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  1. Sorry if this questions been answered before... Had a game where one of my players had Strip Ball and my opponent's player had Dump-Off. We agreed that since Strip Ball doesn't actually make the player drop the ball, it merely gets placed at midfield, that Dump-Off's condition of dropping the ball doesn't apply. Logically it should, but going by the exact wording on the cards, we ruled that Dump-Off does not trigger off of Strip Ball. Think we played it right? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Great, thanks for the quick response! Can lay that issue to rest...
  3. Played my first game the other night and had a great time. We were tied in fans when all the matchups were complete, and I only lost during the scoreboard phase when all my opponent's cheating tokens were flipped. All 4 of his cheaters on the board (he was playing the Orcs) gained him star power, and he swept up all the contests. Anyways, had one question that came up during the game, which we house ruled to both our satisfaction, but I told him I'd look up a ruling on it just to satisfy him. While we were playing, he went into rules lawyer mode, but finally relented. Here's the question: The Guard ability says: "When an opposing player successfully tackles one of your players, you may apply the dice result to this player instead." I took out one his players at the tournament, and he tried to use the Guard ability to transfer the hit to one of his linemen at another matchup. His argument was that the card and the rulebook don't specifically say that the ability can only be used at the matchup the guarding player is in, like other cards do. I argued that it would be kind of stupid for a lineman at another matchup to take a tackle for a player playing at the tournament that he's not playing in. He then argued that the highlight reel matchup the lineman was in could actually also be part of the tournament. We went back and forth for a while, but he finally gave in and said logically it makes sense that a player couldn't Guard against a tackle at another game/matchup. But he still said the rules don't specifically prohibit it. So just coming here to get everyone else's ruling on this one, though I'm pretty sure I handled it correctly.
  4. If you check the Contacts link down at the bottom left of any FFG site pages, they state that they don't accept any unsolicited board, card or writing submissions. So unless they somehow find out about you and actually want to get in touch with you, I think you're out of luck...
  5. I had a situation occur where I encountered a monster that gave me a -2 to my horror check while my Will was only at 1. It was an automatic fail, since I was reduced to -1 rolls, but I had clue tokens to spare so I spent them to roll rather than lose half my items. However, I also had the Will Skill that allows 1 extra bonus dice to be rolled when I spend clue tokens to add to my dice rolls. So I played it this way: 1. Pay 1 clue token to raise my Horror Check roll to 0 dice. No extra dice allowed for the Will Skill because no dice are actually rolled. 2. Pay another clue token to raise my Horror Check roll to 1 dice, with an extra dice thrown in for the Will Skill. Did I play this right? When you raise your rolls to zero, and have a skill that grants bonus dice, those bonus dice only are counted if an actual roll takes place, rather than providing 1 extra bonus dice regardless of actual rolling? Put another way, if I am at -1 to my roll, spend 1 clue token to raise it to zero, does the bonus dice due to the skill actually raise the roll to 1 dice? If so, I only needed to spend 1 clue token to get a roll, rather than the 2 I actually used... Thanks in advance for any and all replies/answers.
  6. Eagerly awaiting this expansion! But who knows when we'll see it at the rate the battle packs are coming out.
  7. Ooooh yes, ATMOM would make an excellent expansion. I wonder if there would be enough locations in the setting to require another board, or if it could be done completely with cards. Not sure how they'd add any new Ancient Ones for this, as there wasn't anything close to one in the original story (if memory serves me).
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. I've found that in other games "cannot" seems to trump "can", so that's how I applied it in this case, but I still haven't read any rule on this specific to Arkham Horror. If there is something specific regarding this that I've missed, in the rules or maybe a FAQ, can someone point me to it? Environment effects change much more easily than Rumors, so the way I played it Happy Days only gave me a brief respite from the brutality that is Disturbing the Dead. Seems like I played it right...
  9. I'd like to know this as well. I'm considering building some kind of custom storage solution for the game and all its expansions, and knowing the answer to this would go a long way to help me make some decisions in the design process. I can't see how FFG would end the AH line, knowing how popular it is, but how many expansions can they put out before it becomes oversaturated? There are already so many different types of cards, sheets and tokens it's hard enough to wrap your head around. How much more can they add before it just becomes too bloated for its own good?
  10. In a solo game last night I had 2 Mythos cards that seemed to be in perfect conflict with each other, so I'm not quite sure I played it correctly. First I drew Happy Days are Here Again, an Environment (Urban) card that prevents the terror level from increasing as long as it's out. Later on I drew Disturbing the Dead, a Rumor card that causes the terror level to increase at the end of every Mythos Phase on a die roll of 1 or 2, with a few ways to get rid of it. I played it so that Happy Days are Here Again took precedence over Disturbing the Dead because that seemed to be the intent of the card, but I can't really recall any rule that exactly specifies which should override the other. In other words, do cards that state a "cannot" have more priority than cards that don't?
  11. I hope both the Emperor and Horus are included as actual figures as well. While the cardboard stands showcase awesome art, I think figures would fit in with the rest of the game much better. Make them oversized as well, to represent their importance!
  12. This announcement is absolutely amazing news! I have been reading the Horus Heresy novels since they were released, and I'm hard pressed to think of a game I'd want more than this one. Will preorder this one as soon as I can. Is this an guaranteed purchase for anyone else?
  13. Got it, thanks for the quick answer, Dam. You'd think that if an investigator wanted to submit to being taken away by a NightGaunt, he could! But then again, I guess this isn't an RPG and I suppose investigators would always fight whatever monstrous horror they were faced with...
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