packs we will get some new armies. That's what the game really needs.
  2. Agree. The only let down I have have with the game is that the unit selection is so limited in the base set. Expansions will not only be a nicety but the game feels like it requires it.
  3. Sounds painful, I'll wait for 2nd Ed expansions. Bloody great game, hope they start rolling out that extra content/army's/figures/etc.
  4. Those sculpts look awesome. Can't wait!!!!
  5. So I see comment that there may be a couple expansions coming out for 2nd Ed. I just purchased the game and this is great news. In the mean time, being unfamiliar with the differences between 1st and 2nd ed., I am wondering if the large amount of supplements for the first version of the game are compatible with the 2nd? TIA!
  6. Just wanted to resurect this thread and give a bit of a shout out to the developers. I was not aware that this game was out, downloaded the base game last night and enjoyed the heck out of it. Enough that I went for the season pass to support the developers as well as get the additional content. Really fun. I played local only and I think ran into one bug where I cast a spell and I don't think it worked, otherwise play was very solid. AI was pretty tough and most all AI decissions were pretty good. Maybe two bone-head moves but maybe not. Once AI saved me from losing a life but may have needed to cycle a spell too...dunno. Regardless; I would say a very solid and fun game. It felt alot like the board game and I honestly had alot of fun. There was that tense feeling of "one more turn". Well done, I am really looking forward to more content. Anyone have any idea on the release of the next expansion for the DE? I'm thinking about trying out an online multiplayer tonight. If you guys have not checked out the DE version yet, you should!
  7. pirateclem2


    I'm sure it has been asked many times but is there ever going to be an expansion for this game? It could use some additional armies, neutral units, board pieces and characters. I know there are additional characters out there if you buy other FF products but i'm not about to go buy an entire game for a couple extra characters, that is absurd. So, any love for runewars or are they just basicly done with this at a single box?
  8. looked good. I wanted to buy it and was disapointed to find out it will not be available until this winter. Good looking game, simple combat...well ok combat, looked a little simple to me but I did not demo, just watched and chatted with the developer later in the day.
  9. I just saw the game for the first time at gencon today. Looked pretty good, good enough that I went to their booth to buy a copy. $100, no show discount. My jaw dropped. After seeing the game played, seeing the pieces, etc. $60-$65 is about what this should go for. I walked away, I refuse to buy it for that, it's overpriced. Vote with your wallets.
  10. I just purchased the highlands and was disappointed to find that the board in my box had a "value added feature" apparently it came pre torn. When I folded it out there are tears at both edges on one of the edges (the middle folding piece to the left) and the board paper is coming up off of the cardboard in that spot. This is literally brand new out of the plastic sleeve it was packaged in. I am so use to the high quality from FFG that this surprised me. Then, when I came to the FFG site to get contact info to ask for a replacement I can't find an email address, phone number or anything here. What gives? Is there anything I can do? Not pleased.
  11. Ok fibbed, one more note. The Dungeon expansion is very good! Hope FFG picks up on this and continues. The original dungeon from the 2nd ed was terrible and nobody ever went in. The monsters were overpowered and there was nothing to find that was of value. All of our vet players agreed that this is an incredible improvement over the original dungeon. I think that in our game I even went through twice. The first time was a bit early and I failed miserably in the end battle. Second time went well for me. It was nice that the average dungeon creature was tougher than out on the main board, but the rewards definitly made up for it. The current dungeon seems to be very well balanced and it was heartily enjoyed by all!!! Please, please, more "board" expansions like this one.
  12. One more note... Fate. Still torn on what I think. I'm used to the 2ed rules, which is all I have ever played before this. Part of the games charm was characters dying and people having to start over. It seems that fate really keeps everyone from ever dying. We had 0 deaths. The excitement of living on the edge that was in the older game was not there as much. It was obvious that everyone saved fate for that one roll that was needed to keep from loosing life. Over and Over. Way to many ways to replensish fate too. If in the game, adding fate should be a really rare occurance making it much more special. As it stands, fate might as well be another pool of life. The only player that was ever really worried about dying (until someone had the crown that is) was after he ran out of fate. On the other hand, we also all agreed that fate was a neat idea and a good addition to the game. We all liked it and would continue to play with this rule. It just needs to be much more useful for other things. Yes, fate was used on occasion to change rolls other than attack but not as often as you would think as players quickly realized the "healthy" benifits of having fate stored up. "fate" just seems to take a bit of the flavor away from the original game as it is too available and gets players way to comfortable with just about any combat. Input from anyone else? I have read that FFG is going to do some new things with fate. Anything that will make it get used much faster so that replenishing it does not mean that you will live forever? Characters die. That's part of the game. If the new version has been built to keep players with the same character the whole game then, something has been lost in the translation.
  13. One other point to note. After the first couple turns, gold became pointless. A couple players had a ton of it and nothing to do. It seems you can: buy armor and a sword, and use it to heal. Maybe a few other things but after a couple turns it really means little to the game. At one point I had the mercenary and this is a perfect example of what I am talking about the game needing more of. A use for gold as you go deeper into the game. We have only played once, so am I missing anything or is this a pretty accurate observation?
  14. Picked up a copy plus the Dungeon and Reaper. We had a gaming session this weekend with a couple new players plus a couple of us who used to play the old 2nd ed. way back in the day. I have to say that everyone had alot of fun, the game was as easy to teach to the new players as it used to be and the vet's all agreed that the few small changes have improved the game. We were all very pleased. The only thing I would really like to see are more expansions like the dungeon which expands the board. How about 1 on each corner? The City, like the old game? Some others? Looking forward to frostmarch but...need more spaces. We did find that to get the characters tough enough to make that final run, one of the new players got a bit bored of going around and around in the outer region. More spaces delivered by expansions will really help. So any info on planned expansions in the future or about how often FFG is planning on coming out with additional content?
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