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  1. Integrating such a marvel of Archeotech into your chasis is to become more at one with the Omnisiah, such an act being logical because flesh is weak. ALL PRAISE THE OMNISIAH! An Adept blessed with such artiface will find their cogitations and rituals to be aproximately 47.32874% more efficient [full iteration here]. Full integration of a Cortex Implant into your augmetic catalogue is therefore an honour that must not be passed up. OBEY! Declination of such augmentation is illogical. To be illogical is to be defective. PURGE ALL DEFECTS! Welcome Brother. Please Operating System now. Loading... Your Intelligence tests are one degree of difficulty (consider it a +10 if this is easier), you get an extra degree of success on successful Intelligence-based skill tests, your attribute bonus is doubled and you win tied-rolls. There are a LOT of Intelligence based skills, so this is HUGE! Of course the hard part is FINDING one of these beauties! Hope your TechPriest made some friends along the way, because it is an obscenely difficult Inquiry roll to locate one of suitable quality. You know, one of those pesky Fellowship-based skills that you never trained... Also, when you do cease biological functions be prepared for a Magos to show up and cart your skull off, augmetics and all.
  2. Say around 500xp for True Faith as an elite advance and around 400xp per Faith Talent (Cap of Rank or Rank +1 ish) IF the character is portrayed as unswervingly pious and zealous as a Sororitas. Of course if you have patience, you can ascend into the Heirophant career and gain True Faith for "free"... Crusaders get it too, just a bit later. Heck, a Cleric/Inquisitor can get it eventually, but they get Unnatural Willpower first so they can wait that long...
  3. Haven't had a Battle Sister in my game since the revised career got published. What I HAVE noticed is FFG has been trending towards more expensive advances for ALL new product lines. Rogue Trader started the ball rolling, then Deathwatch escalated things to ABSURD levels! For Deathwatch we literally had to cut all the XP costs IN HALF to make any sense at all. It was just not right that Inquisition characters were buying SKILL MASTERY for 700xp and a Space Marine was buying Drive (Landspeeder) +10 for 800xp. Alot of Astartes Talents are 1000xp by the book. Yes, even the relatively lame ones... The designers noted that they charged the Sisters more because of their "superior wargear" which at the first few ranks is true. I made a Sister Famulous and she worked out reasonably well. Then again, Ranks 2-8 are bought out of the core book except for your Faith Talents (2100 XP spent on those ALONE [not counting True Faith] at the bottom of rank 7!)
  4. Since the initial idea here was House Escher gangers from Necromunda crossed with a sanctioned Imperial death cult I would start by blending the themes. Start with the signature "Escher" look of garrishly mix-and-match leather, mesh, bright fabrics and wild hairstyles, then add a suitably "faithful" element to the wardrobe. Perhaps each girl wears a chaplet ecclesiasticus (the Sororitas rosary) either as a necklace or around her waist? The cult is probably all female, again due to the Escher theme ("boys are weak!"). Perhaps all the literate girls carry a pocket-sized book of writings and prayers deemed especially sacred to the cult? (Pocket sized both so it can be concealed/protected and for practical reasons "so it can be carried at all times"). One other idea is to have an easily revealed and concealed "innocent" recognition-sign that any cult member would recognize: A yellow strip of silk with the Aquilla printed on it worn wrapped around the right wrist indicates membership, but worn around the left wrist indicates "on assignment" [for example]. If the cult is to be a recurring theme in your game I would probably go to the effort to make a "Background Package (Assassin/Cleric)" and an "Elite Package" or alternate-rank connected to them. This way if you have a player decide their new character comes from them you are already set. It also helps you visualize important NPC's stat blocks. If you want to really go wild, consider adding True Faith to the package for 400-500xp; Faith Talents @400 (max= rank+1, prereq: True Faith). Hatred (Heretics) should absolutely be part of this package, along with many of the melee-themed talents. Hatred (Mutants) and perhaps Hatred (Psykers) would be appropriate as well. Insanely Faithful, Nerves of Steel, Unshakeable Faith, Catfall definately belong on the list. Add Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Ecclesiarchy), Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed), Ciphers ("X" Cult), Secret Tongue ("X" Cult) to the package at trained, +10 and maybe +20; Literacy at trained should be available too (to read prayer books!). Make sure both the Assassin and Cleric careers can potentially access the package assuming they are female and took the shiny-new background package. Make sure to provide some influential "friends" in the Ecclesiarchy that slip some stray funds their way and expunge some annoying documents from time to time on their behalf. I disagree with the "random death" ideas presented earlier, since the ONE absolutely NON-RANDOM thing in these girls' lives is the Emperor! The Emperor is not random and never makes mistakes! Mistakes and randomness are therefore mortal traits, and a weakness. Prayer and portents will naturally be important themes. Likewise, since they believe that the Emperor has done battle with and vanquished Death-personified it would be considered sinful to neglect physical conditioning and personal health (a healthy body is more resistant to death). Super-sharp blades and other "faithful" weapons would be key to their wargear ("Faithful" weapons being those that will not fail you!). I would avoid the "blades only" theme that the Moritat embraces both because of the House Escher inspiration and to maintain a tangible distinction between the death cults. Since the Emperor is perfect, perfection of form is encouraged in the cult: Full-auto is an acceptable means of killing, but one precise shot, one perfect sword-stroke... This is more to the Emperor's liking! Then we need a cool name. Avoid anything that even hints at blasphemy or heresy, so something like "Death Guard" is obviously right-out! "Shining Souls", "Sisterhood of Balance", "Light in Shadows" or something like that is far more on the mark.
  5. Don't forget the Noble origin for the Upper Spires. Rogue Trader: Into The Storm also added some new origin types that are very easy to adapt to DH games. Of particular note for me was Fortress World: "For Cadia! For the Emperor! ADVANCE!" Blood of Martyrs also adds some interesting origins. Famulous Prodigy, Monastic, Shrine World.... Yummy!
  6. Rogue Trader: Into The Storm has both Kroot Mercenary and Ork Freebooter careers, plus a sampling of racial wargear and traits/talents. The shadowy "boss" could be a particularly debased radical Inquisitor, as has been previously mentioned. Another interesting possibility is that a radical Eldar Farseer or Seer Council is actually pulling the strings. Eldar manipulating other races to fight Chaos?! Nah... They would never do something like that.... Er, wait... Oh. They did wha? When? Really? Frickin' meddling xenos! The harder part so far is Eldar PCs. You can reverse-engineer some of the racial stats thanks to some NPC stat blocks, but it is still going to be LOTS of work for a GM. Unnatural Agility (x2), Acute Vision, Acute Hearing are definately racial traits and Lightning Reflexes would be absurdly common (and cheap, XP-wise). WS, BS, Ag, WP would have a good starting value and be affordable to increase. S and T would be around Human-norm. I would probably make all Eldar start with Psy Rating 1, but it can't be improved unless they walk the Path of the Seer (or have already done so in their past). You do NOT want to roll Perils of the Warp if you are one of Isha's Children! This group would be deemed heretical, treasonous, dire, rogue, what have you... Pretty much by everyone in the 40K universe, so going with the terrorist "cell" system is a very good idea. If you went with the Eldar ringleader idea the most likely intermediary would be members of the Outcast caste, known to Humans as "Eldar Rangers" and possibly a Warlock. A Tau ringleader is relatively unlikely due to the ignorance and naivety of that race regarding Chaos and the Warp. An Ork ringleader is even less likely due to the ingrained "Jus' kill it!" instinct. If however the Tau leader has experienced Chaos firsthand and has been mocked right out of their Sept for insisting on such absurd statements, this might make for a compelling (and exiled) story. (Immagine O'Shovah's story gone far, far worse!) "I have forseen a path that is fraught with danger and peril to our very souls, but the alternative is far, far worse. We must strike before it is too late!" "Ok, so a Kroot, a Tau and an Eldar walk into a fermented drink dispensary..." If the team leader is Tau and there is an Ork Freebooter in the group, would the Ork consider himself part of "Waaaaaaagh! Fish'ead"?
  7. Skitarii: Start with Guardsman, change starting skills packages to replace any IG based skills/talents with AM equivalents. Take any fear resistance, chemgeld, etc talents you can get your chrome fingers on. Pile on as many augmetics as your GM allows. Replace the trusty Lasgun with a combat shotgun or hellgun. Wear red robes over your red flak armour. Ask GM about "elite advance" for implanted armour trait. I would not allow someone to do this prior to about level 5 unless you have Battle Sisters or something of equavalent wargear stomping around. Of course, the GM is free to slip "bonus" implants or "drama augmentation circuits" into your mindwiped chassis...
  8. For non-epic NPCs and template level mooks I use a handy NPC logsheet that was posted on Dark Reign a while back. Has room for 3 profiles per page and includes all the basics. Stats, movement, skills, talents, weapons, armour, wounds. It lacks room to document a psyker or important NPC, but hey, you kind of expect that when 3 characters fit on one page.... These are invaluable when you start "tweaking" the difficulty on published adventures to fit your group. Any NPC that gets an updated stat block gets a write up... Boom! no more cramming 33 separate margin notes and post-its onto the NPC pages in the back of your books. I also find it is useful to make a separate photocopy of any provided character art and be sure to remove all text from around the artwork except for any banner listing the name. This way I can describe AND SHOW the NPC to the players.
  9. Ok, I am eagerly (and impatiently) awaiting the arrival of the shiny new Daemonhunters book for DH. Last I saw it was listed by FFG as "on the boat" but now it is entirely missing from both the upcoming products listing AND the catalogue.... So I have to ask, what's up? What is the status of this book? When can I spend money and give it a loving home? Anyone know what is going on?
  10. All carapace armour published for the game with your GM's approval would be fair game. As for the Dragonscale implanted PA... Well it IS power armour intended for techpriest use! The Magos in my game chose this very option.
  11. All the above posts are on target. One thing to keep in mind is "appropriate" gear depends a great deal on the team's style and what types of missions they undertake. A Hereticus team working long term in the underhive to root out heresy amongst the hive gangers are going to have very different gear requirements (and desires!) than a Malleus team participating in a purge. Likewise a Xenos field team is far more likely to sink major amounts of their funding into acclectic and "just in case" survival gear. If your players seem to be leaning far too much on their gear then send them on a mission where they must wear tux and gown or otherwise deny them use of the toys for a while. If they seem to be struggling with solid plans due to lack of quality gear then surely the Inquisitor or Interrogator will see fit to slip them a few choice pieces of equipment when an opportunity presents itself: Can't have a mission fail because the sniper could not afford ammo! I have run missions that have characters anywhere from literally naked to decked out in heavy carapace and power armour and everything in between. I rather like the variety and it requires my players to think about their tactics and teamwork more. The most popular equipment in my game so far: Encrypted micro-beads and mesh bodygloves.
  12. More to the point, Skitarii are modified, trained and equipped based on the dictates of the Magos that they serve. In the Grey Knights series it is revealed that the individual Skitarii troopers have those pesky and annoying parts of their brains that generate personality traits and fear reactions excised as a matter of course, but the squad leaders are by necessity left with those parts of their brains, since they must be expected to make decisions in the field. The troopers are merely there to execute those decisions, so such functions are illogical. I would base your game off of Rogue Trader, then instead of an Inquisitor or Rogue Trader the team is answerable to a Magos. I was asked by a player I know recently how I would go about making a Skitarii PC so I have put some thought into this very topic recently. For DH based character build: Go with the Forgeworld origin from IH (it covers both actual Forgeworlds and Explorator Fleets) and the Guardsman career. Replace their lasgun with a combat shotgun (or at higher starting level a Hellgun) and either paint their Flak red or replace it with red enameled Light Enforcer Carapace. Likewise replace the IIUP/explosive collar/merc license from starting gear with a cog and skull amulet (A charm). Allow the player to use the trade some starting XP for extra augmetics rule for RT Explorators. Likewise allow any player making a Skitarii character to reduce their starting Fate Points by 1 and begin play with one of the Cybernetic Resurrection elite packages from IH if they so desire. For RT based character build: Pick a logical origin and then follow a lifepath that ends in Arch-millitant, then offer the player the same options for starting augmetics and possible Cyber-rez. The one major limitation on character choices in a Mechanicus expedition is Psykers: Other than the mandatory Navigators and Astropaths you will simply not find a wytch, sanctioned or otherwise in a Mechanicus fleet without some massive and unavoidable coersion (Such as an Inquisitor standing next to the wytch and saying "hands off!" or other vulgarly unsubtle reasons.)
  13. If the unfortunate "squishy" PC is standing next to an exploding teammate thanks to an unfortunate series of events involving too many grenades and a bad guy packing a plasma pistol there is still some hope. If the character still has their reaction left they may attempt to dodge out of the explosion (assuming their Agi bonus is high enough to get out of the blast). If your players are routinely exploding and taking each-other out then I would propose that they have not been paying attention and deserve it at a certain point. Since it is energy and explosive weapons that tend to produce this type of result it is often a matter of using some common sense... "I punch the guy with the heavy bolter right in the ammo-backpack with my powerfist" does indeed have a very good chance of killing your target, but the stupidity of such a move is on the epic scale. If you are skilled enough to routinely make use of weapons that can do this then it is not exactly a stretch that you should be reasonably skilled at shifting your aim point away from the more explosive parts of your foes. Sure, this still leaves the random "lasgun hits a grenade" moments, but those are unsurprisingly rare. Of course if they are several Fate Points into the team's tactic of "Cover the Guardsman in explosives and then have him charge" and are still doing it then Darwin and the Emperor both expect you to die a martyr's death.
  14. Eyagh-eyagh Tzentch f'tagn! Seriously though, DH is at it's heart a dark gothic sci-fi horror game with larger than life heroes lingering in the background. Space Marines, Titan Legions, Imperial Guard Warmasters and other great heroes do in fact grace your character's life in artistic and story form, truely an inspiration for the Emperor's loyal citizens.... Not that you have ever seen one! The Emperor has need of his mighty champions, but the Inquisition preffers it's minions to be a bit more.... concealed. This is where you come into the picture, citizen. Now kindly get into the shuttle *click*, and be discreet about it.
  15. Since I have managed to develop a few of my players into DH/DW GMs in their own right it does give you a few options for those big hard to manage scenes. If some of the characters are not present in a scene I have handed their player some NPCs to play, both to keep them interested and to (hopefully) minimize cross-talk. For simple combat calculations I am happy to allow them to help determining their results, at least as far as things can be handled from the player-side of the screen. "This guy takes 3 bullet hits, 8 body, 12 body, 9 right arm, pen 1." doesn't seem like much, but it can really help speed up combat scenes. Not sure what advice I can offer on the totally volatile player base... Not knowing what player/character mix to expect each session would drive me bonkers! Well, unless I was running RPGA or Pathfinder Society "Living" games where head count is more important than consistency. More than 6 players seems to be the real "bog" point in RPGs though, at least the ones that are not "light on rules"--- Years ago I used to run a very popular Cybergen game at the local game conventions (several players attended just to play in it, I discovered) so there was alot of social pressure to allow extra players. I averaged around 8 players and it ran reasonably well, but a 4 hour time slot was exhausting to run. Fortunately that particular game is heavy roleplaying and fairly light on game mechanics so resolving tasks and conflicts went pretty swiftly. On the flipside, games like the Battletech RPG are not a good choice for a large group since a player might "go make a pizza" while waiting for their turn.
  16. Since this is a "special" NPC that has been with the team for several years (special enough to use IP and CP!) I would play things up over time instead of a sudden "snap". Since he has fallen to Khorne his subtlety is not going to be that drawn out, but betrayal and sacrifice is so much sweeter (and thus pleasing to Khorne) if he times the revelation of his new loyalty at a dramatically appropriate (and inconveinient) moment! Since they continue to get into bloody fights he can sate his bloodlust.... for now! Then when they get into the dramatic and epic confrontation with the atory arc's "big bad" have blood-boy wade in: Start off having him inflict some truely gratuitous bloody kills on the enemy and then once the tide shifts towards the Acolytes he simply begins killing anything that is within chainsword's reach, friend or foe alike! Should he somehow survive the battle you can then have one of the surviving Acolytes deliver a pathos-filled execution to their once-ally. Good stuff!
  17. You could also consider "unlocking" the Cleric/Sororitas background package "Blessed Birth" for the unfortunate that rolled 1 FP. It grants an extra fate point! Or during the divination roll you could roll in secret when the player rolls and then ask them which roll they would like? Some of the results likewise grant a FP. You could also simply assume that everyone rolled a 6, 8 or even 10 on the random FP roll for their character: One of the problems with granting fixed FP is that some of the origins are balanced around granting more or less FP, so it might discourage choosing Void-Born, Mindcleansed and so on.
  18. Depending on the philosophy (and radicalism) of your Inquisitor this might be a fun little "ace up the sleeve". One thing is certain though, the poor Techpriest is apostate at best as far as the Cult Mechanicus is concerned, his weak flesh so clearly defective! Perhaps the Inquisitor saw the potential of this poor individual and saved him from certain servitorization by recruiting him? Makes for an interesting character story and no doubt some dramatic roleplay (from a Techpriest no less!) down the line. If the Mechanicus know of his mutation then some of his augmetic upgrades will become much harder to obtain, which can be an entire story element in and of itself.
  19. One of the reasons I favour DH over RT is that the characters end up so much more varried. Alot of the RT careers are somewhat stifling and frequently become rather "cookie cutter" over time. I LOVE alternate career ranks and Elite Packages! Now one change I would probably embrace for DH is a more fluid character creation process, sort of how in RT you have the flowchart character backgrounds... You can still do this somewhat in DH if you have a cooperative GM and work with them to develop your character background, but it requires a personal touch in the current rules. This is why in the DH erratta the "starting" skills and talents for all careers were added to the rank 1 charts... So that creative players and GMs can make unique or different characters and still go back and pick up missed items later. For example: An Atillan Guardsman would replace their "free" Drive(Ground) or Swim choice with the Wrangling skill, since if you don't know horses, you aren't Atillan! My other major concern with a theoretical rewrite of the existing career trees into a branchless system is the rather questionable points costs on the Deathwatch trees. Seriously, some of the points costs in DW are simply put, EFFING RETARDED! On the positive side, they did a good job with the Sororitas re-write. I also like the idea of making choices and those choices having consequences, both good and bad: Is your Psyker more militant or more scholarly? Is your Guardsman more sneaky and patient like "Mad Larkins" or more [Front Towards Enemy] like "Try Again Bragg"? This is especially nice when you have more than one player playing the same career since each one has their own distinctive talents and contribution to the team. Heck, the Arbiter could seriously use a THIRD branch to their tree, since it is a major struggle to portray an Arbites investigator as portrayed in the fiction and fluff. I have had to sign off on several elite advances for my Arbites player for things that simply should have been on his career tree. Minor tweaks and moving some skills up to earlier in the trees would be a nice change though. Guardsmen can't learn Climb without GM intervention before rank 5, Scum can't learn Climb either unless they go for the ganger branch late in their career (so it is hard to make a catburglar character concept!), Arbiters cannot learn Medicae at all! Some of the skills and talents need to be late in the careers for game balance, but there are some glaring exceptions like this in just about all the career trees.
  20. The team in my game has recruited certain NPCs to the Inquisition over the course of their missions. They are pretty choosy and so far have not made any sweeping moves, instead picking out impressive individuals who have skills and abilities that far surpass their likely fate. So a skilled and competent individual with a potentially promising career ahead of them will be wished well and sent on their way, but someone similarly impressive and ultimately doomed for bureaucratic reasons they might just recruit. In most cases the recruits have been handed over to their patron Inquisitor or the Tricorn (this is before their Prime became an Inquisitor herself). The procedure so far has been to use Inquisitorial authority (or that of their cover roles) to bind over the services of NPCs that stand out head and shoulders above the rest and then drag them along for the duration of the mission. At the conclusion they will either turn their erstwhile minion free or send them to the Tricorn for testing and assignment. In one case so far they have permanently added an NPC to the team. The newly minted Inquisitor has not yet formed an Acolyte cell network per Ascention, but it is only a matter of time. The team is trying to push their influence up a bit higher first so they can more reliably pull off requisitions and throw their weight around when they deem it necissary. Fortunately they are still alot better off than the Rogue Trader who almost failed a requisition test for a single laspistol! Now THAT was funny! IMO a GM should adjust the test difficulty for recruiting new Accolytes based on the Inquisitor's political strengths and weaknesses as well as their current roster of allies and rivals. For example: Inquisitor Van Eisen is a former Imperial Guard officer who served under Inquisitor Skane. She has very close ties to Inquisitors Skane and Varak, the goodwill of a newly commisioned Rogue Trader family, friendly relations with Inquisitor Kaede, apparently has some sort of favour with Inquisitor Lord Maar and a recently revealed enemy within the Tyrantine Cabal. The team also has the favorable attention of a Magos Biologis of the Mechanicus. Van Eisen is Amalathian by nature and Ordo Malleus, although most of her allies are Ordo Hereticus. Current political powerbases include the Imperial military (especially IG) and the nobility. Obviously it will be far easier for her to recruit some promising Stormtrooper candidates and some of the more millitant members of the Ecclesiarchy than it will be for her to recruit a smuggler with expertise in dealing with the Dark Eldar Kabals.
  21. The thing with Psykers and what the "best" powers to for them really comes down to scrutinizing just what your Psyker is all about, what makes them tick. "Awesome" powers for a feral-worlder Psyker with a high WS and S are going to be a radically different list from "awesome" powers for a scrawny void-born, and this is before we even delve into personality and the character's backstory. Perhaps your character was raised in the Cult of the Red Redemption and turned themselves over voluntarily to the Black Ships when their powers emerged.... You will almost certainly have a very angsty self-loathing wytch who favours the pain and punishment type powers and eventually Pyromancy. ("I am damned and doomed, but thanks to the Inquisition I will take as many sinners and heretics down with me before I burn!") Perhaps you come from a family that has a long tradition of service in the Adeptus Arbites and had every intention of following the same path yourself... That is until you changed. Your family did their duty and handed you over to the Black Ships and no-doubt thanks to your stern and disciplined upbringing you survived the Sanctioning process. Although service in the Arbites is no longer possible for you, you still do what you can in serving the Emperor's Justice by using your investigational and telepathic powers. Instead of black carapace armour and a badge you have a bodyglove, the sponsorship of an Inquisitor and a really cool looking black overcoat, but you still serve the Throne. Between varied origins, background packages, Sanctioning side effects and overall character concept it is (or at least very much should) be true that every Psyker in DH is a distinctively unique character. Certain career choices are prone to the "cookie-cutter" effect in the hands of non-creative players, but the Imperial Psyker should never suffer from this problem. Side thought: I am curious if Linearblade is playing this as a roleplaying game or as a board game? Also, the example character in this thread has a starting WP of 47 and took their first advance with starting XP to bump up to 52 as was clearly indicated in the stat block, which is within the realms of possibility.
  22. The number one "***** factor" that Heron Mask suffered from in my game is an inability to survive a super-fast gunslinger/sniper assassin acolyte shooting his head clean off the moment he drops out of his box-text villain's solilloquy. Consider slipping a Rosarius or one of the previously mentioned Pilgrims of Hayte tricks under his robes. Between this and our team's Techpriest having solved the puzzle of the clock the big finale of TF was a bit of an anticlimax. Frickin' AWESOME on the part of my players, but a little lacking in the storytelling department.... Fortunately I had already tormented the acolytes plenty in previous scenes but it was still pretty sad from a villains standpoint. Since you already know that Heron Mask and his followers can summon minor daemons make sure to have them already done so at the start of the climactic scene, the daemons held (barely) under control in the hidden passages awaiting the big scene... Then unleash them into the crowd! Use the stats from the deserated church scene or whatever you replaced those with. "No, mister Bond, I expect you to shoot me in the head!"
  23. Acernis Taine said: ... allow me to qoute from Caiphas Cain: Cain's Last Stand. In a foot note from Inquisitor Amberly Vail on page 187. "Not at all: contrary to popular belief, the Adeta Sororitas dosen't actually require its members to remian celibate, although few find the time to take advantage of the fact" This is unfortunately one of the only officially published statements one way or the other on this topic... Of note though, there are several passages in Cadian Blood that strongly imply that frequent childbearing is considered to be (while not quite mandatory) an important act of faith and devotion to the Imperial Creed. To be fair, the speakers are Cadian and it is a reasonably safe assumption that breeding the next generation of "the Emperor's Warriors" would be glorified even more than usual by Imperial standards. No further info regarding the Sororitas appears in the book, but when combined with Inquisitor Amberly Vail's footnote above it stands to reason that casual sex would be discouraged amongst the Sisterhood but that deliberative breeding with "desirable" partners would be tacitly (though discreetly) encouraged. The Eugenics movement of the 1920's-40's is the most fitting model for the Imperium's official stance on sex and breeding. Degenerates and inferiors (read "mutants and heretics") should not be allowed to breed, even to the point of enforced sterilization or euthanasia. Pure and superior genetics on the other hand should be spread far and wide. The Nazis were the most famous proponents of this system of genetic selection and propagation, going so far as to establish breeding farms for "pure" individuals to rapidly propigate several offspring. SS Officers were strongly encouraged to participate in this system, and such matings were not considered to be a violation of marriage vows. On the contrary, such sanctioned matings were considered to be their duty to their Fatherland. Adepta Sororitas members would be obvious candidates for such matings, since their purity of Faith and genetics cannot be questioned. Inquisitors, notable and stable Rogue Traders, prominent Navy and Imperial Guard officers, Stormtroopers and other exalted members of Imperial Society would likewise be potential candidates for such matings. Also not to be discounted is the Orders Famulous = Bene Gesserit meme. The 40K universe literally DRIPS Dune influences. One of the major roles of the Bene Gesserit besides that of diplomacy was the deliberate and galaxy-spanning controlled breeding program designed to produce certain desired genetic traits and to stabilize interactions between Imperial noble families. I feel that I am on quite solid ground to believe that the Adepta Sororitas are at least as scheming and complicit as the Bene Gesserit. And yes.... The Emperor's name IS a killing word! As for the original topic: Where the HELL is this book in the US?! As of thursday afternoon it was not even at the distributor level yet, and books tend to hit the shelves about 3-4 days after that happens. The UK got this book on 07DEC10 and as things stand it is likely to not make the shelves for Christmas here in the US... Since NOTHING comes out in the week between Christmas and New Year it is entirely possible that we don't get this book until January.... FAIL! EPIC ******* FAIL!
  24. To get the thread back on topic, what I did in Damned Cities for NPCs who had the "Athletics" skill is I simply assumed they had Climb and Swim trained at the listed level. Note that both are Strength-based skills... I have no issues with the Lore skills as currently presented.
  25. Storhamster said: It seems that my group is the exception in that I only grant XP after the mission, which is often after some 3-4 sessions. The players also spend their XP after missions. This allows me to grant XP according to how well the mission went, how well they roleplay and so forth. To make campaigns work I usually break them up in several missions, awarding XP after each one. True, this practice sees me handing out more XP at once than I would if handing out on a per session basis. My players seem happy with this practice since they feel like they "level up" properly after a mission. Granting an additional sense of achievement. I tend to hand out more XP at the end of missions for the "Well done, mission complete" thing. Less successful resolutions would earn less or no bonus. The idea of handing out XP at the end of each session is that you are measuring out a reward for things that they have done in that session while it is still fresh in everyone's mind. It also serves the role of carrot on a stick, in that if a player misses a session they miss that session's XP award, instead of just getting the group's lump sum at the end. It also means that if I hand out less XP for a session that was a bit sloppy and off the mark then the group has that immediate feedback of "we could have done better there". Even if I am going to be stingy about letting them actually spend any of it that session I still like doing the on the spot awards. It also meshes well with my post game feedback and kudos session where players can nominate each-other for especially awesome scenes or RP moments, possibly earning a token XP bonus for the nominees.
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