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    jkayati reacted to CSerpent in The Worst Investigator?   
    She's amazing in Carcosa as well.  Even when a particular enemy moves twice per round, she's one step ahead.  And for the first time, I interviewed all the guests.  Her one real weak point is Investigating for things other than clues (I had no problem with her getting clues).
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    jkayati reacted to Faranim in Ability to transfer saves needed.   
    No.  It means if you purchase expansions on an iOS device, you will only have access to those expansions on an iOS device.  But you could own 3 iPads and 4 iPhones, as long as you are logged into those devices with the same Apple ID, all of those devices will have the expansions you have purchased.
    But if you switch to an Android phone, or install the app on Steam, those platforms don't use your Apple ID so you would not "own" any of the expansions on those platforms.
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    jkayati reacted to scalz in Choosing to not negate damage and fear.   
    Hidden says to prevent all damage and discard. 22.12 says Abilities that explicitly use the word “prevent” always reduce damage or fear without the hero needing to perform a test. So I believe you discard hidden, and then do not test, unless there is fear remaining. 
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    jkayati reacted to nathanielb in I don't understand the app hate   
    The forced nature of the app is the problem. Its not about providing players with options the way Descent does, its about limiting the experience. If you don't like apps, as I don't, tough luck. While the logistics are an issue, the big problem I have is that it breaks the immersion. I simply don't like the "feel" of it and can't get invested.
    Many people say this. The problem is if there is another Lord of the Rings branded, RPG themed, Gloomhaven style board game out there I can't find it. The physical parts of the game look fantastic; too bad its just half a game.
    There are no reasons to exclude apps but plenty of reasons not to force players to use apps. I won't labour the point as it has been argued to death in other forums but I will say that while apps make it easier for some people (not a criticism) there is nothing an app can do that a physical game can't if you can be bothered to develop the game mechanics.
    I don't think that the market will in this case. Fantasy Flight has such a huge following that people will buy it simply because it is Fantasy Flight. Likewise Middle Earth remains very popular among gamers. The brands advertise themselves now and this game was always going to be a money spinner regardless of quality.
    Stumbled on to it while searching for something else.
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    jkayati reacted to Majushi in I don't understand the app hate   
    It’s a full game. Too bad you don’t like half of it...
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    jkayati reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    Episode 2 of the painting series is now up if anyone's interested.  I hope you enjoy it! 
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    jkayati reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    By popular request (and just because I wanted to!) I've begun a new painting series for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, and I thought I'd share the first video here for anyone who might be interested:
    I'm making the series as beginner-friendly as possible, and I really had fun taking a fast and loose approach with the first eighteen figures from the game (the Orcs, Goblins, and Ruffians).  Here's a few pictures of what I've covered so far:

    I hope some of you will join me for the painting journey!
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    jkayati reacted to Jobu in ArkhamDB forbidden cards error   
    Rex cant take those cards.  Its an illegal deck.
    Deckbuilding Restrictions: No Fortune cards.
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    jkayati reacted to Carthoris in Survey results are in; see the class rankings   
    I like Survivors generally, but they are ideal if you need a new character mid-campaign because your last one died or went bonkers. That "flat power curve" means no other class has the kind of quick start that they do.
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    jkayati reacted to rsdockery in Noobs looking for advice   
    You've reduced the number of tokens in the bag overall, so, yes, it literally does raise the number of times you draw the Auto-Fail. 
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    jkayati reacted to Sorastro in The real question is...   
    You guys!  Well, I'm happy to let you know that I certainly will be covering The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth.  Let the journey begin!  😃
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    jkayati reacted to Assussanni in speculation about the Return to Carcosa   
    I'll happily speculate on player cards, and get back to you with the rest once we finish Carcosa...
    Guardian: Trench Knife leaps out as the obvious candidate for an upgrade. +1 damage for each enemy engaged with you could be fun, but would probably be too unreliable for most people to consider.
    Seeker: I'd imagine another flavour of Archaic Glyphs. Maybe one that heals damage or horror from your investigator on a successful investigate action?
    Rogue: a 1xp version of Knuckleduster which adds a modifier to the fight test. I'm still not sure anyone would want it.
    Mystic: a higher level Uncage the Soul, adding Fast and maybe "Then, reveal a random chaos token from the chaos bag. If a [bad symbol] is revealed, remove 1 charge from the played card. If you cannot, take 1 horror." to the end of the card.
    Survivor: a 3xp version of Waylay that removes the exhausted condition.
    Neutral: Calling in Favors which allows searching your whole deck but removes the discount.
    Then upgrades to all of the Composures. Give them 2 sanity and double the pips? Not very exciting, but my feeling is that +2 for one resource might be a bit too powerful even at 3xp.
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    jkayati reacted to Poposhka in Rules changes killing me   
    FFG is not responsible for your second market auctions.
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    jkayati reacted to bfitz7 in What do we think this will be?   
    I really hope this leans a little more towards MoM than Imperial Assault/Decent. It obviously has a campaign more like IA/D but I'd love for there to be more of an exploration/investigation theme than either of those have (at least in my somewhat limited playing). I'd like to see puzzles/riddles to solve as well as opportunities to avoid danger/combat. Something along the lines of seeing a big troll down by the river but we stick to a path high above to avoid his notice. I should be able to make a decision on whether or not we engage - at least in some cases. We'll at least TRY to slip through the Mines of Moria undetected while avoiding traveling too closely to Isengard. Maybe we can trick some trolls into staying up until dawn arguing instead swinging swords in futility. While I'm sure I'd still enjoy it, I'd be a little disappointed if this ends up being a run around and kill things kind of game. IA often has me feeling like the exploration is an afterthought - you open a door and a bunch of enemies are waiting (that sort of fits with Star Wars though).
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    jkayati reacted to Nanich in Can it be played without the app?   
    I have played both Mansions of Madness 1st Edition (a player plays the Overlord), and Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition (The app places the Overload)
    My group prefer 2nd Edition. You do not need the internet to play it, but you need to download the app. We found that 2nd Edition is much more thematic with a greater variety of types of scenarios. When we played 1st edition, everyone reluctantly HAD to take a turn being the overlord. The goal of the Overlord is to win the game, not to create an engaging story. Many cases our Overlords won, by of course following the rules, but in a way that was not thematic to the story of the scenario.
    Just my thoughts. This game is not a hard pass, but a hard yes.
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    jkayati reacted to privateer4hire in The Land Endures   
    On the positive side, FFG usually has nice Christmas clearance sales.
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    jkayati reacted to Carthoris in Frustrating (looooooooooooong!)   
    I do like a stiff challenge, but I also like to build decks around theme as much as efficiency. Arkham lets me do that, using an easier chaos bag rather than min-maxing in ways that would sacrifice the flavor of my deck.
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    jkayati reacted to Magnito in Frustrating (looooooooooooong!)   
    You bring up The Unspeakable Oath a lot, and that is kind of known as being a particularly punishing scenario. I know that whenever I play Carcosa, I still dread playing that one even though I've beaten it multiple times because even knowing all the tricks it still often comes down to the wire. 
    Do you have the same issues with all the scenarios or is it just one or two that give you grief? 
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    jkayati reacted to WonderWAAAGH in ADHD - What is it and how you can you be informed   
    Is one of the questions “Who names a gaming tool after a learning disability?”. I’d be interested in reading an answer to that one. 
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    jkayati got a reaction from debiant in Displays not so random...   
    I have a deck registered with that combo, so it must be your search parameters.
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    jkayati reacted to PJimo in Unwilling to buy 2 core sets. Should I pass on this game?   
    I just bought essentially everything produced to date, on sale, for $300. It's utterly baffling that seemingly half of what people talk about with this game is a $30 purchase.
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    jkayati reacted to tsuruki in Unwilling to buy 2 core sets. Should I pass on this game?   
    Buying 2 core sets nets you a base of cards to found rounded investigators on. A bunch of core cards are staples throughout the game, lucky and Look what I found, machette and vicious blow, deduction and DR. Milan, Shrivelling and Holy Rosary, most of the factions have key cards here that they need. 
    But my question is, is buying a second core set really a problem? This is a beefy expansion based game, to date there are 3 Deluxes, 17 scenarios, 3 extra scenarios, 1 Rehash expansion, and the near future brings us 3 more small expansions, another deluxe, one expansion-for-another-expansion and it'll continue like this until FFG can make no more. Youre also gonna want Storage solutions and sleeves. 
    So, this is an expensive game, with lots if awesome content to offer, filling out your core set is highly reccommended if you think you'll play the rest. You literally spend hours, days, playing a campaign and youll do it more then once. All of which will be improved by owning 2 cores.
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    jkayati reacted to C2K in Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)   
    Forgotten Age isn't difficult in the sense its difficult to do anything.  Its difficult because what you think is the correct play, is actually the wrong play in some situations.  It messes with the way you play the game, and add in the fact that the first time playing with the supplies will be a crap shoot, that's why I think its left a lot of people salty. 
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    jkayati reacted to Astrophil84 in Daisy Walker and Elder Sign effect   
    „Card abilities only interact with other cards that are in play, unless the ability specically references an interaction with cards in an out-of-play area.“
    from the Rules Reference
    —> Only tomes in Daisy‘s play area count.
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    jkayati reacted to awp832 in Brother Xavier and Survival Knife   
    the damage is dealt to you, then assigned to your ally.   Survival Knife will trigger in that situation.
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