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  1. Mjoellnir said: To help my holey memory, the second introductory adventures usually were released together with the core rulebook, right? So far the pattern has been "free teaser adventure" and then an "intro module" in the back of the new game's core book. I would not at all be surprised to see an adventure in the back of BC as well. Since I run an ascended DH game my group has started reffering to BC as "Codex: Badguy". Here is hoping it arrives this week! Brother-Sergeant Samael of the Dark Angels has asked me to inquire as to the nature of your black pauldron, Brother Raziel...
  2. For reasons that have to do with their supplier if you want to get the nice Amazon discounts on FFG books you have to put up with the absurdly long delay between the "street" release date and the "Amazon" release date. If you want the book NOW, go to your FLGS and pick it up as it arrives, along with about 5 other things you didn't know you needed but somehow need to get. If you want it 2-3 months after the rest of us (or it has been in print for a while) then go for it. My personal buying habit has been Black Library stuff (novels) from Amazon and FFG stuff (game books) from my local game store. The cool thing is if you are a regular customer they will order a few extra copies and reserve one for you.
  3. No way such a plot is going to remain secret for long. The MASSIVE stumbling block is getting the wargear you need. Sure, you could hatch some hairbrained scheme to get your hands on some semi-fresh harvested Progenoid glands and by ruining most of them by research you might figure out how to implant them. Stuff the stolen geneseed into some new "recruits" and hope that a few of the poor bastards live through the experience. Now all you need to do is train them hard enough to kill a Cadian while you attempt to talk the High Lords of Terra and the Fabricator General to ship you Astartes wargear for some chapter neither of them has ever heard of before (and lacks documentation for a Founding). Then of course there is the race between the Inquisition, the Sororitas and any nearby Astartes chapters to be the first to drop the hammer on the heretical Inquisitor and his corrupted "toys". This is also a great way to make even the "cuddly" {relative} chapters of Astartes (Ultramarines, etc...) tear into their foes like a pack of World Eaters! Samuel L. Jackson in Terminator armour is not bad-ass enough to save you from this. Servitors will malfunction and start in on an off-key chorus of the "Doom Song"... What I mean is, this ends badly.
  4. The Laughing God said: Needless to say they decided to destroy the mirror (GMs : think of a way how this should be accomplished!) and not bargain with the daemon. In the case of my group it was a curt "Request denied!" and a single Psycannon bolt shell fired into the mirror. That broke the mirror just fine... and exactly 13 mirror fragments crashed to the ground (in different shapes than the previous fragments!)
  5. Just fired off the info to BOTH of your email addies, Darth, so you should have them any moment. Hope they prove to be helpful for you.
  6. Mine is still in very good shape (amazingly). Ditto for my Rogue Trader and Deathwatch screens.
  7. Gregorius21778 said: ...hey, I like this idea. I think I will run the Haarlock Legacy, after all! I will just cut out the unsatisfiying end on Mara. I just need to find some -other- option to solve this. If you allow players to use the other game lines for characters then you could always encourage an Astropath character in the party (So they can call for rescue/pick-up at the end). By a strange twist of fate, one of my players will be playing an Eldar Ranger for this mission, so after a bit of searching the group might be able to find a Webway portal (Not such an odd concept on a world like Dusk). I am still holding out a scant bit of hope that I get a taste of the "big bad threat" at the end of the Warpstorm trillogy for RT since the storyline so far looks ideal for a RT/DH crossover. For this reason the idea of a glimpse of this "possible dark future" is very desirable as a bit of foreshadowing. Just because I am not getting paid for this doesn't mean my player's don't deserve the best possible story I can provide.
  8. I just took the rather straightforward solution of buffing the Mirror-daemon's stat block and pushed up it's Psy-Rating. My group is an Ascended Ordo Malleus group, so the daemon really needed some help. The PCs managed to rally Constantine and the remaining loyal Arbites for an assault on the Folly and had organized efficient Arbites shield-walls (Combat shotgun clipped into shield bracket, shield braced, troopers delaying to act on the same initiative so the wall remains intact at all times) so of course the Mirror-daemon had to posess one of the troopers! It also would time other attacks to coincide with a wave of Risen and Corpse Arbiters, then flit through solid walls to make good it's continued survival. He held out fairly well for a time before getting spanked back into his mirror-prison.
  9. The "table scraps of evidence" reference I made was reffering to little discreet and subtle evidence of SC17, but nothing that was really stand-alone obvious. The main idea here was to make the eventual revelation of a rival Inquisition team more integrated into the story as a whole. A shadow that is discreetly observing the team (probably dismissed as a Mandato agent), a stray burst of static or click on the team's vox link, stuff like that. When the entire picture is assembled it will make SC17 look all that more respectable as professional rivals. I like portraying skilled professional NPCs as being clever or at least perseverant at their tasks, the mundanes to be generally competent but a little lax around the edges and the incompetent to be... incompetent! Once again, this is another GM's clue for alert players. Darth Smeg: Do you have an alternate email address? The one you provided came back with the dreaded Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Terald@online.no Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 <Terald@online.no>... User unknown (state 14). I got the level 7 version all typed up, so it will be a waste if it never gets to you.
  10. ANY Imperial world will have an Astropath presence on it, although the aforementioned feral world might only rate a single tower with a few outbuildings staffed by three Astropaths and a small staff of guards and attendants. Major Imperial institutions will frequently make use of their own private Astropaths (especially the Inquisition, Rogue Trader houses, and the Imperial Navy) and prominent Imperial worlds will have one or more facilities dedicated for Adeptus Astra Telepathica use (and usually isolated from the population in some way, either a tall tower or a remote location). What makes the facility on Scintilla noteworthy is the number of on duty Astropaths (12!) at any given time. Usually 6-8 hours is enough to tire out an Astropath and they risk premature burnout if they push themselves too hard, so the typical practice is to have them work in shifts. I generally populate Astropaths in multiples of three, unless there has been some sort of "incident" that changes the count (perceptive and alert players/characters might notice this). It is also standard practice for the Adeptus Astra Telepathica to arm each Astropath's attendant with a large handgun, the purpose of which is twofold: 1) to defend their charge from harm. 2) to kill the Astropath if they show signs of posession.
  11. Wow! Gregorius to the rescue once again! I love the detail in these. A Dark Mechanicus version of our Magos would be hell-on-wheels to stop, and many of the others are pretty brutal in their own ways.
  12. I should be able to send them later today. My scanner is acting up so I will have to just type their info out for you.
  13. Your second write up is much closer to the mark. My suggestion is to re-add Liturgical Familiarity to the package and shave off one of the bonus wounds. Add Hatred (Tyranids) and remove the starting pistol training from the starting package (Standard military training is with rifles. Pistols are for specialists.). I would also allow a character from Ultramar to buy Common Lore (Codex Astartes) as an elite advance for about 100xp. Macragge itself is essentially a rather mountainous version of classical Greece as well as the Ultramarines' homeworld. It is by no means a paradise world in the true sense, but it is substantially more pleasant than most Imperial worlds. The Ultramarines do indeed maintain chapter serfs just like any other Astartes chapter, but because they have the entire realm of Ultramar as their fiefdom there is plenty of excess population that serve in more traditional Imperial roles, especially service within the various Adepta as their Astartes masters encourage education, duty and service.
  14. They don't provide game mechanics for it, but the flavour text in Auto Seance is still there for a reason. This is where the GM comes in. If there is something vaguely useful that glimpses of the past or possible future would bring to my story then I might take advantage of the Astropath using this power and slip them a few "less than random" visions as part of the experience. I might also slip a vision or two that has absolutely nothing to do with my story as well or maybe something that appears but is simply window dressing... The Warp is fickle even at the best of times.
  15. Damned Cities was my group's first Acended mission and certain parts of the adventure required a bit of a threat-tweak to make the story and pacing more interesting. Some of the named NPCs and villains got a buff and I made the Risen a bit more tough and sinister. Because the story pacing really needed a solid punch and it was a perfect opportunity to start wallowing in Inquisition politics I simply could NOT pass up the opportunity to use Spectre Cell 17 in an antagonist role. I started off by having the Cell's activities discreet, but with little table-scraps of evidence. I had already established the Mandato as an ever-present shadowy organization and the more perceptive agents managed to spot Mandato operatives watching them from shadowy alcoves, rain-soaked rooftops and so on. At one point our assassin and techpriest decided to chase down and question a Mandato agent, but as things developed the agent's attempt to flee his sudden pursuit had the misfortune of compromising SC17's hiding spot, so Hellos ambushed the Mandato agent with a single powersword thrust through the heart, then pulled a vanishing act of his own. A very surprised assassin and techpriest round the corner only to find their quarry dead with a mysterious wound. Many inquiries as to who might posess a powersword on Sinophia led to a rather generic "nobles" or simply pointing at their own Inquisitor (who was wearing a powersword on her hip). The techpriest also picked up on attempts to tap their vox-net, which he successfully blocked. I upgraded the members of Spectre Cell 17 to the equivalent of rank 7 acolytes and upgraded their gear a bit, plus I added two more members to their team: Father Ramirez (an aggressive priest decked out in light power armour, gauntlet mount bolt pistol, eviscerator and exterminator. Assorted litanies of faith and hatred poured nonstop from his vox-grille once combat is joined.) and "Chastity" (a hive-ganger decked out very similar to Jonas Dray). Hellos and Arkadia were also equipped with teleport homers (a tease for Dead Stars) and Hellos added a voxcaster, auspex servoskull, boltpistol servoskull and a MIU plasma pistol to his kit. After the attack on Khan's convoy I had SC17 make contact with some of the Enforcer troopers deployed for martial law enforcement details, flashed their Inquisition credentials and then warned them of "dangerous heretics" operating in their city, describing the player characters. They then moved to a rearby location in an abandoned storefront along a canal and set up their ambush. Meanwhile the PCs were investigating Khan's wrecked convoy and ultimately decided to repurpose two of the still operable Chimaera APCs to get across the rioting city faster. This is when the Enforcer weapon teams dropped the "Emperor's vengeance" on the "filthy heretics" by hammering the APCs with krak missiles, disabling them (right in front of the abandoned storefront, how coincidental!). The PCs all dismounted from their stricken transports and immediately fanned out into a security perimeter and a repair team. This is when SC17 launched their ambush! Having been pre-briefed on the PC's abilities, Arkadia had been issued special ammunition (one Psycannon bolt and one Tempest shell). The original plan was to target the wytch first (biomancer!), then the Magos, then the Inquisitor. After reloading, targets of opportunity was the order. Due to some very high profile antics of the Neo variety, the kill order was altered by Hellos to be 1) Magos, 2) wytch, 3) Inquisitor. The ambush began with a Tempest bolt shell to the Magos' head (crits but alive, and he regenerates...), immediately followed by the sound of breaking glass and a roar of gunfire and vox-amplified Litany of Detestation. The storefront wall had been reinforced with flakboard and armour plating while leaving the glass panel-windows completely alone, so that when broken they had a ready-made urban bunker. With covering fire coming from the storefront and a sniper on a rooftop on the other side of the canal SC17's templar and priest immediately rushed in for the kill, while Hellos was positioned to support his shooters or melee fighters as needed. As you might expect, the fight was painful and messy for both sides. When SC17 was forced to retreat (voxcaster call, 1D5 turn delay then teleport out) they did so with Father Ramirez and Jonas Dray dead and their psyker minus his right arm and in Inquisitor Van Eisen's hands. Van Eisen's team had a battered and bloody cleric (lots of bolter wounds chipping through light PA), the adept was in criticals from a bolter inflicted gut-wound and wisely playing dead, the psyker burned a fate point when Arkadia's psycannon bolt had predictable results, the assault-guardsman was lucky beyond words and had lots of carbon scoring to show for his efforts (5 plasma hits and I could not roll higher than a 2 on the damage die!!!). The Magos was slowly regrowing his own head and was covered with a mix of his own purple blood and plenty of the crimson variety. The Inquisitor had a damaged carapace helmet, a nice bloody wound on her scalp and a generally bad attitude due to a partially botched sniper shot (Astartes ammo, but no bonus damage from accuracy). The psyker's burnt fate point turned the "head vapourized" result into "superficial headwound and knocked unconscious until the fight ends". It was frantic, dangerous, desperate and exciting, and for the most part this was my players' favourite part of the entire mission! Some of the more astute players/characters also picked up alot of clues from this encounter and the later interrogation of their prisoner allowed me to seed future adventures and drive the plot forward a bit. The specially modified ship Venator Tenebre then stealthfully broke orbit with the retrieval of the remnants of SC17 via it's ancient Teleportarium as Inquisitorial relief assets began arriving in system. If someone needs my modified stats for SC17 let me know and I will try to find a compact way to post them.
  16. For the "reloadable" breaking sword concept I would recommend the "reload" speed to be no faster than FULL or 2FULL. In the very likely event that your creative kill-billy has the Rapid Reload talent then a half-action reload is reduced to a free action, which for snapping a new fragile and poisoned sword blade into a hilt that might still have broken remnants of the old blade stuck to it is pattently absurd. Keep in mind, part of the long reload time for plasma weapons is "honouring the ancient weapon" and not making the plasma-flask angry. The new sword idea is not even remotely an honoured relic, but it falls very solidly into the "don't make it angry" category and such a weapon would require a special "rearming ritual" to restrain it's explosively-violent war-spirit. Heck, part of the reload time for a lasgun is whispering the requisite prayers of rearming... (think I am kidding? Read the IIUP) Serious food for thought: What does the Adeptus Mechanicus think of this little abomination? Having non-STC wargear that is purpose-built to break is on very dangerous ground regarding the "honour your wargear" maxim. Not saying you should refuse the crafting, as it is not that hard for a determined artisan to make some of these ideas, but there can and should be consequences when word gets out about the assassin's new toy. All it really takes is one grumpy Magos and the next thing you know there is a Secutor and a Skitarii detatchment standing in your hab-unit for a little "discussion" about faith. (Honestly, this might be a fun scene!)
  17. The major difference between beginning characters generated for DH as accolytes and "normal careers" is actually pretty small overall. There is the theme and background difference that an Inquisitor or their agents have recruited the character for service to the Holy Inquisition, and then the major difference which is represented with Fate Points. There is also the relative freedom of action that Inquisition service unlocks compared to their mundane counterparts. A "typical" adept spends their entire career hunched over the same desk processing data fragments, while an Inquisitorial adept travels from planet to planet and has exciting and terrifying adventures. Leave off the Fate Points and make minor tweaks to the starting gear and you have "generic careers". Or you could throw a few relavent skills and talents at a character sheet, as this is an equally valid GM tool.
  18. I am looking to bolster the existing scenes inside the Blind Tesseract portion of the Dead Stars adventure. I have plenty of ideas for added scenes that have relevance for individual characters in my group, but since they are following in Haarlock's footsteps instead of blazing their own trail most of them are really not appropriate to add here. My question for my fellow GMs is this: Have you written any extra scenes for this portion of the adventure and if so, what were the details? Some of you come up with amazing things on here, so I figured it was worth asking around. A cabal of GMs working to populate some of the wierd portions of adventures is a better resource than a single GM when it comes to inspiration. I would love to add a tie-in scene showing the "ancient evil" hinted at in the finale of the RT Warpstorm trillogy with the idea that it went unthwarted as a "possible future" scene, but I suspect the NDA will prevent any playtesters or writers from even hinting at it. If this is NOT the case then please send me a private message with some info on it so it does not serve as a spoiler for anyone else.
  19. My game had a veteran guardsman who did not actively seek out insanity points, but the player was quite content to get them, as it was way more practical for him than bolstering his mediocre willpower. "Yeah, I have a 33 Will, but I am IMMUNE to fear 3!" The one time we had a player DELIBERATELY take on insanity points it was more of a self-sacrificing act of semi-martyrdom. In this case we were on a backwater proto-hive world where one of the local noble houses had deliberately corrupted the rejuvenant treatment of the local Archbishop in an attempt to weaken the church's power on the world. The result of this sabotage is an utterly broken and insane Archbishop that can be steered and managed by "handlers" to do the nobles' bidding. The Heirophant in our group managed to covertly make contact with the Archbishop and then offered to BURN a Fate point to fuel a Faith Miracle "Emperor, relieve your faithful servant of his burden and allow me to help bear it." So the Archbishop is no longer completely broken and insane, but merely a bit unhinged and damaged; Our Heirophant effectively took HALF of his insanity points for herself! Since this was great RP, good for the long term story and impressively selfless the burnt Fate point was eventually returned to the character once the results of this self-sacrifice played out in the storyline.
  20. Perhaps your GM will allow you to buy the Astropath psychic power "Auto Seance" as an elite advance? (allows glimpses into past, present and future, plus it provides limited protection and enhancement for other diviners. There is also an entire psychic power category (again from RT) entitled "The Emperor's Tarot" and as you might guess, all of the powers revolve around psychic-enhanced Tarot readings. You might be allowed to buy into this when you gain your next Psy Rating. (just takes a little converting by the GM, mostly generating threshold values and determining potential overbleeds).
  21. Sobakaa said: What's wrong with killing a witch, even if she is sanctioned? And also, some of the heretics who were hiding her Your party follows a dangerous way, i think, but an interesting one. The crime here is NOT the killing of a wytch, the crime is the DESTRUCTION OF IMPERIAL PROPERTY! That sanctioning brand makes the Psyker a useful tool of the Imperium, the same as a lasgun, a Leman Russ battle tank and a Lunar class cruiser. Destroy any of these at your own peril.
  22. My Sanctioned (now Primaris) Psyker has the Malleus Malleficarum brand (hammer of wytches) on the inside of her left ankle. Other side effects of her sanctioning include a programmed auto-response that whenever she is asleep or unconscious a steady stream of the Litany of Protection pours from her mouth (made creepier by the fact that she did not know High Gothic when she started play) and her growth was stunted. Another Psyker character from my group has his sanctioning brand on his forehead where the "third eye" would be located.
  23. My basic rule of thumb is Warp travel takes exactly as long as my story requires to work. I obviously take distances, local Warp conditions and any other appropriate factors into account and I like involving a bit of a random factor because this is a sea of alternate-reality raw Chaos that the ships are powering through after all! Whenever it is not vital for the story's timing I generally use the charts in Rogue Trader. As an example, I am starting the grand finale for the Haarlock story line (re-written and expanded for Ascension!) and their initial voyage to the destination world will strangely take "approximately" 13 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes and 13 seconds.... Approximately. (Yes, they have a Magos on the team, and he is paranoid about numerology.)
  24. A while back our Deathwatch kill team boarded a crippled Tau battlecruiser with the intention of purging and scuttling it (it was parked in orbit over an Imperial world with dead drives). The team boarded by blasting a hole in the hull with their turbolaser and then ramming the Thunderhawk into the resulting hole. The team's Dreadnaught and 2 Devastators remained behind to secure the landing point and the remainder broke into two teams, one for the bridge, one for the prow railgun decks. Astartes vs. Tau in ship corridors is simply NOT a contest! Even when the Tau tried to lay traps and ambushes the marines simply tapped into their cohesion and slaughtered them. Both teams had met their primary objectives in about 20 minutes! Final tally: Several hundred Tau dead and the ship scuttled. The Astartes Techmarine and Appothecary had each suffered minor hits, but no lasting injuries or losses. They even captured the ship's Etherial and carted him off as a gift to present to the Inquisitor they were coming to the planet to meet as a greeting-gift! Having the Inquisitor and his retinue do the fighting will probably be more dramatic and nail-biting. Close quarters combat is BAD for Tau and Space Marines thrive under the same conditions.
  25. ARRRRGH! This new Judge uniform is utter CRAP! Seriously, how hard is it to duplicate a uniform from a comic book? Hollywood has been putting out superhero movies non-stop for the last few years and pay meticulous attention to detail on the spandex-clad types, then thy do THIS to Dredd?! HERESY! In the future they will compare this to Indaina Jones and the Crystal Skull on a big list of "crap that should never have been done". Perhaps the kids from South Park can sue for the "**** of Judge Dredd" in an upcoming episode? Will I cheerfully greet a GOOD Judge Dredd movie? OH YEAH! Sadly, we need another BAD Judge Dredd movie like we need another Hulk remake... Polish up your Rosettes and bless your bolt shells gentlemen, we are going in!
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