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  1. I am also in the area. Are there other players who might be hiding out?
  2. Hugesinker said: mikael said: Anyone else hoping for a pod expansion?maybe new leader action cards and new race tech? I am! Some things I'd be interested to see-- A small Assembly Phase board where all players who can must put one of their Political Cards (face-up or not) so that the active player can make a more informed choice-- this would eliminate the issue where the active player takes the Speaker token and then asks "Who has a 'good' political card to play?" I think many players have already made this sort of thing on their own, I've seen several versions. Perhaps whether or not a player's representative lived could be involved in this somehow. Unit customization, possibly involving plastic clip-on pieces. If you spend extra when building it, certain units can be have specific enhancements. A more complex economy or trade element. Another set of Racial Techs. More Factions (aka races). Another type of Special System tile and more System tiles in general. More pre-balanced, official maps using all the latest tiles. A mechanic allowing Space Combat or Invasion Combat to involve more than two players at a time (joint system activations). --This might includes a set of raised, transparent tiles similar to those sold by Litco for use with this game; except with an attack arrow to the system in dispute. One system hex isn't large enough to hold all the ships involved in one conflict as-is. If ambitious-- A set of rules that combine the Rex game with the Shard of the Throne expansion Scenario game. I've come up with my own version of this, but my game group isn't gung-ho enough to try it. If ambitious-- A way to make the game three-dimensional, with more than one layer of map. +1
  3. None so far, but from what I hear, there is an Eclipse app in the works. While it might not (not for me) scratch the itch for TI, it's still a good game.
  4. wildfire393 said: Spinal Modem provides one of the strongest benefits of The Toolbox (the 2 Recurring Credits) for less than half the price, while still providing enough +Memory to fit in a Magnum Opus, Sneakdoor Beta, or Parasites next to a Breaker of each type (assuming you avoid Battering Ram or Morning Star for your Fracter). I'm not sure how strong it is in Anarch decks, as they need to expend influence on The Rabbit Hole/Helpful AI to buff their Link, but it's a very powerful addition to Shaper decks. I'm also tinkering with a non-virus (or at least, Virus-light) Anarch build with Whizzard at the helm, Spinal Modem, and all three Fixed Breakers. I'm not sure that the Fixed Breakers get the job done with no Parasites and limited Datasucking, but their cheap break costs plus the free credits from this and Cyberfeeder could create a situation where the runner gives the corp very little leeway. Yet the danger of Spinal Modem is ever present, especially with NBN and Weyland decks. I think its too much risk for not enough reward. 4 cost is handy, but even then its not sitting on the "cheap" side of the fence.
  5. I play Lord of the Rings and Netrunner and am in the San Antonio area. That being said, Dragon's Lair is about ot start LCG Organized Play on January 8th. I plan on going.
  6. Okay, this next Monday, (09/06) I'm going to the store to play W:I. Does anybody else play besides you and I?
  7. Ha! So am I, actually, so I can do that easy. I play in Omar's Pathfinder game every other Monday but on the alternate Monday, I would be up for WH:I
  8. My schedule is clearing up. (a little bit) Does a particular day sound better than any other?
  9. I just went to DL to pick up Skavenblight and Path of the Zealot but I forgot to check to see if there was a league. >.< Any luck getting one started?
  10. It looks like my Friday's may open up, but I will let you know if that happens. Otherwise, it's still kind of hard for me to say.
  11. Unfortunately, I work the most during Saturday and Sunday, retail job and all. Is there a weekday that might work for the better?
  12. Dragon's Lair is my preferred choice as well. Its a little far, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it.
  13. Anybody interested in the game and want to get together at a FLGS?
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