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  1. Hi to all, I asked this question over on BoardGameGeek, but there doesn't seem to be any firm consensus on how this works. The Byakhee monster's special effect is that if you defeat it, you may choose to lose one sanity and move three spaces instead of resolving another encounter. Let's assume that the space on which you encounter the Byakhee has other monsters as well. If I start my encounter phase by choosing to fight the Byakhee first, may I then move without encountering the other monsters on that space? I know the rules state that I must encounter each monster one at a time, but since there is special text on the Byakhee token that might change the outcome of the encounter phase, I just wanted to make sure I was playing it right. Some have argued that the Byakhee's ability trumps the normal encounter phase (perhaps akin to Khopesh of the Abyss's ability to move to the nearest space containing a monster after you defeat a monster during a combat encounter on your current space). Any definitive answer on this? Thanks for your time and help.
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