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  1. Just read the preview - this one is the best yet. Potentially because it is more revealing of things than the others, or because it talks about the RPG-like advancement. I can't wait either - I just wish they would give us a date!
  2. It's not clear yet what the in-between scenario/quest setup will look like, however given the capability to advance your character and upgrade cards, there must be some sort of mechanic at work. Perhaps not as long and drawn out as the original WHQ? It will be interesting to find out!
  3. Thanks Horseman. I have updated the main thread with three new videos I found earlier today.
  4. The Original Announcement at GenCon from FFG's InFlight Report https://youtu.be/wISJe6zFToA?t=38m28s FFG's Official Video with a Preview & Interviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI-as3z9KiE BoardGameGeekTV Walkthrough with Anton Torres (FFG) at GenCon http://livestream.com/boardgamegeektv/gencon2015-day2 - Starts at 06:39:00 And of course, the announcement on FFG's site with the product page description https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/7/31/warhammer-quest-the-adventure-card-game/ https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/warhammer-quest-the-adventure-card-game/ - Click 'Read More' to expand I figured the results of my borderline obsessive search for information on this might be of interest to others. Update - 8/12/15 Youtuber MarcoWargamer interviews Anton Torres (FFG) at GenCon with more info on the game https://youtu.be/NxdIh_BKw6c?t=4m21s Drive Thru Review gets the scoop from the designer during demos at GenCon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9CpB6aE7_4 Roll for Crit does a quick discussion on the demo played during GenCon https://youtu.be/DylHtzvjqIg?t=12m51s
  5. 'The Horseman' is pretty hilarious and/or the best troll on these boards. I think Zethnar is spot on. I believe FFG has stated numerous times that they have the rights to produce board/card games in conjunction with GW's approvals. The only time they have done miniatures are as basic representations that could never be used in GW's main product lines. Thus, they wouldn't remake WHQ in its original format (all things GW originally branded & launched for WHQ, not every WHFB miniature ever made ). As previously stated, with what FFG has done with Descent, they could completely recreate for a new WHQ, however GW would be unlikely to comply. I think FFG doesn't want to clone Descent without an 'Overlord' just to slap GW branding on it. I don't think they have had high take rates with their cooperative Print-On-Demand expansions, so they see no market. They can just keep going with Descent (but that lack of native co-op is what generally keeps me away from it). However, FFG appears to have had a ton of success with their LCG's and co-op card games in general. Thus, this makes perfect sense. I for one am thrilled about this new announcement and game! I'm envisioning a Warhammer Fantasy themed mish-mash of Space Hulk: Death Angel, Lord of the Rings LCG, and a dash of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.
  6. I think one thing that is clear (post Gen-con) is that FFG is, for the majority of its capabilities, focused on the Star Wars license. This makes sense given its uncertain future with new movies, Disney, etc, as well as given its success with X-Wing. What is interesting though is how they have leveraged other systems for their Star Wars games... specifically WFRP into Star Wars RPG (dice/narrative mechanic), and now Descent into Imperial Assault. It seems like FFG will need to fully exhaust their Star Wars RPG line before they are able to turn and commit again to Warhammer Fantasy. Dark Heresy is the one exception... I'm not sure how or why they are continuing to support it but it clearly must be selling well. Warhammer Fantasy is my favorite license/setting, so I m holding out that they will find more ways to focus on it. They have flipped the Fantasy card game now into 40k, which is great (but not fantasy!). I would really love to see them revisit WFRP given their learning with Star Wars RPG's, or extend WF into mechanics like Descent or LotR Card Game.
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    Here here! They heard the complaints, set a plan, and then followed through as promised. Nice work FFG.
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