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  1. Very nice man,you used my sugestion added your own tidbits and got really nice scenario.Nice endgame;like it a lot becuse it keeps pressure on both teams and it seem like it could turn in real nail bitter.
  2. Machinevregner 90 was common heavy machine gun for SS so it's just regular lead spitter.no Special except it auto wounds like reg. heavy wepon.Was think of callin' it a "HellSpitter"and making it auto wound twice but it would be overpowering.Second idea was to have "hail of bullets"were it fire twice per round.Gotta thinker with it tho..even regular lead spiter would be nasty.
  3. nice idea with van Hellzinger and Eva, you could do it in 2 player match also by leting Eva be controled by Union player
  4. Ok here are the Stats for van Agger(just changed a trooper card bit): first row :6,6,5,5 second row: 5,5,4,5 third row: 4,4,3,4 Movement is lower form Regular ShockTrooper due to "Geist"wich is prototype heavy armor.He is Heavy wepon specialist so his wepon skill is higher then grunt's.He has weapon use skill and nerves of steel(again heavy wepon spec./survived Patmos dig site). And by the way thnks for showing interst in my thread.I'll thinker around some other charcters,scenarios ideas and post them if they prove intersting or could benefit the game.
  5. Yeah i would to see myself if FFG is gonna add some more intersting characters to the game,beacuse I bought it toghether with expansion and extra characters and like it a lot.Hopefully game keeps expanding beacuse is really fun. I also have idea for couple more Characters for it;like Reich attack dog(2 versions/regular/possesed), swordsman/profesor(/merc(kinda like Van Hellsing) and French Sniper
  6. no not yet,first gonna convert a chacracter to looks like he has big sub-machine gun than i'll have to fiddle with a stats to see wich ones would work but not be overpowering
  7. Use operation novogord for infiltration type of mission where union characters need to sneak by obscura corps sentries and enter the door (Tesla priory could work as Kizcas Castle). Second misson could go as shutin down generators stealin' paperwork and relics. Third one is lower floor where they are confronted by EVA,StossTrupen and shock Troop. Fourth is were they are confronted by OZO ans Stoss. and Culmintation where they have to fight Van Henzinger,demons and Chaos. Make every misson progresivly harder
  8. I bought Tannhauser and liked a game a lot,so I wanted to see if an idea for new character would be applicable.This is and idea for Reich character and I came to me as i read about ShockTroopers.One of them sounded like an hero material and it was Hauptmann Van Agerr.My idea for this guy was to make him as beefed up version of regular shock trooper with a few add ons. His special object would be "giest" armour wich could look like the armour used by wolf brigade form Jin-Roh anime."Geist" would allow him to ignore first shot from regular auto wepons or one grenade blast.His Pack could look something like this: 1.Combat pack -Machinevregner 90-heavy german machine gun-works as heavy auto wepon. -steingrande-german"potato masher" -Black band-same as regular black band" -coordinated fire-if there are one or more ShockTroopers that can see the same target as Hauptmann then they use Hauptmann's weapon skill to shot at target. 2.Stamina pack -Machinevregner 90-same as above -potato masher -healing kit -Black band 3.Mental pack -Machinvregner 90 -Knight Cross-plus one bonus point due to his heroics at patmos dig -Hauptmann-low rank officer +2 to dice for deployment roll -Keep firing-like Shock Troop This is my idea for charcter so if you would like to comment or add something do it at your lesiure
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