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  1. HuronBH said: While I don't know if it applies to Dust Warfare, most games you standard order of operations: Multiply Divide add subtract This is how my group has been playing it. -jay Unless your Matt Ward and then you don't
  2. Dakkon426 said: Raven1man said: all it shows is download: and nothing after it. Try hitting refresh its showing up for me. OK now its showing up. Thanks. I will give it a spin.
  3. all it shows is download: and nothing after it.
  4. CSMason26 said: After reading the rocket glove rules and the panzer glove rules it feels like something was left out on the Panzer Gloves so in the games my buddies and I play at my house I'm going to offer a potential home rule and hopefully you guys can help tweak it. I don't want it to be overpowered, nor do I want it to be underpowered though. I understand that the Gorilla's and Zombies both have some awesome abilities but they also have some other aspects that have helped contribute to their lower point costs. My proposed rule on the Panzer Gloves would be as followed… Panzer Gloves - When attacking vehicles all successful |+| markers allow for one additional roll to see hit. Any successful hits after that are business as usual and no further hits can be rolled. When attacking infantry, the Panzer Gloves will work the way that they do currently in the rulebook. I think it's a nice happy medium. It doesn't over power it, doesn't under power it. Just the decription about the Panzer glove and how it spoke about the electric blast it got me thinking… "Why is this so much weaker than the Rocket punch? Did they leave something out? Is it a typo?" I'm putting this on here because I know a lot of people have been talking about potential home rulings, fixes, ect., to some of the rules that they may personally find broken or the likes. For a game that just came out there sure are a lot of people that feel the need to add/change/house rule so many rules. How about playing some games with the rules as is and post your findings about how things don't/did work with game results. Things may look bad/good on paper but in play don't work the same way you think they do.
  5. is this something you still have the files for that you would be willing to share to others for use? I was planning on doing this myself if I could get a pdf copy of the book. If you don't mind sending them out yourself send me a msg and I'll give ya my email addie. Thanks
  6. Hey all just trying to wrap my head around building an army here and had a question just to make sure I'm doing it right. You have to buy a Command Sec and 1st Sec. but does that mean that all I have to do is just pick one option from the 1st Sec? Example, I buy Combat Ranger sq from the Combat Platoon 1st Sec could I then buy Combat Ranger sq from 2nd Sec (or any other Sq from any other Sec)? or do I have to fill 1st Sec before I take anything from 2nd Sec? My thought is no you can "cherry pick" other Sec as long as you take one Sq from 1st Sec and a Command, but I just want to make sure. Support: It states that you can have one Support unit per two Sec. Does that mean that I have to take one Sq from 1st Sec and one Sq from 2nd Sec before I can take a Support unit? and to get a 2nd support unit I would have to take something from 3rd Sec and 4th Sec or do I just have to buy 2 more Squads from any two Sec from the list? Thanks from the help.
  7. I asked this a while back. I was hoping for something like alt army builds with maybe some unique models. It would be a good way to do japanese, marines, and then a chinese sub army for the 3 blocs.
  8. Raven1man


    felkor said: There are companies that make custom dice. If you can find an old game of "Dust" (not "Dust Tactics" or "Dust Warfare") they have identical dice only they are brown instead of black. You can always just use regular dice with success on 5 or 6. If you can find an original Core Set, it is great value and comes with 12 more dice. I'm sure they will eventually sell dice separately. I mean, if anyone wants to just play with SSU, they will want dice and have no way to get them. It would be more fitting to use the 1 and the 6 if your going to use d6s. Cause they are on the other sides of each other like the dust dice.
  9. Hey Tricky110974 I use Open Officetrying running it but its not doing anything. Do you have it so that it will only work in excel? thanks
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