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  1. Howdy all. I’m picking up the core box for me and my kids today and we’re not into deck construction as much. Do the heroes come preset with their own decks at first or will I need to adjust them to suit us? Thanks!
  2. Three of us sat down and learned it together today, and it was fantastic. Easy rules, good decisions, it was super enjoyable. One question we had - in scenario stages everything resets again, correct? Characters and all that? I know they don’t carry over from scenario to scenario, but weren’t sure about stages. Thanks!
  3. If you have a die roll resolution card at a landmark. Do you only get to attempt once? Or do you get to attempt multiple times and does it cost a stamina to roll again?
  4. I think I’ve seen it before, but there are variations of tiles within a certain land type correct? Like my copy today came with Badlands 7.1, 6.12, and 6.11. So feasibly there are other 6.x and 7.x Badlands in circulation too, correct?
  5. I think you are meant to trade. At least what I’ll be doing with mine at some point. It’s a new concept and I think, at least on paper, they’re doing it right. Not everyone will get it and mileage will vary from person to person
  6. Starter + 4. Will definteky play some sealed tourneys I’m sure.
  7. Totally agree, and in actuality, this game has already been around since 2011/2012. Most of what makes this game tick was lifted directly from Dust Warfare, and this suppression/panic system was what made that ruleset one of my favorite ever. Being able to have a psychological effect on an otherwise dug in enemy by spraying them with volume of fire is really cool. But as has been said, a good commander mitigates that effect as they would in real life, so protect them or your troops will run away screaming
  8. Yeah, tell him not to get his commander killed ?
  9. No droids please, unless they are definitely combat based. Other than that, I’m good with most anything. Would love to see some themed sub-factions (Tusken Raiders, Jabba’s security force, Ewok raiding parties, Bespin police force)
  10. Aren’t Scariff Troopers already sun and beach troopers?
  11. I’m with you, there’s no real point for the most part. Just roll a die and keep the tracker in the middle. That’s what we’ll probably do
  12. Just to throw out there.. The entire suppression system is an evolution from Dust Warfare. You could suppress in both close combat and ranged in that game. Legion has followed that original system really closely, so it’s entirley possible it works in both, but enough have reported from Adepticon that it only works for ranged, and so I’m using that until we see an FAQ.
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