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  1. Attila-IV said: Some of you may have noticed a new forum for Rogue Trader Special Edition. Can we consider this confirmation that there will a special edition? But why have a forum dedicated to it when Rogue Trader has it's own forum? Any why not make an announcement on the front page? Anyway, I'm hoping for a special edition. I was a bit miffed that I could not lay my hands on the Dark Heresy special edition. what happend to this forum? and didnt they have a collectors symbol for the RTCE??
  2. these are really nice books! worth every red cent IMHO. good job FFG!!
  3. W00T! just picked up 2 copies at Miniature Market!!
  4. ello Mr B. id like one-0-those, please. anychance that you could send me your address, so i can send you a money order? dont have a pay-pal account.
  5. really? no one needs a copie?? ill not bump this thread up again. sorry folks.
  6. once again, great job! cant wait to get me some-0-your work!!
  7. ill be adding this game to my collection. for sure!
  8. sveet! hopfully my copies i order will be in store soon!!
  9. i aquired a couple of these for trade. you can check out the Bazzar Area, over at Strike-to-Stun.net. make me an offer. i have the same username at that site aswell. on another note...just played this, and had a blast! good job FFG!!
  10. hey Jon. sorry to bother, but i sent you an e-mail a couple-0-weeks ago and never got a reply. do you think you can accept a US postal money order?(international)i dont have Pay-Pal, and would love to get some of these... regards!
  11. Velhart said: gonrhade said: no they are small like the normal talisman 4th minis in my eyes even smaller. but in both ways the never match good.maybe some reaper mins are a good solution. We tried to order the magazine, but it seems something is wrong with the site of mephisto... We receive no mail of payment or a mail that we have ordered a magazine.. that is sad...oh well, guess we'll have to wait for a PDF or something.
  12. a question. do you guys feel like this is the best edition so far? i do.
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