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  1. We played this one and it was a farce. The rebels just ran around the board or double healing if they needed too. With two rebels they have +10 health and two activations a turn. With running around and massive healing it was impossible for the imperial player to wound both Heroes in 6 turns. Deeply disappointing game, I wouldn't bother with this mission if it came up whilst I was running the imperials.
  2. The rules seem to indicate that when you pick a command card you have to activate the exact number of disks the card indicates. What happens if you don't have enough disks left can you still use a card?
  3. Link to picture http://twitpic.com/akmad2
  4. 4 new ships shown Falcon Slave 1 A Wing Tie Interceptor All look amazing.
  5. Don't forget about the Reckless Dice Podcast which is all about 3rd edition. Great cast and lots of fluff and crunch. Plus they also do game sessions as bonus episodes.
  6. I think that is how we played it. However the manual specifically says the 1st player chooses when the ball is in the centre field. In our case it wasn't it was in the Skavens hands. So I wonder if the intent of the designer was for the ball carrier to be king?
  7. Found the podcast a few weeks ago. Brilliant stuff. I am currently running the Witches Song but we are only at the end of the 1st part where Lenko leads them to the mouth of Morr. Listening to the podcast gave me lots to think about, though the party I have is very different. Female Rat Catcher - addicted to brandy. Male Scout - Lost his hand in an earlier adventure but went on a quest to search for a gold wizard who went missing looking for secrets in an abandonded dwarf mine. He was said to have created a magical hand made of gold. They found it so now he has the item from Omens of War. Male Boatman (was Smuggler) - has his own small boat he stole. Male Navigator. Works for the boatman. I was interested to see you went through the adventure with 1st Rank characters. Mine are in the middle of second rank with around 14 XP each. Did you find the adventure was a bit hard for them at rank 1?
  8. We had the following situation in the blood bowl tournament last night. Dwarf - 10 Star power Orcs - 10 Star Power Skaven - 8 Star Power (with the ball) Elves - 6 Star Power. Who wins and how is it sorted out for runner up etc? Per the rules it looks like the Skaven would be the winner as there was a tie and they had the ball but they weren't part of the tie for 1st place. any help or clarification much appreciated. Andy J
  9. Wow... Just Wow.. Rampant speculation and miss information. Well done on one of the worst posts I have seen on this board. 4E is either the first or second best selling RPG on the market. It's fine not to like it but the rubbish spewed in the posts above is just a waste of time. I am not sure I understand the point of the question, unless it is just to bait people in to an RPG game system argument. Warhammer is a great game and was innovative enough that people across the industry are no doubt looking at it and the lessons it has to offer. Will a new edition of DnD use any of these lessons... Who knows. One thing is certain no one who post in response to this message will have the faintest idea.
  10. AVJax

    New Game

    That's a shame as this is a one off to start with so no time for character creation. One question the pregens seem to have the Str bonus for their armour but their actual strength score hasn't been increased by the +20. Is this a mistake or does the armour only effect the str bonus not the full score?
  11. AVJax

    New Game

    All I just picked up DeathWatch and I am going to run a game this weekend, I figured the best bet would be to run them through final sanction and use the pregenerated characters. However one player expressed an interest in running a Librarian. I have put together a Librarian and it looks fine but the Pregens don't seem to be using all the rules. Is there anything I could do to easily bring them upto the same level as the Librarian? Thanks for any pointers.
  12. http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=Thanks&um=1&hl=en&tbm=isch&tbnid=AxyDTaq7gMCrKM:&imgrefurl=http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/clip/thanks.html&docid=c1I2DfinDQyx9M&w=500&h=350&ei=H0NNTtDkJsfRhAen5L3KBg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=175&vpy=134&dur=156&hovh=188&hovw=268&tx=132&ty=86&page=1&tbnh=127&tbnw=181&start=0&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0&biw=1440&bih=805
  13. Probably a silly question but is there only meant to be 2 quest cards in this set? The first set had 3 quest cards and the 3rd one specifically says the players have won if they complete it, all the 2nd quest card says is players cant defeat the stage if there are trolls in play? Can't imagine what the 3rd stage would be but the wording seems odd, as if there is meant to be another step.
  14. With regards to the second part the old world is a fantasy world and more the point for the sake of your games it is your fantasy world. So it can have any race/sex or any other attribute you want in any position you want. My take on racism in fantasy worlds is that they are good places to explore the concept (and to point out how ridiculous such notions are) but keep it between actual races. So dwarves and elves have a racial hatred and nobody likes the Dark Elves but I would steer clear of of any ism that is applicable to the real world. jut my 2p
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