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    blkdymnd got a reaction from Martincourt in How are you planning on storing this game?   
    IKEA box that I use for other mini games.  3 1/2 sections, probably perfect to stack trays.  I'll get one for trays and mini's, one for components and 2d terrain.  3 packs cost about $12

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    blkdymnd reacted to jek in Elves! Moar elves!   
    I would not be surprised if column tactics was either in the oathsworn box or with Lord Hawthorne but if you want to break out the torches and pitchforks by all means...
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    blkdymnd reacted to Schneeky in Elves! Moar elves!   
    For all we know it could be in the Oathsworn package. That was a hasty assumption that it is only in the Elves. FFG has said quite a few times that in RMG there will be neutral cards in all faction's boxes so that you wouldn't have to buy other faction's stuff to just get upgrades.
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    blkdymnd reacted to drkpnthr in I'm worried the game doesn't have enough factions at launch...   
    Keep in mind that WHF and Warmahordes didn't start with all of their factions either. FFG is definitely wanting to create tournament play for Runewars, and they are targeting two factions to get balanced first. I think if they want a strong tournament scene, it will be important to get balancing right. This lets them get all the basic rules problems (like what actually is a Ranged Effect and needs to use LOS) before they start adding in more dimension and options within the game. They've even prioritized a few minor expansions before the new factions so that they can make sure the game scales properly. I think FFG is being very cautious and careful about making sure they create a balanced field with iron-out rules before people begin playing in tournaments. That said, we have to compare the differences in the existing XWing vs Armada dynamic. Armada is a less popular game, which doesn't draw a large casual scene the way XWing does, partly because of the cost and complexity. I worry about this game not having a strong Casual scene, and that driving sales and popularity to draw people into the hobby. I'm already trying to understand the rules well enough to start designing something to be the equivalent of HotAC for Runewars, though at some point I'm sure I will need to hand it off to someone with better design skills. I'm thinking something along the lines of Mordheim/WyrdWars, but perhaps with a roleplay element, which allows people to use both Runewars and their Descent minis to play, and draws people from both crowds into a casual scene of Runewars play.
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from jek in FFG Terrain?   
    I'd love for FFG to do some nice neoprene versions of their terrain pieces.  I'd buy those, I'm just not as much on 3D for this style of game
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from jek in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    Agreed jek, you can easily fit a good number of decent units in 200 points.  Granted, this is what's out now, but I'll adjust as more releases and I have more options
    Kari Wraithstalker - Wraith Step
    3x3 Spearmen - Front Line Rune Golem, War Crier, Shield Wall, Trumpets
    1x2 Rune Golem
    1x2 Oathsworn Cavalry - Master Crafted Weapons, Rank Discipline
    1x2 Oathsworn Cavalry -  Master Crafted Weapons, Rank Discipline 
    195 points
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    blkdymnd reacted to jek in Anyone else slightly disappointed in the scale of the game?   
    So...are you just trying to make the smallest amount of units you could to max out the points value? I'm sort of lost on the point you are trying to make here. Is it that you feel 200pt is low because you were able to cram 90% of your army points into two units? that seems like like a bad game issue and more like a list building issue, not sure why you would ever make a list like this as it is easy to get around and hard to defend against...but hey I am not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish besides being mad about the game based on the list YOU made...
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from Mythrider in 2x Core sets, worth it?   
    That's why I left X-Wing and never looked back.  I wanted a game about the iconic starfigters, not upgrade cards that are much more important than the ships themselves 
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from maxam in 2x Core sets, worth it?   
    That's why I left X-Wing and never looked back.  I wanted a game about the iconic starfigters, not upgrade cards that are much more important than the ships themselves 
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from Budgernaut in *Grumble Grumble* Why aren't the rest of the expansions on the boat yet?   
    Same reason Uthuk works for me.  I'm harming myself every time I roll the dice ?
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    blkdymnd reacted to marinegrunt01 in Winter Undead   
    I started this thread to showcase my simple work and keep me motivated on this path I have started. When my buddy and I got our core sets at Adepticon (FFG rocks!), he took all the humans while I took all the undead. I have always loved playing regenerating armies so it was the obvious choice for me. 
    My painting style is simple as I just block paint then use lots of wash to  make it look tabletop quality.  I have been painting this way for 10 years or so. I love washes and sing their praises to anyone who is in earshot whenever painting comes up at the local game store.  
    I now present my first completed tray of Reanimates. This is the first time I did winter basing and I cannot say enough how awesome Citadel's valhallan blizzard is for making snow bases. I used a sculpting tool to apply it to the tray and bases and it went on very smooth.  

    My next tray to paint will be a tray of archers. I plan to have them done by Wednesday. 
    I also started to paint a carrion lancer, but that is a big model to paint and will work on it as I paint the infantry models.
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    blkdymnd reacted to Click5 in An FYI on the Rune Tokens   
    I'm sure most people on here who have dabbled with the Arkham Horror LCG have thought about this, but coin protector capsules are a great way to bling out your game experience.  Someone (genius) recommended them for the Chaos token bag in the LCG and I immediately bought in, having a few left over my mind jumped to the rune tokens.  I think they are slightly smaller than the LCG tokens so there was a bit of play with the 26mm case, but once closed there was no rattling.  The 25mm would probably be a perfect match, but would be difficult to remove, buy at your own risk.  
    They add just the right amount of heft to make it a more satisfying experience.

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    blkdymnd got a reaction from Ogrekin in Ranged skills?   
    Kari's ability is a melee ability.  It's only useable with surges.  Deathcaller wouldn't work while engaged because he needs line of sight, so he'd only use it with who he's engaged with (if he was engaged himself)
    The rules are fairly tight and concise.  There is very little so far that really needs FAQ'd
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    blkdymnd reacted to JasonGlass in Kari's special   
    I hope FFG gives us a ruling soon. Otherwise I'll have to jump off a cliff to keep from hearing the same arguments over and over.
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from JasonGlass in Kari's special   
    Which cards have been inconsistent?  I'm just not seeing where they haven't been, I think they've been pretty good with wording and terminology.  I think people are putting way too much thought into a pretty easy game.  
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    blkdymnd reacted to Attackmack in Kari's special   
    1. I know, wasnt serious, just wanted to make a point that the golden rule could be word for word interpreted as allowing component that is not cards to contradict the rules.
    2. RR46, which this discussion winds down to, either means LOS is required for everything made at range unless otherwise stated. But going against this is the fact that some cards specifically states that LOS is required, and we know the rules allow for ranged effects that doesnt require LOS.
    So we have rules that either
    A. Require that effects state if LOS is not required 
    B. Require that effects state if LOS is required.
    We also have cards and effects that state that LOS is required
    But we do NOT have cards and effects that state that LOS is NOT required.
    To me, this makes it pretty clear that if an ability or effect require LOS it will either be stated as an attack or it will state in writing that LOS is required.
    If it doesnt, then LOS is not required.
    Its consistent, even with RR46 since it can be interpreted in such a way to function with the rest of the game, writing and component without errata or faq, and in my personal opinion makes the most sense.
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    blkdymnd reacted to Lyraeus in Disregard   
    I am a foolish person who needs to read better
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    blkdymnd reacted to Attackmack in Kari's special   
    Fair enough, i can appreciate that.
    But it feels highly inconsistent if Karis ability is a ranged effect and needs LOS without it being mentioned while Carrion Lancers ability DOES mention LOS and so is NOT an effect or an attack?
    i mean FFG is known for some less then consistent writing but would they really mess up this bad on a core in this day?
    I doubt it and thats why I believe we are simply overinterpreting the rules. Not that its a bad thing to clear things up but man, between this and the collision discussion i sometime wonder how anyone ever plays competitively on good mood
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    blkdymnd reacted to Attackmack in Kari's special   
    The card says nothing about LOS and nothing about it being an attack so until FFG erratas in something to say otherwise Karis ability clearly does not require LOS.
    Im not saying FFG couldnt have botched something here but as its written, taking into account both rules and other cards, i think it IS clear as day. If Kari needed LOS her card would have said so or described it as an attack.
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from jek in Slurms Mckenzie Rides Again (Aka the Battle report)   
    About 23:00, your reanimates failed the charge, gained the panic token, got charged by the cavalry, lost two trays, but no morale was performed.  
    Im through the first two rounds, you guys are doing great.  I'll also suggest editing the dial decisions. 
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    blkdymnd got a reaction from jek in Slurms Mckenzie Rides Again (Aka the Battle report)   
    Thanks, I forgot about that.
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    blkdymnd reacted to Tvayumat in Slurms Mckenzie Rides Again (Aka the Battle report)   
    You're not required to resolve a panic test with panic tokens, but can save them up for a more severe test.
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    blkdymnd reacted to Budgernaut in 3 Games Tonight   
    I like that her ability is so specific instead of being generally useful. It means that as more heroes are released, we will hopefully see a lot of variation in how armies are put together based on the accompanying hero. Aliana is another example of this. She only works if you take Leonx Riders. Almost all armies will have Leonx Riders early on, but as people develop bigger collections, we may see elf armies without, which would make players want to take a different hero instead of Aliana.
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    blkdymnd reacted to Eric W in First 200-ish point Daqan list   
    I have something similar but after my first game I decided terrifying heraldry was worth more on the spears than making my Golem 2x1. Also seeing as I only had 2 golems. 
    I find shooting into combat with kari into the spears and then using war crier the same turn worked very well for me.

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    blkdymnd reacted to Spikenog in 3 Games Tonight   
    Got to the FLGS early and got in a game with a friend who had his set together. Was fun for sure. The game has a lot going for it...missing charges is heartbreaking, shifting and avoiding one is brilliant. Having a unit cavalry run through archers is humbling and then losing those cavalry to the Undead character...whoa.
    The man is a blender.
    Game two, (this time with my set), I miss a crucial charge with the cavalry and the blender gets in again taking three out while my golem turns reanimates into a fine powder. Meanwhile the Spearmen are roasting carrion worm before coming face to face with a block of Reanimates. Don't underestimate Kari...she has game.
    Game three. I hand my core set to friends and ref the game. Again the blender mows down cavalry. Undead archers less of a factor and a big scrum in the center with Spearman and Reanimates knocking heads until the golem finally get to grips...he doesn't stop the spearmen from being removed but does finish of the skelies. Meanwhile Kari solo kills the worm with two rounds of shooting.
    Runewars is a lot of fun. Looking forward to more...soon.
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