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  1. on the character sheet im a little confused w/ base, actual,special, and sp, 1,2,3,4. i may have just missed it during the read, but any help would be helpful.
  2. I myself am new to Anima. Still experimenting w/ character creation, and understanding gameplay. I have a group of five that have been playing Star Wars, and want to try something different. We are all huge Final Fantasy fans and found this game highly recommended. Right now we are all toying with the idea of just making our own Final Fantasy type story. Two would like to do a Erogon(books, movie sucked) type story where the "riders" are Nephilim esp ones w/ an ability to control monsters ie. dragons. The majority of the group right now are into the Percy Jackson stories and are tossing around the idea of the demigods being Nephilim. Of course nothing will be decided until I read the books and see if its workable. Any input or comments would be great.
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