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  1. Possibly silly question...how to I get this map to work with Google Maps?
  2. Would also like to chime in and support this idea. Basic action cards are the biggest no-brainer. My group has 8 players and I hate that some of them have to use the PDF printouts rather than real cards.
  3. Has anything in the original version of this summary (which I have) been impacted by errata?
  4. I'm just getting ready to begin GMing for my rather large Warhammer Fantasy game group, and I was wondering how some of you go about keeping track of monster hit points during combat. Do you follow the book suggestion of pulling a wound card for each creature and adding tokens to it for each wound they acquire (seems like it should be the other way around to me...start with a pile of tokens and then remove them as they get wounded), or do you use pencil and paper to keep track...or something else? Seems like large combats would start to take up a lot of the GMs table space if he's got stacks and stacks of wound tokens laying around. Just curious...
  5. I am just beginning my WFRP campaign and discovered that I have 9 people wanting to play...so I feel your pain. I'll be happy to share any tips I discover along the way, but I was also hoping someone else would chime in with some advice as well. I'm mainly concerned about properly scaling combat encounters for such a large group. I'm afraid they are going to just plow through everything.
  6. Described it as a combination of Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, and death metal.
  7. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this! I purchased The Thousand Thrones several years ago for pretty cheap and have always wanted to run in for 3E. Great work, by the way!
  8. I could never find anyone to play in my area for the longest time (Cincinnati), so I eventually just decided to start my own game, be the GM, and convince people to give it a try. Now I run a weekly Rogue Trader group of 4 or 5 guys and we're having a ball. My secret weapon: Convince a fellow gamer or sci-fi fan to read the Eisenhorn trilogy of books. It works like a charm. Once they fall for the setting, they'll want to give the game a shot.
  9. Just for the record, I would definitely be willing to buy a second DH Core Rulebook if it was updated with current errata. I doubt it will happen, but I just wanted to say I would love to see it.
  10. Wow....Worst. Arch-militant. Ever. Why not keelhaul him to the bottom of the ship in a void suit and then go to warp?
  11. So to summarize... Person-to-Person Combat: Each successful hit with a ranged weapon is calculated against the opponents toughness and armor separately. Ship Combat: Each successful successful hit from a SINGLE macrobattery is added together and calculated against the ships armor. If you shoot more than one macrobattery on the same turn, you calculate each macrobattery's set of shots against the armor separately (two macrobatteries means applying two separate sets of shots), UNLESS they are combined into a single salvo, where the damage from all macrobatteries fired that turn are added together into a single damage total that calculated against the ships armor all at one time. Is that correct?
  12. I assume this works the same way for ship combat...if macrobatteries make 4 hits of 1d10+2 each, you resolve each hit against the ships armor (for instance, 12) rather than totaling all the damage together and then subtracting the armor once from that total. On a side note, can someone explain how combining multiple macrobatteries into a salvo works? And what is the downside of doing this? Why wouldn't someone always combine them into a salvo? Sorry for the remedial questions...but I just want to make sure that I'm running things right for my gaming group. Thanks!
  13. When calculating damage from multiple hits (such as semi-auto or full-auto fire), do you add the +X portion of the damage for each individual hit, or just at the end of all the rolls? For example...if a PC scored 3 hits with an Autogun, is the damage 3d10+3 or 3d10+9 (3x3)? My group has been playing it as 3d10+9 (3x3), however I was listening to an actual play podcast today where they were playing it as 3d10+3, which made me second-guess what we're doing.
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