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  1. exactly as described. i wanted to order a commando strike team with a saboteur to get closer to the enemy for a great bomb spot, but leia was out of range for the order. the move1 was just enough to get her in range, so i just issued the order without much thought about the matter. my opponent asked if i'm sure that's how it's done and i was not. so we checked, but couldn't find anything conclusive on the subject in the rules reference. i'm actually quite surprised this hasn't come up sooner.
  2. this came up in a game, but we couldn't find a definite answer for this. what's the exact timing for placing order tokens? are they issued one at a time or simultaneously? can i first issue one to leia and then use the move to get her into range of the second unit i want to issue an order to?
  3. that! op made a slight mistake. instead of awesome he wrote awful for some reason.
  4. so far everything but the t-47 is very much playable and has a place on the board. i don't see why ffg would stop designing their models so well balanced. they are doing great so far. will there be blunders? no doubt! han doesn't look lie one at all. i think the best thing about han (by far!) will be his command card "reckless diversion.
  5. i've played one game so far, with 4 players (edit: we played 1600 points, with the usual grand army roster). it ran pretty much the same as a normal battle. during setup we not only removed the deployment cards, but we decided on the mission as well. all missions except "intercept the transmission" seem silly on the big table. i think that's all we changed. about increasing the amount of units that get orders - i don't think that's needed at all. we didn't do it and everything worked well. a little more confusion maybe, but that's to be expected in a larger battle.
  6. how do you reach the conclusion that "the attacker and defender cannot be in melee" actually means "the attacker and defender cannot be in melee with each other"? i don't see why that would be the case. like i said, i thought it would be the case, but this quote says otherwise. why omit "with each other" if that's what it's supoosed to say? is it a language thing, cause the way i read it there's a difference? not really sure i can agree with your overall point though. i grant that after rereading it's not that straightforward anymore and your quotes seem to imply it's possible. i fear it's another case where we have to wait for an official answer.
  7. seems pretty straightforward to me. it's not possible to mix those 2 types of attacks in 1 attack action. incidentally, this also forbids an attacker to fire on a target that is in melee, but not engaged. until checking this issue i assumed only engagement protects from being fired upon.
  8. if you think it's such a great advantage build smaller armies and be the blue player.
  9. the blue player can only be certain to have this mission if it's in the rightmost (is that even a word?) position and they use both their choices on the objective cards. that means the red player has a lot of influence on the game with the other 2 choices, with deployment probably having the biggest impact. it evens out quite nicely, even though there is still some advantage for the blue player. if that mission is not in the rightmost position, the red player can always eliminate it.
  10. do your opponents regularly use an at-st? yes, definitely worth it! take 2. do your oppenents usually play without an at-st? not really worth it, though they can be, under the right circumstanes.
  11. is saber throw on luke really that useful, considering he also has a (pretty good) pistol? sure, he loses impact and a die, but gains better dice in return. i don't see myself ever taking saber throw for luke, to be honest. those 2 force slots are too valuable for stuff other than pure damage (on armored targets, the pistol kills troopers nicely), reflexes, mind trick and push have to battle for these spots as it is.
  12. no, he can't. jump is a card action which also counts as a move action (for "charge" mostly). "however, a unit cannot perform the same card action more than once during it's activation." swl rules reference, p.17 so while more than 1 move actions would be allowed, "jump" is no move action. it is a card action. the phrase"this is treated as a move action." might be misleading, but the rules are clear.
  13. thanks, i must have missed that somehow.
  14. no need to worry, he is VERY strong. this is just one of his many useful features.
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