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  1. Anyone else having a problem with Adobe Reader not being able to save the sheet when you fill it out? Never had this issue with previous form-fillable sheets.
  2. By any chance do you mean the "Wirewolves"? No stats that I know of are published, but I would make them as a bound daemonhost wearing a manequin-like wire-frame body (Machine trait) and improved natural weapons trait (really sharp claws). Don't forget to make them run stupidly-fast (Unnatural Speed trait)! They also had a drawback in that they had a limited duration of activity once they activated, so perhaps Warp Instability or something similar is in order? If you are trying for the annoying Chaos drones that combined security guard and annoying warp-spawned gibberish loudspeaker features then we need to get a little more creative. Start off with an Auspex Cyberskull, then add the Daemonic and Daemonic Aura traits. It searches for people, it is chock-full of creepy evil, AND it wears on people's psyches (-10 to WP tests) when they are near the things!
  3. I have to agree with Gaius here. Employ a "Commissars and Cookies" strategy! Obnoxious, disruptive and otherwise detrimental activity over and above the reasonable norm can and should have some negative repurcussions. Not in-game penalties like gunning for their character, but rather in the game flow and mechanics. Player just won't stop telling jokes after several requests? -20 to his next Awareness test because his character was distracted due to joking with Corporal Jones while on guard. Recounting a hysterical tale of the funniest thing he ever saw at Walmart as you repeatedly try to describe clues found by the team? Refuse to repeat yourself after the third reading and continue on with the story. The team obviously missed a potentially useful clue and will have to work hard to develop another break in their case... As for the cookies? When I calculate XP for the group I have gotten in the habit of determining a "baseline" XP award for the session or mission and then handing out bonuses on a player-by-player basis. Players can then nominate other players for bonus awards and must state why they feel the nominated player/character deserves it, and if the majority of the group agrees then I assign bonus points to that player. I also reward clever reasoning and good roleplaying with adjusted difficulty levels for skill tests (or grant fiat auto-success in some cases.) "I say something to motivate the troops. Rolling my Command skill." will earn the player a dice roll. Actually delivering an impromptu speech or inspiring rallying cry "in character" will earn the player a much easier dice roll. This makes positive and negative peer-pressure within the group a tool in your GM's kit. It should be noted that Inquisitors tend to have a low tolerance for failure...
  4. It reeks of Tech-Heresy! What about letting them run wild with a squadron of Sentinels for a session or two? Plenty of weapons variety and high mobility aggression in a nice neat package that does not include mandatory servitorization when the priesthood of Mars finds out about it. My 2 Thrones worth...
  5. Use the setting and lore to guide your fight scene and you will be fine. Bolt of Tzeentch is only granted to powerful and favoured servants of Tzeentch, and no such being would even contemplate using the same attack over and over and over again... Mix things up a bit! Play with your food! Taste the lovely smell of yellow!
  6. Depending on how equipped characters in your game are, sealed armour provides full protection against fire damage. Specialist kit like the Volcanis Shroud or similar is likewise an option. If you have access to a copy of Black Crusade, apply the Ceramite Plating upgrade to a set of carapace armour (or similar). You could also "home brew" a specialist armour suit that substitutes a higher armour rating against flame attacks in the same way that flak armour is more effective at stopping explosive attacks that are not direct hits. (So for example a suit of "Flame Warden Armour" is a fancy looking silvery mesh-weave jumpsuit and cowl worn by the governor's palace guard when protecting the geothermal powerplant underneath the capital city. It provides AP3 to all locations, but counts as AP5 (sealed) against flame and heat-based attacks.)
  7. Judging by what your group consists of, I think some of them could survive a scrap with a thrice-bound host as long as they manage to survive the FEAR! With 7 PCs I would honestly consider giving the daemonhost a variety of potential attacks or techniques (some of which allow for multiple attacks or targets). The "one big baddie" method so common in video games has a nasty habit of ending up in "Baddie attacks once, players kill the crap out of it, the end" in RPGs, so getting a little creative ahead of time is usually worth it. Avoid vulgar GM cheats if you can help it. Instead cook up fun and plausable options for your baddie to augment their combat performance: Give the boss some powerful telepathy abilities and have him DOMINATE a crowd of nearby bystanders. Perhaps the host is charismatic and has gathered a moderate cult-following? Maybe a DARK PACT with Grandfather Nurgle grants the baddie the ability to inflict entropy on weapons directed at him (causing them to rust, jam, suffer malfunctions and so on)? Consider giving him a "template weapon" (an attack that hits multiple targets, similar to a flamer). Borrow one of the "special auras" from an appropriate daemon type when the daemonhost is fully manifesting it's gifts. Consider giving him the Regeneration(X) trait, or if the previous owner of the body was a Tech Priest pile on some cybernetics and the Machine(X) trait. My overall point is, make it interesting and scary as hell without pushing it into impossible. One other fun GM trick is to deliberately make the Daemonhost way too tough, but it has a weakness to something that the team has a reasonable chance of employing in the fight. Stage the fight near a reliquary shrine that houses a legitimate relic (not one of the many questionable "saint's bones"). The Daemon knows that this relic has the power to wound or destroy it, so it has come to the shrine to destroy the offending relic, the catch being that it must use non-tainted pawns to actually handle/destroy the relic.... If a player character picks up and makes use of the relic it bypasses the Daemonic trait as if it were a Sanctified weapon and likewise brushes aside any psychic defenses the daemon possesses! This allows you to let players the satisfaction of getting to employ a powerful tool against an "unbeatable" foe without the GM headache of the players keeping such an item, as it is a priceless relic that the Ecclesiarchy would do nearly anything to recover should it go missing... "Eat saintly femur, *******!" *WHACK!*
  8. If a player speciffically states "I am trying to detect wraithbone with my psyniscience" and I know there is some within the character's range I would definately allow them a roll, perhaps modified by size, interviening terrain/materials, the last time the artefact was used, etc.... The same statement when I know an NPC psyker is three rooms down the hall and actively trying to activate the gauntlet would likewise result in a psyniscience roll, but in that circumstance probably with a nice bonus to the roll. Wraithbone is by all accounts incredibly efficient at channeling psychic energy, so when it is seeing active use it would be bright and shiny to warp-touched eyes if they should be gazing in the correct location. I would describe a successful test using terms like crisp, clean, precise... Or perhaps a chaotic mix of brute psychic force with little radiant shards of crisp precision leaking out in the above example of a cultist psyker toying with it. One of the Psyker characters in my game uses a wraithbone fragment as a psy-focus.
  9. Pretty cool. I would definately hand out bonus XP for something like that in my game. Also of note: The Teletubbies of the Ruinous Powers... It explains so much! Very disturbing.
  10. If your group plays out the adventure smoothly enough it is possible to dig your way out of this ****-sandwitch. Soldiers are a relatively cheap and easily replacable commodity in the Imperium, so that mostly leaves the issue of the Interrogator, or more accurately the dead Interrogator's patron Inquisitor! Sets the table pretty nicely for the team's first powerful rival (or enemy!) in Ascension. Now all you have to do is survive that long, prove your innocence to someone who cares and survive the political repurcussions of the entire affair. Alternately, if your patron Inquisitor is sufficiently radical they might just bury the team enough to use them in creative new ways with shiny new identities. Recommend bringing a BIG shovel!
  11. If you have a copy of Rogue Trader I pretty much use the rules published there as DH eratta. The one big exception is I very much preffer the psychic power rules in DH to those in RT/DW/BC. As mentioned earlier, the reason the eratta lists all the starting skills and talents for rank 1 characters is to accomodate alternate starting packages for different character concepts. For example, if a player wants to play an Atillan Rough Rider character, selects Imperial World for origin and Guardsman for career, but the GM agrees that Wrangling should replace Drive(Ground) for his starting skills. Later the same character begins training to operate Chimera APCs for a mission to a forge world, so the "starting free skill" needs to be buyable.
  12. So far I have used BC to generate a team of custom-baddies to oppose my players once. It was one of those special "freaky wierd **** happens here" scenes (inside the Blind Tesseract) and I ran a modified version of Gregorius' auction scene. Each character needed a "dark" parallel and I did not want to use the lazy photocopy their character sheets method (since it reduces a fight down to who can roll better) so I sat down and made dark and horrible versions of each character at roughly the same points value as each one using BC. Definately lots of fun and surprises from this, and lots of potential future storylines can be spun thanks to events in this scene. Other than that, I usually use templates or free-form the NPC. Important and potentially long-term NPCs sometimes get built as if they are PCs.
  13. Angel of Death said: I had a gaming buddy who used a Sledgehammer to keep his dice in line. He bring his dice out and and the Sledge, and bring a new dice or a dice who went bad, and use it as a target to remind the others why they should be working better I see I am not the only one who knows a "Dice Commissar" The really funny thing is on the occasions that a dice execution was performed my friend rolled much better for the remainder of the game session!! Clearly the machine spirits of the variable polyhedral statistical generatoria trembled with awe in the face of certain doom.
  14. The Sisters of Silence did not survive the Inquisitorial purge of the Ecclesiarchy after Goge Vandire's apostacy. The church made a power-play to seize control of the Imperium from the High Lords of Terra... and ultimately lost! Fortunately the saving grace for what was left of the Ecclesiarchy was the source of it's defeat, as well as one of it's own. The faith, loyalty and unstoppable drive of Sebastian Thor and the crusade he launched tipped the scales for the Imperium's loyalist forces and earned the ultimate survival of the Imperial church, although not without some at the time radical changes. Because the Sisters of Silence directly served Vandire as both bodyguards and harem all of them were executed for gross heresy and high treason. The Decree Passive dates from this time, as does the creation of the Ordo Hereticus. In particular, the Ecclesiarchy was forced to agree to some very stringent and inviolate conditions in exchange for it's continued existance. Never again was it to be allowed to field a significant military force, so the Decree Passive explicitly forbade the church from maintaining a force of "men at arms". The church then disbanded the Brides of the Emperor (the Sisters of Silence being a subset of this order) and replaced them with the "newly created" Adepta Sororitas, a fighting force composed entirely from nuns (as well as several former Brides of the Emperor) and thus exploiting a loophole by claiming that they were compliant with Imperial Law since they did not have any armed MEN! The Inquisition were FURIOUS over this development and threatened to have the entire Ecclesiarchy condemned as traitors and heretics! Eventually a compromise was reached whereby the Ecclesiarchy would be able to maintain a relatively small force of their new "Battle Sisters" but ONLY if the sisters were to be oath-bound in perpetuity to serve as the Chamber Militant for the newly forged Ordo Hereticus in addition to their nominal duties to the church. Having little choice in the matter, the church complied. Your sample character ideas look pretty interesting and are definately creative.
  15. Blood Pact said: Gregorius21778 said: The Book of Judgement features the "Slate Agent". Those can be fitted with a new persona and (most importantly) a fine set of knowledges to impersonate somebody else. By RAW, up to three Lores or Trades of Choice. Including Forbidden Lores. Jub, you got it. Oh, and you get +10 on the relevant skill tests for these Lores/Trade. For free. Jub, you got it. Yeah, and it's all for the low low price of becoming a Manchurian Candidate. Who doesn't want to be brainwashed by looking at the Queen of Hearts? So I was sitting at a derelect table covered in questionably stained felt playing a semi-friendly game of cards in my favourite lower-hive dive when a stranger in a leather overcoat and a well-worn hat of off-world style pulled up a crate and invited himself to the game. "I like my Amasec warm, but only when it is served in a broken glass" he rasped over scar-crossed lips. The next thing I know I am waking up in a well apponted Malfian bedchamber wearing blood-stained silk... Man, I really need to lay off the sauce!
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