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  1. In our forth-coming campaign, Our GM has already issued a name and background for our ship. It's a Ex-Imperial Navy Sword class Frigate named Saint Katherine. The Imperial navy fleet in our sector named each ship in a squadron of sword classes after each of the founding sister-saints of the Adeptus Soritas, and Saint Katherine was badly wounded in battle and patched up and decommisioned; wherein it was gived with a re-issued Warrent of Trade to Kalrock Vaccaro, a young, spoilt 2nd son of a minor noble house with strong ties to the issuing department of the local administratum..
  2. Brother Praetus said: The expanded character sheet is indeed handy. What would have been really awesome would be if we got a fillable PDF version of the Character Folio. That would be sweet. Thanks again, Maki-chan -=Brother Praetus=- S' funny, cause I've been working on that. Pretty much done too. If I could find a way of hosting it, I'd share it with you guys. Phil
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