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  1. Without knowing more about your character concept I can only offer general advice for a Guardsman: Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, Wounds (Sound Constitution) are the bread-and-butter for most Guardsman concepts. Mix in Agility if you are planning more of a scout or vehicle crewman. Pick up those nice cheap sexy weapon training talents for whatever sounds like it suits your character's style: You may not have one right now but you never know when you might get the chance to play with the nice toys! Round things off with some suitable skills once in a while and pick up any talents that demand your attention. Now strap whatever armour your current mission profile allows for onto your beefy hide and pack a reasonable assortment of weapons. Also of note: Dive for cover and supressive fire are both good ideas if things get ugly! Alternately, sneak into position, take careful aim with a sniper/hunting rifle and then end someone's heretical deeds with a single shot! You are tough, but you are NOT immortal...
  2. N0-1_H3r3 said: ZillaPrime said: I personally would include the Razor Sharp weapon trait (from DW) if I was generating Eldar shuriken weapon stats for FFG, but applying it to the existing Shuriken Pistol/Shuriken Catapult/Avenger Catapult stats is beyond broken (IGNORES Astartes artificer armour on a marginally adequate shot...). If memory serves, the version of the Splinter Pistol listed in the Eldar Harlequin profile in Black Crusade has a Pen of 4 and Razor Sharp instead of a straight Pen 6. That seems like a fairly easy alteration to make across the board That still has a halfway decent shot ignoring heavy power armour (AP8, 3+ TT equiv) while the Godwyn Pattern (Astartes) boltgun can only cut through Guard Flak (AP4, 5+ TT equiv). While that is about right for a bolter, a shuriken catapult should deliver fairly comparable performance instead of magically becoming a "low damage Krak missile" with full-auto. I can live with a flat Pen 6 comparing to Pen 4 tearing, since the math works out about the same. Dropping down to Pen 3 & Razor Sharp is not the answer either, as that is fundamentally inferior to the original stats and Eldar weapons do not need yet another nerf. Ultimately, the stat line I am aiming for should reflect a refined and elegant rival to the heavy bolter. Eldar wargear is proving to be a serious pain in the butt to stat properly.
  3. firestorm said: On the plus side, the points I wanted to get across to them were gotten across. Automatic fire is good, armour is great, cover is best. All true when appropriate. For the more skill and precision oriented characters there is the conceal and observe or take cover followed by an aim action and a single very precise shot method... Quite satisfactory when employed with an Accurate weapon since the quality of the shot +20 to +30 turns into alot of extra damage (Potentially +2D10). Plus if the target is unaware of the attack then the shot is at an additional +30 to hit and will not be attempting a dodge reaction... And a hunting rifle is within most starting character's budget. Shotguns at 1-3m range are also popular with low level agents due to the extreme salsification of targets. Variant skill-monkey method: Stealthy or cautious approach of known enemy position followed by a charge into melee with some unpleasant implement of DOOOOOM! Lower level shooters are unlikely to be much good in a sword fight unless they specialize in pistols, as they are unable to fire basic or heavy weapons without disengaging somehow. Expect either a one handed balanced weapon, simple one hander and a shield or a greatweapon from this guy. This is also what John Woo gunslinger characters do when there is minimal cover.
  4. DJSunhammer said: The cult is about recreating lost technologies or replacing them with new technologies. They operate in the middle and under hive of Hive Sibellus, but have some low level contacts in the upper hive. Not very threatening, but it is a brand new campaign where the first mission is supposed to be an test to get the characters initiated into the Ordo Malleus. The weapon is one of a pair of bolt pistols created just after the Great Crusade. They were designed for one of the early Inquisitors, and they are capable of firing Astartes size bolt shells without ripping off the wielder's arm. Like I said before, the tech-cult isn't very good at what they do, and they really have no idea what they have in their hands. This sounds like the Logicians could easily take an interest in any of the "less incompetent" cultists and will almost certainly stage a raid of their own to steal the artefacts if they catch so much as a hint of their existance, likely using some sort of monsterous tech-heresy to accomplish the deed. Now insert the new but hopefully semi-competent Inquisition agents into the scene and start poking around. Suddenly the tragically-incompetent (and occasionally funny!) hereteks are caught between two superior (and to them, unknown) forces and begin to flail and lash out against their attackers in a desperate bid to extract themselves (and their find) from harm's way. Essentially have a DERP heretek cult serve as the foil to instigate a three-way scramble for the "prize". No matter who makes off with the goods, the other groups will continue to work at recovering it from their rivals, so you could set up at least an entire story arc if not an entire campaign around this theme. Of course if one of the rival factions were to unintentionally destroy the artefact (or deliberately do so to deny the other factions) then you can launch into a political hornets' nest of inquests and petty vengeance as the Ecclesiarchy, Adeptus Mechanicus, several Inquisitorial factions, various Adepta and a few brash Rogue Trader houses all scramble to assign blame to their rivals and find suitable scapegoats! To start things off I would slip a few indirect clues onto the Dataslate and make the team chase the info down so they get a taste for investigation. Maybe a friend/family member/co-worker of a cultist has told a Confessor about "strange behaviour"? A street preacher has recently switched topics of their blustering harrangues... This is noteable because local tradition dictates that speciffic sermons are delivered on speciffic dates, but this abrupt change in pattern is uncharacteristic for the old hardliner. A concerned citizen has reported "strange and possibly illicit activity" to the local Enforcers but the citizen's claims do not match established criminal patterns or gang activity for that district. A junior Techpriest has noted anomalies in several systems they are duty-bound to monitor and has filed a routine report to his superiors, who are currently studying the data to determine if the aberant statistics are a message from the Omnissiah or merely malfunctioning sub-nodes. A local warehouse has reported several missing monotask servitors and are seeking restitution for the theft. Mixed in with all the hearsay and anecdotes are little morsels of truth that can eventually be puzzled together to point to the heretek cult
  5. Gotta love Gregorius' help! I don't have any detailed write ups for you at the moment, but for what it is worth: 1) Adept. Specializes in texts, archival research, meticulous and methodical. Possibly autistic. A walking pile of Lore skills, essentially. Recommend Noble, Voidborn, Shrine World or Monastic origin depending on what secondary role and personal quirks you need for the group. Good with Cyphers and Linguistics. 2) Psyker. Telepath. Either scholar or militant path as needed to round out the team, but either way this agent has enough research skills to provide a good solid backup to the adept character. At a certain point scrolls and books are damaged or missing, lackeys are unwilling to disturb their boss and informants are unwilling to divulge needed information... That is where this agent comes in! 3) Scum. Recruited from Sinophia or so skilled at faking it that the local criminals are unable to tell the difference. Capable of taking care of themself just fine, but also quite skilled at security, seedy street-level activity, information gathering. Since the criminals and the nobles effectively share power on Sinophia this agent is there to cover half of that angle. 4) Completely bug-**** loose-cannon. Lady Rathbone's contribution. Start with a Scum, Psyker, Assassin, Cleric, Guardsman or Arbitrator, then give them a violent or sharply radical twist (maybe a Redemptionist?). The official reason for this walking liability's presence is "Just in case something big happens" but is unofficially there to ensure that something dramatic happens at some point. 5) Seneschal (RT class). Marr's agent. A skilled and remarkably polite smooth talker, meticulously groomed and attired. Very versatile, this agent is comfortable helping with research, schmoozing with VIPs, puzzles and finance (Logic +20 with Talented) or a little discreet wet-work. 6) Voice of AUTHORITAH! Arbitrator, Cleric, highborn-Scum (fixer branch), Guard/Navy officer, Sororitas.... Whatever this agent used to be, they are used to weighing the imput of assorted minions, sycophants and trusted advisors, coming to a decision on what to do next and then being obeyed. This agent brings many welcome skills and experiences to the team, but first and foremost they are there to serve as the ad-hoc team's Prime and herd cats. Most likely a valued agent of the old Malleus Inquisitor or the young zealous Hereticus Inquisitor. Easily able to either kick the living crap out of or bring overwhelming social pressure to bear on any of the team that step too far out of line unless they gang up. Probably has conditional authority to execute members of the team if necissary, but will be subjected to intense scrutiny should this sanction be exercised (since one or more Inquisitor is likely to be "butt-hurt" about the loss of an agent). 7) Techpriest. Helps with research whenever the inevitable tech-problems are not cropping up. Skilled at data retrieval, repairs, heavy lifting, controlled demolition. Probably not fond of the Scum and Psyker, and contemptuous of the loose-cannon. Has the personality of a toaster.
  6. Adeptus-B said: DJSunhammer said: I don't understand why people make new characters weaker than those that already exist. To discourage recklessness. If there is no penalty to getting your character killed (i.e. said character will be replaced with one of identical power level- potentially even a virtual copy of the same character), then why take death seriously? I think loosing half a Rank is a reasonable penalty for getting a character killed: just enough to make players take dying seriously, without completely crippling their future participation in the campaign. It is also a GM rewarding the players that play through the entire campaign using the same character no matter what the universe throws at them instead of rotating a series of "alts" in and out of the plot or "erasing" the consequences of previous actions by deliberately killing off their character so they can get a "clean slate". Think of it as a GM's way of saying "Thank you for respecting the continuity of my story" with game mechanics. The new characters are still plenty "cool" and capable as long as their player puts some effort into it. If the GM has to devote prep-time to figuring out how to bring in a new character and weave story elements around them then that is time not being used for game prep for the overall story, which is unfair to the other players if the same person is responsible for this turn of events time after time. My game currently spans from rank 9 to characters just entering rank 16 with the average being around 12. It is NOT a coincidence that the two characters entering rank 16 are the two remaining original characters in the campaign! The others are replacements for dead characters, newer players to the group, "alts" of players who wanted to try a different role or the characters of players who sometimes miss sessions (since I do not assign XP to absent players unless I am informed in advance and NPC their character for a session).
  7. I was making a joke based on the current (AWFUL!) Eldar Codex and TT rules in combo. Attatching a grenade or melta-bomb onto a vehicle with a WS (regardless of score) makes only ONE attack and it is likely to MISS unless the vehicle is immobilized first. Since the Autarch fights with a S3 power weapon or a S4 chainsword your options when charged by a Sentinel Scout are A) Swing your chainsword around some and hope you accidentally stun the driver for a moment or B) Give up all your extra attacks and try to clamp a melta-bomb onto the evading machine. In the almost mathematically certain event that you FAIL to damage the Sentinel it will then try to step on your Autarch... Since the assault chart is retarded the WS3 driver has a 50% chance to step on the WS7 Autarch with a S5 hit (84% chance of wounding), so roll armour save and hope... Now either both sides failed to do any damage (a draw) and they stand around for another round of whacky fun or the Sentinel kicked the Autarch's shins for a wound (thus winning the assault!) and your glorious leader now gets to test Leadership or be forced to try running away, possibly getting trampled to death in the process if the rolls go badly! The math is even more sad if it is an ARMOURED Sentinel with the enclosed crew cab since the dainty chainsword fanning is no longer a bad option, but instead a useless option! Since you probably spent around 150 points on this guy.... Shameful! Even more tragic: Replace Sentinel with Astartes Dreadnought! Fortunately, as a DH GM you do not have to willingly tolerate this stupidity and can make this peer to Astartes Chapter Masters worthy of the name! Of course, he is still incapable of hurting his Astartes counterpart with a shuriken catapult.... Meanwhile since apparently Exarch Armour is (AP6 body, AP 5 everything else) according to RT, the Astartes bolter will smear the Autarch into a bloody stain with minimal effort. Seems like the wargear nerfs are not limited to the TT game, since this stuff is supposed to be comparable to Astartes power armour! Explains why the Eldar are constantly scheming to make the Imperium fight their battles for them...
  8. Black Crusade has lots of nice material that would be useful for you. In more general terms, Nurgle generally offers increased toughness, durability and general cussed-stubbornness in the face of "overwhelming odds". It also is fond of granting horrible infirmaties to the faithful and then rendering them at least partially immune (or at least highly resistant) to the pathogens their corrupted bodies now spawn (Like Typhoid Mary carrying and spreading deadly diseases while being immune to it herself.). Unnatural Toughness or a fuckton (metric fuckton?) of bonus Wounds would be potential starting points, as would be Fearless. Like any dealings with the Ruinous Powers though, the "cookies" of course come with a price that may (or likely not!) be disclosed up front! "Say, how is your mother doing? Miraculous recovery from cancer you say? That is indeed fortunate! Certainly a grateful man such as yourself would not mind doing a simple favour for your mother's saviour? It is nothing to worry about, just deliver this package to the foreman of grain silo 34 at the spaceport once you are finished with today's visit."
  9. ZillaPrime

    Only War

    Rictus said: Background packages and elite advances to show acolytes originating from being borne of conflict/or hailing from Fortress/War Worlds. Just import the Fortress World origin from RT (Into the Storm) in place of one of the DH origin options. Pretty hard to make Cadians without it. Some packages for "famous IG regiments" would be nice. Vehicle and ordinance weapon stats would be ESSENTIAL for the book (Can't have Imperial Guard without Leman Russ, Battle Cannons and Earthshakers!) Even cooler would be a "do-it-yourself" rules set for building different Imperial Guard/PDF/Naval armsman training packages for characters. This way a GM and player could sit down and decide if a new Guardsman character has the training, discipline and marksmanship of Cadian units. Or the unflinching resolve and peerless urban fightin prowess of Mordian units. Or the rough and independant survivor instincts of Catachan units. Or the horsemanship and courage of Atillan units. Or the rapid airmobile battle-doctrine of Elysian units. And so on... Divergent or mixed-tech units would also be nice to build like this, an example being the chainmail-and-lasgun toting image in the core book. I have been building "elite packages" for Guardsman characters to reflect their unit of origin in my game, so this would not be any more complicated than the Astartes chapter packages are in Deathwatch. They are probably better suited as player characters in a RT game over a DH game, but I would like to at least see some stats for Ogryn and Ratling auxillaries, as well as their weapons. If one of your players wants to roleplay like a huge retarded 8 year old with a head-wound then maybe playable "Bone 'Ed" Ogryns? Commissars are not technically Guard (deliberately!) and as such they should not be a Guardsman package... BUT they would be a very cool "alternate rank 1" for the Cleric career (In the same way that non-militant Sororitas characters are made by replacing rank 1 of an existing career!). They are a political officer, disciplinarian and military police all rolled into one, and their primary role is inspiring and disciplining troops, so it is a surprisingly good fit! A selection of interesting alternate ranks to include at a minimum "Veteran Tank Crew" for Guardsman, "Departmento Munitorium Quartermaster" for Adepts, "Imperial Partisan" for any class, "Engineseer" for Techpriest, "Imperial Tactician" for Adepts.... "Imperial Guard Training" for non-Guardsmen (So players can make Imperial Guardsman characters of different careers such as Scum or Assassins and still have access to the appropriate skills and talents without resorting to constant elite advances.) LASGUNS THAT DON'T SUCK ASS! After much tinkering, my game imported the "variable lasgun power settings" rule from BC and a house rule that gives las weapons not limited to single shot (so not a Long Las for example) to have a full-auto ROF equal to twice the listed burst value and they FINALLY perform appropriately! Also important is the bolter still remains superior with these changes. Add 1D10 to all plasma weapon damages. Keep the "Maximal Setting" rules option. Yay, Plasma is finally worth the risk and expense on occasion! Possibly up their Pen ratings slightly as well, but not to excess. Add 1D10 to all melta weapon damages as well as importing the Melta weapon trait (double Pen at short range!) from Deathwatch. Hey wow, melta can FINALLY hurt vehicles and moderately tough characters!
  10. The_Shaman said: I'd lower the range somewhat and add tearing, but other than that it could work. The pistol and both versions of the catapult lack tearing, so I was going for consistency with existing published material. Adding tearing makes the damage in my above post a little bit too high, but not massively so (About -2 or -3 to damage to add tearing, otherwise the non-Astartes heavy bolter would be junk by comparison). The range is factoring in fluff and older editions of the TT game when Eldar weapons were not the utter CRAP that they became in 4th/5th edition while (hopefully) avoiding "fanboy excess". Consider that shuriken weapons fire ammunition that is literally a few molecules thick with a gravitic impeller and the shuriken cannon easily has a 3m barrel based on Death Jester and Dark Reaper mineatures. That is by the most conservative estimates still going to go farther than a Space Marine can throw a grenade.... Reality check numbers (*GASP!*): A 200m range gives the weapon an 800m maximum range in DH. An M16A2 rifle can effectively engage targets at a bit over 600m over iron sights in semi-auto fire mode by propelling a chunk of jacketed lead down a snug chrome barrel less than 1m long by means of a confinded gunpowder explosion (fyceline in the 40k universe). By comparison, the generic autogun in DH has a 100m range (400m max) which is somewhere between the effective range of the M16A1 and AK47 rifles. The M2 .50 cal machinegun has an effective range of about 2.5 MILES! It would seem reasonable to expect the eldar "heavy machinegun" to be able to manage aproximately 1/5th the distance of an M2 without hurting the brain, especially since you don't have barrel friction in the shuriken weapons slowing things down any (minimal moving parts and repulsor-tech propulsion means the ammo never touches the barrel!) And yes, I know reality has a limited place in 40k... I just try to avoid making non-orky things TOO silly!
  11. Depending on what books you have in your collection a few ideas come to mind. If they help they are all yours! If not, no worries. Radical's Handbook p.66 "Daemon Vessel" elite advance: "A daemon vessel is a human within whom a daemon has nested a portion of it's being and power...." This saves you the trouble of having to cook up an entire advancement tree for a "Daemonhost career" since you can just slap this on top of just about any existing career. Should the Vindicare not end up working out but the desire to include a very powerful killing-machine in the group is still there perhaps substitute a tactical specialist Astartes character with the "Kill Marine" package from Rites of Battle, then equip with Astartes Scout armour, Stalker Boltgun, Stalker bolt ammo, cameleoline cloak and a modest selection of other gear. All the killing power of a Vindicare, but still able to attend social functions and carry on in public reasonably well as long as they are not from one of the "All mortals are weak and worthy of nothing but scorn, contempt and stoic silence" chapters. One idea that occured to me recently is a possible fix for the Temple Assassin trait: Delete everything but the flavour text and pretend that Temple Assassins have a "force field" with a 50 rating and no overload to represent their uncanny ability to dodge all sorts of "certain doom". They would of course retain whatever reactions they bring with them, but none of the "bonus pile o' dodges" that make them so broken in the Ascention book. This gives them a few (presumably very high %) "oh HELL no!" dodges per turn (spending their reactions to dodge the stuff they really don't want to eat.) and then a virtually infinate number of 50% avoidance chance for any other attacks. This is comparable (in fact somewhat better thanks to dodge/Step Aside/Wall of Steel) with the 4+ invulnerable save from TT. The rest of the class is actually a fairly decent representation of Vindicare Temple assassins, so they probably won't be game-breaking with this tweak.
  12. In this case one of my players is playtesting an Eldar Ranger character (something I have been working on using RT rules after an epic Ascension/Deathwatch crossover storyline was run for the group by our DW GM). I have stats for all the other gear that the character has (typical Ranger kit for the most part) but she brought a suspensor-rigged Shuriken Cannon back from the warzone for those "subtlety is done" moments that sometimes break out. I personally would include the Razor Sharp weapon trait (from DW) if I was generating Eldar shuriken weapon stats for FFG, but applying it to the existing Shuriken Pistol/Shuriken Catapult/Avenger Catapult stats is beyond broken (IGNORES Astartes artificer armour on a marginally adequate shot...). It should perform aproximately the same as a heavy bolter in terms of the carnage it produces, but obviously will get to the bloody mess in an entirely different fashion. I'm guessing something in the ballpark of: 200m -/-/10 1D10+10 R AP6 Reliable Alternately I suppose you could use ROF -/-/5 and add the Storm quality, but that makes it easier to dodge a shuriken cannon than a heavy bolter, which is just silly.
  13. An Autarch would indeed be a nasty fight... Unless those crafty Throne Agents brought a Sentinel Scout to lock the "ultimate warrior" in melee for all time... (I joke... or rather weep.). On a more serious note, I would start with the Dire Avenger Exarch in Ascension and then just start tacking on skills, talents and minor stat bumps until it "feels right" for your adventure. No two Autarchs are the same other than having creepy eyes and pointy ears, so pick a few warrior aspects and pile on their hallmark abilities. As for your Tau needs, check out Deathwatch! Your filthy fish-heads and their soulless wargear have been documented for sumary study and purgation. Yes, they statted battlesuits!
  14. Sometimes it is just more appropriate for a character's story to allow their death to actually be the end. A heroic last stand, one last great sacrifice for the team and so on. In cases like that I don't want to punish the player for following through on a (hopefully) really cool death scene. On the other hand, if it is just one of those "meh, I'm bored" moments then it is quite allright as a GM to be strict or even drop a hammer or three on the proposed replacement. Prior to Ascension I used to grant new characters a stack of XP at a fixed point a few levels below the rest of the party and then allow the player to "gamble for XP" by allocating D5's to Insanity or Corruption and gaining bonus XP for each "prior-trauma" die they opted to pick up. This way a fairly unblemished shiny new hero or a frayed and grizzled veteran of "many bad things" was firmly the choice of the player. Since Ascension things are much simplified for my group. New characters are built with 13,500xp (beginning rank 9 Ascension or equivalent). They can select any combo of options from DH/RT/Ascension as long as the new character concept fits with the established group. The litmus test is "Would the Inquisitor actually recruit that?" I have not signed off on any Astartes "throne agents" so far, but I would be open to a well developed back-story for a solo "Kill-Marine" if it is more about story than crunch. Of course the player making an Astartes character for Inquisition duty would have to be open to maintaining a more subtle "alternate-character" for the more discreet missions. The other perk? My game sessions tend to run VERY long and the biggest drawback to a new character is FATE. Therefore new characters are granted maximum starting Fate Points for their origin. I also hand out token bonuses for the new character if the old one "went out in a heroic fashion" or the new concept is a cool theme that would be a fun RP element but suffers from game mechanic drawbacks I sometimes "tweak" the character's package a little (For example a very social Techpriest with Biologis leanings might use the rank tables for a regular Techpriest but use the attribute chart from Explorator instead.[allowing expensive Fel upgrades instead of impossible, plus a few other ups and downs]) I also had a player propose a character change to me due to story developments. Since this was effectively setting aside a good character into NPC status (at least for a while) "for the good of the story" I allowed the player to transfer half of the UNSPENT XP from his old character to the new one since both of them participated in the storyline preceding the change (Effectively making an NPC into a PC).
  15. I am aware that this filthy example of xeno-tech is soon to be published in Hostile Acquisitions (RT) but I find myself in need of weapon stats. One of my players has one and the intention to use it.... I would preffer to have something approximating "official" stats if for no other reason than to avoid future "retcons" to wargear that has already been used. Anyone in the know as to what we can expect from this elegant implement of doom.... Er.. I mean blasphemous antique that probably will break anyways? On a similar note, the Shuriken Pistol ceases being utter CRAP if you change the base damage to 1D10+4 and leave the other stats alone (RT, Creatures Anathema).
  16. Sigismund said: Usually the ammo containers/capacitor banks could be separate (with the listed weight of 15kg) if one was to strip out the misc. carrying capacity and wear it as is I suppose you'd have to adjust the straps that came with it to make it comfortable to wear. *****ERROR***** <<FORCE CODE INTERRUPT: LOADING>> <<SOURCE CODE INTERRUPT PROTOCOLS ACCEPTED. COMMENCING REPAIR.>> +++HERESY+++HERESY+++HERESY+++HERESY+++HERESY+++ DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELITE! DELITE! DELITE! DELITE! <<OFFENDER IS ORDERED TO REPORT FOR SERVITORIZATION. HAVE A NICE DAY!>> LEX OMNISSIAH DOMINE
  17. DERP! I mixed a few of your ideas up. The general idea stands, just move my thoughts around to the appropriate PBI.... Penal Legion Trooper package on a combat Psyker should prove interesting.
  18. For the Chem-dog you could make good use of the Penal Legion trooper alternate package (Radicals Handbook if memory serves). Hiver of Forge World should cover the origin. An injector-collar or possibly an implant is pretty much a must. Punk hairdo optional. Mordian Sergeant: Guardsman with a nice fat Willpower stat to start off with and as many of the "disciplined" and "teamwork" talents as you can pile on with. Probably use "Mesh Cowl" stats for his gunny hat. Hive world origin, probably modified to grant Darksight since Mordians live on the permanently-dark side of their homeworld. Sharp bayonet and crisp uniform is a must! Catachan, use the Death World origin package from Rogue Trader in place of a DH homeworld pick. Procede to Guardsman and enjoy. Make sure to give this guy a nice beefy combat knife from Inquisitor's Handbook and mono that bad-boy! Also include a red bandana in his kit since earning this is a rite of passage into adulthood on Catachan. For the Vostroyan medic, go with Adept (to make him a GOOD medic instead of a trooper with band-aids) and then be sure to pick up some weapon training for him. Don't forget the carapace armour for this guy! Any weapons should be fancy hand-crafted antiques with plenty of stout wood and shiny brass plating. Steel Legion trooper: Hiver/Guardsman and be sure to pick up the Drive (ground) skill and if they are a veteran add Hatred (Orks). Flak Greatcoat & helmet should replace standard guard armour (same stats, different look) Death Corps trooper: Like the Catachan above, use the Death World origin from RT, but instead of making him "Rambo" give him an absolutely **** Fellowship (As in shittier than the Techpriest!), a respirator and a name like "Trooper 247 Gamma" or something equally dehumanized. On the plus side, if anyone has the Fearless talent as an elite advance, it is this walking proto-corpse! Same armour changes for this guy as the Steel Legion trooper. Valhallan trooper: Pretty straightforward. Make sure they have Resistance (Cold) and Hatred (Orks). Should complain about the "warm weather" while scraping ice off the team's transport vehicle... Bonus funny value if he hero-worships a certain Commisar. Replace IG armour with Flak Greatcoat and helmet OR mesh-reinforced fur hat. The others should be pretty straightforward. Sounds like fun!
  19. Depending on the team composition a Throne agent is thematically and mechanically able to keep up with a Deathwatch kill team. And an ascended Sororitas may be lacking the raw superhuman durability of the Astartes, but they are still the Emperor's elite and the power of FAITH cannot be discounted. Simple enough for the Inquisitor to attatch a few "specialists" to a kill team, the better to facilitate mission success! Thought for the day: Victory requires no explanation, failure allows no explanation. My group is an ascended Ordo Malleus team and they are very rough company for villains and heretics. They have a shocking number of daemon and traitor-Astartes kills and several have earned battle honours fighting alongside loyal Astartes. Then after healing up and re-arming they can change outfits and attend the Planetary Governor's seasonal gala event with minimal problems. Also, the Magos has lived through melta-bombs, autocannon shells, krak missiles and so on... Being inside an exploding Vindicator tank worried him since he actually had to sit down in the crater and regenerate for a few minutes! The Emperor makes his servants TOUGH! We also have a rank 5 Deathwatch kill team that one of my players GMs for. Astartes win doing the unflinchingly heroic space-knight thing... Throne Agents cheat! Either way, the Emperor's Will is done.
  20. N0-1_H3r3 said: There's the Unholy Insight trait in Into The Storm, gained by taking the Glimpse From Beyond elite advance package, which lets you spend a Fate Point to roll against your Insanity or Corruption instead of your Intelligence or Willpower on a Test, and also allows you to gain a +10 on Forbidden Lore Tests in exchange for gaining an additional 1d10 Insanity or Corruption (because any character who's taken that Elite Advance package will already have a fair amount of one or the other). Beat me to it!
  21. For a duelist he is probably much better off with Desperado, especially if the ****** really wants to play Deadpool.... (Not really insulting your friend personally since I don't know him, but I LOATHE players who insist on importing Deadpool and Wolverine into EVERY effing game system!) Vindicare in addition to being broken as hell ("I dodge Exterminatus!"...14 times per turn.) has absolutely NO social or political value for their group whatsover. The sad thing is other than the epic-failure that is the "Temple Assassin" dodge rule it is actually a fairly decent representation of the TT Vindicare. Calidus would have been much better suited for Ascension IMO. Since the Vindicare is useless in social action (the bulk of Ascension games) it is unfair to allow a player to make one and then NOT give them a nasty fight once in a while to show off... The problem being a "moderate challenge" to a Vindicare is sudden doom for most of the others on the team. Hope you have a very radical Inquisitor or the Daemonhost idea is going to last about 5 seconds. Lots of luck to ya'! If you DO have a fairly radical Inquisitor but the GM shoots down the Daemonhost concept (likely!) there are still some options in the Radical's Handbook that should fit the overall concept fairly well, you just may not be as far along in the process of giving up your festering bag of meat and water to the Warp just yet.... Alternately, you guys might LOVE Black Crusade! You get to play unrepentant BAD guys and the XP system is VERY freeform. It still has rules, but they are much more "flexable" as to what you can buy. Just be prepared for the consequences if your selection of one too many artistic skill pisses off Khorne and Slaneesh doesn't have your back.... Or Tzeentch has your.... backs?
  22. Adeptus-B said: So, the Psyker is a PC? I don't know about your players, but I wouldn't enjoy playing in a campaign that revolves entirely around another player's PC, with the rest of the party reduced to the status of "supporting cast"... The OP states that it is a "mini-campaign" for their existing characters. I read this to be more that the poor psyker was a tad neglected or marginalized in the main campaign so the GM is trying to cook up something a little spicy (and grim) for the player. Think of it more like a mid-scene cut like the classic Star Wars movies did. I would very carefully hand-craft the daemon to mesh well with the psyker character's abilities or this can end very badly. Four of the characters in my game are psykers (one primaris/templar, one primaris/scholar, one adept/sage, one xenos) and each of them have VASTLY different strengths and weaknesses, so what threatens one is hardly a nuisance for another (and vice-versa). If you own a copy of Daemonhunter, flip to the "make your own daemons" section and make sure to select options instead of rolling in a few key spots to ensure that you have a unique (or at least distinctive) daemon that can hold it's own against the psyker when solo.
  23. Indeed. Plus there are several references to talents and weapon qualities that grant re-rolls not being allowed re-re-rolls by any means. If your players are desperate enough and the re-roll was insufficient you can always get another fate point out of them for the quality improvement aspect. Popping an additional FP after the re-roll for the +1/+2 degree(s) of success is still allowable. And if they really want it that bad, heck, it is their fate point to spend as they see fit.
  24. Suthainn said: You could also suggest your GM make them Best Quality if he still feels they need a bit of a buff. Lathe Blades are already inherently best quality and "super-mono" My group is ascended and the Sage still has her sanctified lathe blade. Pretty much a nice item, and she has learned how to use it with a force sword in the other hand thanks to some elite advances, so there are definately fun options. There are still a handful of chainswords, eviscerators and chain-knives floating around with the team as well. The Inquisitor currently uses the Luminous Reproach relic-sword and has an heirloom Kantrael Powersword as a backup in case the Malleus Conclave asks for their sword back... The Magos has his Omnissian Axe of course, plus all his horrible, horrible implants! Templar psyker uses a force-hammer. Fluffy little utility psyker uses a forearm-powerblade to parry and manifests her telekinetic blade if you corner her. The Sister-Crusader has her best quality powersword (of course) and shield. We have an Archmilitant that fights with paired chainswords. Now-deceased (martyrdom!) Missionary fought with paired powerfist and powersword. Assassin has paired chain-knives as well as a "Serpentine" powerblade. Heirophant uses a chainsword or an eviscerator (gift from the Ad. Sororitas). Deceased Guardsman-Crusader (also martyred) fought with just about anything in close combat, although "big" and "chain" seemed to be a recurring theme. Of course the Magos' "lab assistant" usually doesn't pack much more than a Mars Pattern MkIV Command Laspistol for melee... Your results may vary. The team changes up it's gear depending on the mission they are on at any given time. Sometimes it is the James Bond tux and evening gowns look and other times it is blood-spattered carapace, mesh and power armour. Alot of the game is about style, so stick with your Lathe Blade as long as it continues to serve you well in your duties to the Emperor. Assuming the foes are mortal, consider adding a shotgun pistol or something else suitably macho for the other hand (or an elegant dueling pistol!). As a cool side-note, the dead Crusader has been made into a mastercraft servo-skull and continues to protect his Inquisitor from beyond the grave. The team also has a shiny new gift-blade from the Blood Angels as a token of respect: One of their Techmarines took a mastercraft Astartes combat knife and rebuilt the hilt for "mortal" hands, effectively making a VERY superior "monosword"... (gotta recruit a Death Cultist now, so it can be appreciated to the fullest.) Heck, if you make a psyker and learn Hammerhand then you don't even NEED a weapon! Nothing makes normal citizens crap a kidney quite like watching some wytch tear chunks of plating off the side of a Leman Russ with their bare hands.... Cheesy goodness does require the occasional use of Fist of the North Star references with such a character though. High level melee weapon use pretty much breaks down like this: Power weapons for general crunch-factor. Chain and Lathe for style and utility (tearing or other handy traits). Force weapons for most psykers. Mono/shock for backup. Exotic for wacky-fun and style. For some characters the "style" factor is quite substantial. My Rogue Trader, for example, pays way more attention to the image that her weapons present than any combat utility (they still need to be good in a fight, but STYLE is always the prime factor... She has an entire ship full of people who can fight just fine.) "Does the Eldar Powersword look good with this dress, or should I go with the shock-rapier?"
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