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  1. Because it still has plenty of bits non-jedi can use... Same way as I cannot look at Age of Rebellion Core except for a few tables, because it's full of goober rebels.
  2. Went past a copy of Force and Destiny Core just a few hours ago at my gaming store (in Finland). Didn't pick it up, because jedi, pfft.
  3. Also, Weequay have Brawn 3, same as Trandos/Wookies, despite not being exceptionally strong - it's there to show them just being that **** tough and boney. It doesn't have to mean mega-muscles. (though I bet Brawn 6 jawa/chadrafan would look awesome!)
  4. Silhouette 0 just gives you an excuse to say he gets thrown across the room when he rolls threats.
  5. Yes, opportunity cost. An advantage that does nothing (because you never have a reason to be unarmed), while taking the place of a potentially useful trait, is not an advantage but a hindrance. It'd be different if Trando stats were magnificent and their special abilities were just for color (like with Weequay and their pheromone messaging), but Trandos are basically just worse wookies. Plus, Brawl sucks, so who cares. Only Pressure Point makes it worth a look, and that's all about how silly the talent is. And Trando niche being awesome kungfu-medics is funny.
  6. Sure, narrative advantage/threat uses are the most interesting, but there's so many one/two results of those, that you cannot always come up with something better than 'enh, boost die to next ally action I guess'. 3+ results are easier.
  7. Everything on those tables (except crits and triggering weapon qualities) is so generic, that if you don't allow such uses, I don't know what there's left to do with skill checks. Does someone really have an issue with insulting Darth Vader so hard he drops his lightsaber?
  8. Yeah, clarify the roleplay part. Some people only accept improv acting as roleplay, while I view that as a waste of everyone's time. Though if they're just number-crunching without personality behind it, oof. Of course, if they all are happy with that, maybe a railroaded questline with clear tasks to complete is what they want..? Talk to them?
  9. By RAW, Trandos just get +1 to all Brawl damage ever. Generally, I dont like the idea that one species being just better at something than anyone else could ever be... But then I realized that Brawl is useless crap compared to Melee, so it does not matter. Until you get to Pressure Point, which is just plain weird - extra damage and all of it ignores all soak, what. It's admittedly useless against droids, but it can easily destroy a sealed power armor cyborg, which is a narratively weird. Perhaps it's balanced around the fact that anything with Autofire will be better, anyway (except for concealability).
  10. Yes, they are great. Wish they had such for vehicles...
  11. What are you on about? He said movies count as canon. that's right there in your quote, ep4-6 just count more, because they're the ones that didn't suck.
  12. Yikes, their stats are pretty bad. They need at least another 20 XP to be on par with most other starting species. Erm, you're getting two stats at 3 right out of the gate. That IS the special ability. Their wounds even compensate for the lack of Brawn a little...
  13. One roll for me. If the merchant would be harder to haggle with, upgrade some dice. Doing the same thing twice, meh to that.
  14. Yeah, this is a pretty big deal. Tapping into your emotions could have been easily tied into the 'lure' that Dark Side is supposed to hold, but I'm just not seeing it in the game.
  15. Yeah, cold shoulder from NPCs, picking some kind of Obligation based around it, should get the point across without punishing the player/group mechanically. Having a lone exception (he's like their pet Trandoshan) is fine, or if the whole group wanted to play aliens, they could be like Suicide Squad. Trusted with better gear and missions, but not respected.
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