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  1. I feel the same since a long time. I rarely check the FFG website for any news. It's always Star Wars, Star Wars and Star Wars... and sometimes Warhammer, that's it. Boring, for me atleast. I am an huge Star Wars fan, but still, i liked FFG more a couple of years ago when they always came out with fresh ideas. I also miss the times when FFG actually massively supported all their good board games.
  2. @sepayne7l Can i have the stuff you are smoking? Cause nobody knows wtf you are talking about...
  3. Well, of course it sounds weird. But if you think in an buisness logical way, it doesn't sound weird at all. Trust me, this is exactly how it works. We EU folks and everyone else but USA have to wait indeed for each other to finish translating the product. As soon everyone is done, it goes to the printer. That is, if everyone actually sends the final translated version to FFG. Obviously France didn't because of their extra cards wishes. If france alreay sent it to FFG, then, and only then i am indeed wrong and something else is f..... up.
  4. Meh, sounds boring as hell. I played 2nd editon as well, and i hated the oversimplefied and d100 system. It was just boring. The reason why i enjoy 3rd edition is, because... well it is different, and without the cards and bits and stuff the 3rd edition of WFRP would be like any other roleplay game. If they would scratch all that, the markers, cards and what not, i would just get straight into another system like D&D, DSA, Shadowrun because all of them are by far better when it comes to fluff/adventures/expansions and in general stuff to read.
  5. No, i didn't misunderstood. I am german and we are far from complete as well. And all other countries but US have to wait for each other to finish translating. As soon everyone is done, it goes to the printer. Germany is done with The Enemy Within since ages. So we are still waiting for france because they wanted some extra cards in their box. So, our edition is frozen because of france. Now, if i indeed misunderstood something, let me know...
  6. So this is why all other countries have to wait? because france wanted some extra stuff? Well done...
  7. My wife for some reason stopped playing boardgames with me a couple years ago. (We played all kind of stuff, MtG, Descent 1st Edition, Arkham Horror) But she does play MMOs all day long on the PC, which is really boring. She doesn't like Sci-Fi. My son (10 yrs old) always says "that's unfair" as soon i shoot a ship down in X-Wing. He gets the rules, but is far far away in using some kind of strategy in his gameplay. If he loses, it's unfair again and never wants to play the game again. If he wins (which only happens if i play like if i had no brain), he wants to play again. He still doesn't get that X-Wing models aren't toys. So my son annoys me, playing games with him is no fun at all. My wife, well, she became very boring.
  8. Descent 1st Edition's Campaign System was so much better... The Road to Legend ftw., i miss it. I hate the 2nd edition, it's boring and feels like a quickie dumbed down super casual skirmish game :/ Even calling the 2nd edition's campaign system an campaign is just wrong. I could rant about the 2nd edition endless. But i won't as it wouldn't change anything anyways.
  9. Doesn't surprise me at all. The prices for GW products keep raising up and up and up, year after year. Also the move to Finecast was the worst choice they have ever made (it's ultra expensive). It also annoys me that they keep releasing new edition rulebooks while some of the codexes or army books weren't updated to the most recent/previous edition. It's been a mess, and always will be a mess. And let's not even talk about GW's ForgeWorld. If you really don't know what to do with your money, go to ForgeWorld...
  10. What surprises me more is... out of all roleplay forums here on the FFG website, the WFRP forum has the most topics count (only Dark Heresy is somewhat even), which tells me the WFRP community is way more active than for any other roleplay games here on FFG. So that means: way more customers bought WFRP products, instead of other roleplay products. So WTF does FFG want?
  11. i want atleast 3 of each, i am gonna be very poor next year
  12. Himmelweiss

    Wave 3 ships

    This game also needs some boxed expansions, not just minis… You know some kind of additional/optional ruleset, along with extra bits & stuff for the playfield (more obstacles like maybe a nebula field). Planets, Star Bases (no obviously not the Death Star). Dunno, just anything you can think of in space that might fit to the Star Wars universe. Always just ships, and then ships again and after that even more ships seems boring to me in the long run.
  13. I just hope the components in the new base game and all future expansions + reprints will match FFG's quality. I still think facing rules are not needed, but as an optional rule, why not. Also why do they ask about TURNS and ROUNDS? can someone explain? doesn't really matter to me. And why do they want to remove trucks? Also i have a bit fear about the "kickstarter" thing they plan to use for TOI releases.
  14. Yeah, have to agree there, not sure if for example "facing rules" are needed. I mean i wouldn't want to turn this into an ASL like game
  15. Great news indeed. I'm very very glad now that i kept all my TOI copies. Now things start to get serious interesting… http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4025
  16. The entire website is ultra slow pretty much all the time. I noticed that since my registration date in 2009. I was just always too lazy to make noise about it since FFG always makes no noise either to us if we need help, info or whatever, so i stay quiet as well when i notice an error on their website.
  17. Matchstickman said: I don't have anything new to add on whether WFRPG is dead or not but this comment… Beren Eoath said: I see the pointless discusion continues. Pointless becouse it will not change FFG policy or any idea they have with this line. … is just silly. If we don't discuss things there is ZERO chance of anything changing in a direction people want, because without someone, somewhere talking about what they would like to see the powers that be have no chance of finding it. With public discussion there is a higher than zero chance of them finding it. I second this. If we stay quiet then indeed nothing will change ever…
  18. *shrugs* i like the cards and stuff. Makes WFRP3e awesome special and in no way i would ever want anything different again. Ofc it lacks backround, fluff and alot more still, but that's nothing that can't be fixed. For me, WFRP3e as it stands now is alot of fun, i'm with it as well since it's US release, and i can't have enough I do not miss anymore the classic Pen&Paper style at all.
  19. Oh yeah, Maps and Handouts…. good point! Nope, WFRP3 is for sure not complete
  20. macd21 said: Emirikol said: "doesn't need hundreds of scenarios" Sure, if you're looking for a sandbox system. Any company can put out a sandbox system. Competent companies that actually care about their fans, and don't treat them like little cash machines, participate in their forums and put out stuff other than stat blocks and rules. … You're kidding, right? You actually think that a game isn't complete until it has hundreds of published scenarios? Do you even know what a sandbox system is? Y'know what, never mind. I'm done. No Sir, not at all, what also is missing is alot of Background, History, Fluff, call it as you want. As you said, Elf Box for example, but there is so much more out there that needs attention. WFRP3 is not complete at all for me.
  21. macd21 said: ragnar63 said: Please leave the teenage text speak on your mobile where it belongs. Putting LOL after an insult only places you in the bracket of the moronic tennager. Anybody who uses the word nerd as an insult generally falls into the bracket of an overweight ex-jock whose brains have been scrambled by too many steroids and head hits by linemen. and I speak as a decidely not overweight middle aged ex-jock who has still got two brain cells to put together. Emirikol has put more into this line from the outside than I think many at FFG have, certainly in terms of support and promotion. Oooh dear, it seems I've hit a nerve… ragnar63 said: In terms of a complete game system, no we haven't, not unless you expect people to get their scenarios and campaigns from the 1st or 2nd edition. Compared with the scenario / campaign output for the 40K rpgs WFRP has been largely starved of good content. We have loads of cards, yes, and tokens but there are still glaring absences which people have been asking for from day one of its release. Umm, no. We have a complete game. We have plenty of PC options, adversaries and system rules. And as for scenarios - what the hell are you talking about? We have loads. Altogether there is more than enough material. Could there be more? Of course - there's always more that could be published for any game. But that doesn't make a game incomplete. FFG have covered all the bases required. They could stop publishing WFRP tomorrow and it wouldn't really matter, they've published everything we need them to. Do I want to see more from them? Of course. Will I weep if I don't? No. I'll keep on playing with what they've given us. And that's what gets me about these threads - the rage from fans because the company isn't producing the stuff fast enough. Guess what: the company wants to sell you stuff. They want to produce more material so you can give them money. They aren't holding back new products or keeping information from you just to irritate you. The publish at the pace they can afford - a pace generally driven by demand, by the way. The number of supplements they make in a year is essentially decided by the distributors, who tell them "we will buy X amount of material from you this year". As for why they don't communicate with the community much, the attitude found in this thread (and ones like it) is one reason. For another, see what happens when they do give out information that turns out to be a mistake (such as the Only War debacle) - again people get up in arms. Keeping the information flow to a minimum hurts them less than dealing with fans who accuse them of being mercenary capitalist scum all the time. Just wanted to say, yes, there could be more, alot more….. If i look at other RPG systems, which are huge, hundreds of scenarions, campaigns etc. Yes there could be more…. alot more, Warhammer Fantasy is an huge world. Sadly, so far no company managed it to get WFRP that far. It always dies too quickly. Imo, we don't have a complete game if i compare WFRP 3rd to some other RPGs.
  22. I like the cards and bits of the 3rd edition. It's the main reason why i moved from D&D 3.5 or DSA "Das Schwarze Auge" (huge german roleplay game) to WFRP 3rd Edition. No more you have all these books on the table, only to look up this or that in every session, it was annoying like hell. Now everything is just on cards. I need less table space than i do with DSA or D&D. Also, looking up rules and what not in all these books (it's really terrible in DSA) eats up an immpressive amount of time, it's just annoying. Also the huge amount of sheets in games like DSA pissed me off in the long run. Warhammer Lite is indeed a waste of time, i said that already when all of a suddon bunch of people complained about cards & bits and that there is no way to play it without the materials. Now there is a Lite version and the same people still complain. Indeed, it was a god **** waste of time.
  23. Let's face it, TOI is not a moneymaker like Dust Tactics, Descent or the future Star Wars Miniature Game. Well you know all the things that sell well. I doubt we will ever see any expansion again for TOI. And to be honest, i don't really care anymore since there is no support at all for TOI since ages. FFG has given up on it long time ago. Would be really simple to bump the system up, VolksCamper posted the best examples for expansions that would bump up TOI big times.
  24. Oh and hopefully, after 4 - 6 expansions they still think about us, the hardcore gamers who just need a big campaign only expansion like road to the legend. This would be possible with the 2nd edition as well. Until then i will play alot more 1st edition than the 2nd :/
  25. I welcome any new expansion for the 2nd edition. Because at it's current state it's just meh. So yeah, please bring 10 or more expansions for the 2nd edition in the next couple years so i can build my own campaign with 2nd edition bits since the campaign rules are just too simple (very boring for my group). I need something big like Road to the Legend.
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