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  1. FFG puts out some amazing material. I have purchased everything for Warhammer 3E even though I prefer 1st edition. Why? Because I wanted to support FFG and Warhammer in hopes that they would "see the light," keep the license and change it back to the more old school Warhammer without all the bits. My group and I cannot stand the bits and the D&D 4E'esque format. So, I might be more of a rare breed, one who purchases the entire collection of something I do not like, just to support the company and the line. It is my hope that something in that message will reach FFG and make some type of positive impact on the direction of Warhammer. In my opinion, it is my hope that a loud cry of rejecting newer directions of pnp rpgs toward an anti-social, anti-imagination, mechanical, board game / mmorpg model and demand for more "old school" roleplaying (mind's eye theater) flavor of pnp rpg games will be heard. Warhammer is a unique system with a unique setting. Sure, it has a smaller following than most of the high fantasy rpgs out there. But, the following that it has is very loyal. I am about to introduce Warhammer 1st edition, The Enemy Within campaign to one of my younger (6 players ages 15-25) gaming groups. They have never experienced Warhammer and while I am influencing them toward an earlier edition, that is where the magic lies, so I feel it would be a grave disservice toward Warhammer and even FFG to run 3rd edition. I hope you are listening FFG and I hope you do not give up on the license. I believe in your outstanding capability to do anything you do is first rate, top notch, set apart and a bar above. In my opinion, you goofed with Warhammer 3E, just as WotC goofed with D&D 4E, but it is not irreversible for FFG. WotC's mistake correction is yet to be determined since Paizo has claimed the throne with Pathfinder. At this point, FFG does not have any Warhammer competition out there like WotC has to contend with. Games like Zweihander will be in development for quite some time and will never attain the support the Warhammer franchise has. So, the question is, will you change course and make a strong attempt to capitalize on a better, more old-school, no fiddly bits Warhammer FRPG or will you drive it into the ground and quit on it? Thank you for your consideration.
  2. ... do it ... ... and ... go! you're welcome
  3. Doesn't look like changing all the pronouns to "she" in RPGs helped at all. Politics and grammar don't appear to mix well toward any favorable outcome. Could we get them changed back to their proper grammar "he" format now plzkthx?
  4. The feeling I got from the movie was that this was a really good play that was brought into my own personal media room. While I was entertained well enough, I would use the movie more as a primer for the Midnight campaign setting rather than as a title chosen for movie night. This is not to say that I do not wish to see more, because as a first shot at a film project by folks who were relatively inexperienced with such, I think any movies to follow would be much better caliber due to how much learning they went through and because you can really tell that this project was a labor of love for many involved. Also, rather than elevate one person in particular, no matter their role, further and further up onto a pedestal far and above all others involved in the project which tends to happen in the business world, personally I would like to see more real appreciation go toward all the unsung heroes in the project. It is the inclusive sweat and toil of these folks which allow such person to enjoy such accolades as I am sure that there are many who worked just as hard for far less reward or career advantage in this project as well as other projects produced by the company. Izrador, even a god such as he, would still be insignificant if it wasn't for the bent over backs and supporting shoulders that he stands upon.
  5. So far, I have all the works for Midnight in my collection. I thank you for the D&D 4E adventure in the DVD. I look forward to seeing Midnight become established as a D&D 4E Campaign Setting.
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