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  1. $400-$500? I'd be amazed if this was offered for that price. In fact, you're pretty much dreaming if you think it could be that cheap. Full set of investigator miniatures: $200 Base set+ Innsmouth + Kingsport + Dunwich + Miskatonic : $50 each = $250 Black Goat + Pharoah + King + Lurker: $25 each = $100 Ok, so now we're already up over $500, and that's just to include all the different regular products you mentioned. Now you'd need to somehow calculate the cost of all those metal tokens you'd want it to include (all the sanity/stamina and clue tokens at least, but hey why not the money too at this point! And Power tokens, we are including Lurker after all!), the big fancy hardbound rule-book, and maybe or maybe not the monster figures since considering the cost of the set of investigators you may be tacking on a good $200 more just for these. Really I'm totally on board with an all-inclusive special edition set with all this stuff, but realistically such a thing would be well over $500 given the price off all the components individually, and without any extra bells and whistles. Now what could be possible, is to release this with all the things you mentioned except the investigator and monster miniatures. If you remove those then we're talking a base price of around $350 for the combination of all the sets rolled into one, then you'd have about $150 worth of price to include the special tokens and things like that. Now that sounds like more of a possibility.
  2. I just picked up Kinsport (now playing with AH, IH, KiY, CotDP and now Kingsport). Personally I like it as an addition to a game where you are already using another board. I wouldn't recommend it as your first expansion as it might be seen as not adding enough bang for your buck. However, once you're using either Innsmout or Dunwich it does serve to add a lot of extra things to the game (Heralds, GOOs, new investigators, equipment, encounters, etc.) without ramping the difficulty way up. Sure the rifts give you something else to monitor but they aren't lkely to end your game as suddenly as the Deep One track so it's nto as steep a difficulty jump as your second expansion board. I don't have Dunwich but that's probably your best bet as a first big box expansion. I went with Innsmouth just because it had double the investigators and Ancient Ones, but most people feel that board is too much of a difficulty jump for newer players/
  3. I've check through the FAQ threads I could find and still had some speciific questions I was hoping someone here could help with. 1. When you discard items (either to going insane, an encounter, or simply from shopping) do they go into a discard pile or onto the bottom of that deck? (Ashcan Pete is really the reason I need to know cause his ability seems a little weak) 2. Hank Samson gets to ignore the first horror check of a combat, how does this work with Nightmarish creatures? Does he ignore the nightmarish unless he's forced to make the roll? 3. The Violinist (and others) storylines trigger on your "drawing" unique items. Does shopping count as "drawing" a unique item? Or does it only trigger through encounters that make you draw one? 4. Hound of Tindalos does just go right to the nearest location where there's an investigator right? Or does it simply move in that direction? 5. You can't read tomes in the out world because you have no movement points there, correct? 6. Can you Patrol Wagon your way all over Innsmouth/Kingsport/Dunwich just like Arkham? What about to weird locations like Devils Reef that normally require other means to enter them? 7. Speaking of the Patrol Wagon, when using it do you still get your movement points to read tomes? 8. I was playing as the Politician, I got a retainer at the newspaper and then triggered his storyline pass which gives him a retainer, so...can I have two? I wanted to say no that's silly, but couldn't find anything in the rules which said i couldn't have two retainers and the Bank Loan specifies that right on the card so I don't know. 9. The Lawyer's ability lets him discard clue tokens to add +1 to the result of a die roll, can this stack? i.e. he rolls a 3 can he discard 2 clue tokens to make that a 5 and success? 10. A flying creature emerges from a gate at Devils Reef. He then has to move, obviously there are no investigators to move to, so does he enter the rift, or go to the sky? 11. I know an evironment mythos card will replace the existing card, but that means if I have a weather environment out and an urban one flips I replace the weather one, right? Only 1 environment at a time, not 1 Urban, 1 Mystic, and 1 Weather, correct? I know there's more stuff that's come up but that's all I can think of.I really appreciate any help anyone can give me on these. Thanks
  4. First off, when I and my friends play I won't say we sit there and analye "are spells useful" "would I be better off just going with unique stuff" etc. If a guy seems like he/she's supposed to be a spellcaster that kind of leans us into getting spells anyway. But what I will say is that while i never use the magic shop, I don't find the unique items so overpowered better than spells. I find that there are such a broad range of things unique items do (I'm playing with AH, KH, IH, KiY, and CotDP, by the way), that you have a pretty good chance to get something that isn't very helpful to you. However, with spells, if I'm a spellcaster type person (high sanity/lore/ability) then I can at least make use of building up a bunch of spells. eventually each of them will be usefull and by the end of the game I find built up spellcasters are just unstoppable. On top of spells being naturally versatile, there's more than one investigator who can reduce the sanity cost (the Librarian obviously, but also Harvey and Dexter's stroylines off the top of my head), and stuff like the Planetary allignment environment doesn't hurt either. Though I do like spells I will agree, though, that the magic shop is pretty marginal. I never use it, and I've only seen another player go there once to knock down a storyline. Mostly because encounters and tomes wind up giving plenty of spells and I just don't shopin general most times except elder sign digging, or if I'm using the Ursula Downs.
  5. Played a 4 player game against Zhar tonight (Innsmouth, Dark Pharoah, King in Yellow all mixed in) no herald. We were literally one turn away from winning (5 sealed gates while I was playing Silas and had just gotten the last thing I needed to pop my storyline and seal the final gate on the following upkeep) when the gate got blocked by a seal, the deep rising track filled, and we had to fight Zhar. Now we were not prepared at all, but the fight was surprisingly close. We were playing as (from 1st player down) Hank Samson the farmhand, Ursula the Explorer, Silas the Sailor, and Mhn Thi Phan the secretary. We had a tommy gun we were passing down, Hank was blessed so we got that boost for a couple turns 3, we had 1 attack cancel item) so we did pretty well early fight. Tore through his magic immunity with at least two of us still standing. Unfortunately we had bee ncaught offgaurd by the fight and didn';t have enough magic stuff to stage a desperate final shot. Mihn did have a bunch of spells but we were all caught at 1 sanity for one reason or another. Still even with all of this massive failure surrounding our preparations (or lack thereof) we still got him down to arond 6 spots left on his second doom track. I think the trick is to have a 4 or 5 max players fighting him, and keep an eye to your money and trophies. His attack may be instant death every other turn but unlike many others he can't kill a group of investigators in one attack. So, if you have 4 players you know you have 8 turns get ready to be ablke to do that knd of damage. You don't have to lose focus of the real goal of the game (closing/sealing gates) to be ready for Zhar. Just be protective of your equipment. Spend your trophies as much as possible (unless you need them for a gate closing victory) and keep the importance of being geared up as something in the front of your mind as you play. P.S. Fighting Zhar was cool but nothin could have been better than sacrificing the Sailor to win the game.
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