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    Himmelweiss got a reaction from Gridash in Too much STAR WARS and reprints?   
    I feel the same since a long time.
    I rarely check the FFG website for any news.
    It's always Star Wars, Star Wars and Star Wars... and sometimes Warhammer, that's it.
    Boring, for me atleast.
    I am an huge Star Wars fan, but still, i liked FFG more a couple of years ago when they always came out with fresh ideas.
    I also miss the times when FFG actually massively supported all their good board games.
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    Himmelweiss got a reaction from GMmL in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    Meh, sounds boring as hell. I played 2nd editon as well, and i hated the oversimplefied and d100 system. It was just boring.
    The reason why i enjoy 3rd edition is, because... well it is different, and without the cards and bits and stuff the 3rd edition of WFRP would be like any other roleplay game. If they would scratch all that, the markers, cards and what not, i would just get straight into another system like D&D, DSA, Shadowrun because all of them are by far better when it comes to fluff/adventures/expansions and in general stuff to read.
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