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  1. Konrad4

    Rogue Trader Special Edition . . . forum?

    Attila-IV said: Some of you may have noticed a new forum for Rogue Trader Special Edition. Can we consider this confirmation that there will a special edition? But why have a forum dedicated to it when Rogue Trader has it's own forum? Any why not make an announcement on the front page? Anyway, I'm hoping for a special edition. I was a bit miffed that I could not lay my hands on the Dark Heresy special edition. what happend to this forum? and didnt they have a collectors symbol for the RTCE??
  2. Konrad4

    Limited edition Rogue Trader book?

    these are really nice books! worth every red cent IMHO. good job FFG!!
  3. Konrad4

    Is there going to be a collector's edition?

    W00T! just picked up 2 copies at Miniature Market!!
  4. Konrad4

    Creating the Toad King!

    ello Mr B. id like one-0-those, please. anychance that you could send me your address, so i can send you a money order? dont have a pay-pal account.
  5. Konrad4

    Free RPG day 2009

    really? no one needs a copie?? ill not bump this thread up again. sorry folks.
  6. Konrad4

    Sleeves for Character Cards and similar

    i guess ill take that as a no...
  7. Konrad4

    Creating the Toad King!

    once again, great job! cant wait to get me some-0-your work!!
  8. Konrad4

    Will you own both?

    ill be adding this game to my collection. for sure!
  9. Konrad4

    The Highland Expansion Shipping!

    sveet! hopfully my copies i order will be in store soon!!
  10. Konrad4

    Free RPG day 2009

    i aquired a couple of these for trade. you can check out the Bazzar Area, over at Strike-to-Stun.net. make me an offer. i have the same username at that site aswell. on another note...just played this, and had a blast! good job FFG!!
  11. Konrad4

    Sleeves for Character Cards and similar

    hey Jon. sorry to bother, but i sent you an e-mail a couple-0-weeks ago and never got a reply. do you think you can accept a US postal money order?(international)i dont have Pay-Pal, and would love to get some of these... regards!
  12. Konrad4

    secret promo charakters ?

    Velhart said: gonrhade said: no they are small like the normal talisman 4th minis in my eyes even smaller. but in both ways the never match good.maybe some reaper mins are a good solution. We tried to order the magazine, but it seems something is wrong with the site of mephisto... We receive no mail of payment or a mail that we have ordered a magazine.. that is sad...oh well, guess we'll have to wait for a PDF or something.
  13. Konrad4

    Talisman: The Highland Sneak Peeks at Talisman Island

    thanks for the spoilers.
  14. Konrad4

    Obligitory "Who has Lure of the Expanse?" Thread

    cant wait to get my grubby mitts on-0-copy.
  15. Konrad4

    Hello all. Is this game any good?

    a question. do you guys feel like this is the best edition so far? i do.