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  1. Of my decks: Empticate, the Antagonizer of Boys The Bombarding Commander-in-Chief
  2. I have quite a few of these in my decks and usually only get one or two procs in a game at best as it does have to survive the fight. Usually is better as a damage magnet to soak up hits off of other creatures. If you can pair this with a Guardian Demon you can get some better use out of it.
  3. Time for another decklist deep dive! This time with the popular sought-after 4 horseman deck. Is the hype worth it in this case? https://imgur.com/a3XjdNR Card Breakdown: 16 Creatures 18 Actions 2 Artifacts 0 Upgrades Power and Speed is the name of the game here. This deck can draw a lot of cards and play a lot of cards to get the ball rolling! Not much in the way of board clears, Save the Pack + Common Cold and Curiosity (I guess). It has some amount of Aember control in Sequis, Raiding Knight, Doorstep to Heaven, and Terms of Redress. There is some of Aember acceleration (Titan Mechanic, Oath of Poverty, Hunting Witch, Dust Pixie). There is some direct damage (Positron Bolt, Twin Bolt Emission, Mighty Tiger, Charge! And then there are tons of ways to cheat cards out of faction and even cheat Keys into play. On the surface, this looks like a toolbox deck that is a bit light on control, but digging deeper in, this is a deck that races to completion and does it’s hardest to reuse or cheat cards into play as fast as possible. Logos In this deck, Logos gives you pure acceleration. With Library Access and three (yes, three) Phase Shifts plus Wild Wormhole and Library of Babble really let you hit the throttle on being able to draw cards and drop creatures and actions onto the board. With this setup, you can just rip through the deck and setup a pretty oppressive board. The creatures are okay at best. Dr. Escotera is pretty bad, but at least it’s another body on the board. Ganymede Archivist is great and can help setup archives to bank some key cards (and draw faster). Titan Mechanic accelerates your gameplay even more with an Aember discount (also great with Key Charge) that you can fairly easily turn-off by either suiciding it or playing another creature when you don’t want to give the opponent a discount. You also do get some decent damage out of Positron Bolt and Twin Bolt Emission. Sloppy Labwork is also nice for setting up a great archive and ditching less than useful cards. Logs as support does it again! This will never happen, but just for some quick maths with Library Access between Phase Shift and Wormhole, you basically get 8 cards drawn and can potentially end up playing 4 out of faction cards. If you already have a solid hand of Logos cards, you can quite quickly cycle through a quarter of your deck or more while establishing solid board presence. Props if you can fire off Key Charge out of Logos (bonus props if you also have Titan Mechanic on the board)! Sanctum Here come the Horseman! With 7 creatures you can make massive use of Charge! to deal quite a bit of damage! Doorstep can give some decent Aember control and buy more time for this rushy deck. Oath of Poverty is also fantastic to push for the win, Library of Babble will eventually be less useful once you’ve already dumped most Logos cards and Epic Quest can be hard to pull off. Terms of Redress gives you more control with your beefy creatures! Remiel is solid off the bat and can trigger some fantastic cards like Ganymede Archivist, Mighty Tiger, or Witch of the Eye. The Horseman of course to Horseman things. War is pretty fantastic in this deck as you can quickly get out-of-faction cards into play with Logos and you have some decent fighters (Snufflegator, Mighty Tiger, Titan Mechanic, even Escotera and Niffle Ape). Famine helps clear enemies off of the board and is decent at getting rid of low-power Elusive creatures….but beware, there are several weak creatures in this deck as well. Pestilence is another way to clear weak creatures (or just to setup a Save the Pack!), but is a risk to your own critters. And Death of course lets you quickly cycle creatures back, which is great considering how fast you can draw your deck. Raiding Knight and Sequis give you a good bit of Aember control that helps push the rush game in your favor. Oath of Poverty also helps quite well in this regard as you can usually pull 3 Aember off of playing this card. Last but not least, Epic Quest. This is typically pretty hard to pull off…..but between Ganymede Archivist, Phase Shift + Library Access, Sloppy Labwork, Horseman of Death, Remiel+Witch of the Eye, and even Epic Quest itself, you have half a decent chance of setting this up quite quickly. You do only have 3 knights to archive, but that is still a good portion of the way there and you can fish other Sanctum cards out of your garbage with Horseman of Death. Obviously this deck won’t pull it off very frequently, but the thread is there and you can still just use it to play around board clears and even trash it to Oath of Poverty for decent Aember gain. Untamed There is a little lack of focus here, but this faction really helps push the rush game. Curiosity is mostly terrible, but can get sometimes do work (while also potentially killing two of your own creatures). Key Charge is just stupid good here. This deck has so much acceleration and ramp that you will probably be able to fire this off quite quickly. You even have the chance of firing this off in Logos with all of the Phase Shift non-sense that this deck can pull off. Bonus, you get a discount with Titan Mechanic! Save the Pack is the only real board clear, but it can be setup in a number of ways (Common Cold, Positron Bolt, Twin Bolt Emission, Horseman of Pestilenc, Charge!). Plus, as before, you have a decent shot of firing this out of Logos! Troop call is very anti-climactic with a single Niffle Ape, but at least it gives an Aember and can fish something out of the garbage (or save one creature from Save the Pack). Vigor is okay, I guess. Helps keep some creature alive and can gain some Aember. Snufflegator and Mighty Tiger are actually solid fighters and can help control the board. Hunting Witch, Dust Pixie, and Witch of the Eye are flat-out amazing! Given the fact that you can also get them on the field out of Logos and even trigger Witch of the Eye with Remiel is just bonkers! Conclusion This deck is FAST, just FAST. The goal here is just to rocket past your opponent with just enough Aember and board control to slow your opponent down and keep them honest. The Horsemen here really are to be a speed-bump and be enabler while keeping a board presence. Using Horseman of Death to help setup an Epic Quest can be quite silly. Horseman of Pestilence can enable Save the Pack. Horse of Famine can clear out weak enemies Elusive enemies (beware friendly fire). War can setup some decent out-of-faction fighters as well to help manage the board. All in all, this deck has a solid amount of Aember generation and speed-bumps to setup some quick forging of keys. Keyforge is a game about racing to the finish while tripping your opponent. This deck does both of those very well.
  4. nungunz

    Round Length

    In the Archon format, the 35 minute time limit has been fine, most of my games been around 20-25 minutes. In casual game nights, I have had issues where a player has been playing slower than I'd like. We were playing a casual tournament this weekend (single deck, single game) and my opponent and I ended up play three games in the first round because one of the tables took up a lot of time and the judge was being lenient in giving extra time. Not a huge deal as it was a casual event and I still just got to play more games. However, I tend to play fast and am very used to competitive environments. In a serious tournament, I very much feel that if a turn takes longer than 30-45 seconds tops (maybe 60-75 seconds if it is a very involved turn) you are doing something wrong.
  5. I did make a minor update as it is far easier to manage the Titan Mechanics that originally anticipated. You can easily play creatures on the flanks to turn the Titan Mechanics off and then either suicide attack with them or use your own direct damage actions to remove them when you want to turn the Titan Mechanics back on. This adds a lot more flexibility to the deck. You can even play the "must kill" creatures on the flanks so your opponent is forced to turn the Titan Mechanics back on for you.
  6. The Mars creature that lets you deal damage when you reap or fight and then purge if the creature is destroyed (not sure the name of the creature) also has some weird play with Bad Penny. I'm not sure of the order of operations there.
  7. Some say that he never reaps, and that he turns his enemy's corpses into Aember. All we know is he’s called the Stig! https://imgur.com/F2KkUrQ Here is my second Decklist Deep Dive, and it is Stig, Monzaline Stonemason! This was the deck my SO pulled for the pre-release event, and holy crap is it a swarming, smashing, Aember looting deck of death. This deck does one thing, and one thing well. Swarm the field with creatures and murder everything the opponent has while looting their precious Aember. Oh, you opponent managed to kill all your creatures? Just Reverse Time and do it all again. The is very little stealing, capturing, or really any form of Aember control. The goal is to fight your way to victory….and if there are no enemy creatures, just reap whatever else you need. Card Breakdown: · 16 Creatures (5 Brobnar, 5 Untamed, 6 Logos) · 4 Artifacts · 1 Upgrade · 15 Actions This deck rarely has a need to reap, but can do so if it there is nothing to fight. There is limited control (aside from direct damage), and no real stalling mechanisms. Everything in here just screams Aggro. With the addition to the goofy Logos contribution, you have a high-risk high-reward setup that can even ramp your (and your opponent’s) ability to forge keys. This deck does not play the long game well, so it needs to recklessly charge ahead and Smaash everything in its path. Brobnar The major house driving this deck. Finding the Warchest as soon as possible is huge, with all the big creatures and direct damage actions in-faction you can easily wipe the enemy’s board…..combined with Loot the Bodies, you can make a stupid amount of Aember just killing things. Anger lets you attack (or reap, I guess) with a creature right out of hand or let you use a creature twice if it’s already on the board. Lava Ball and Punch hit like a truck and pair amazingly well with Loot the Bodies (be careful, though, they do not proc Warchest). Screechbomb is one of the very few control cards in the deck, but once it’s down, you can use it while setting up another house. Reverse Time can also let you potentially use if again fairly quickly. Barehanded is niche, but gets rid of pesky artifacts (yours too, so be careful) and places them on the top of the deck and slows the game down a bit, though it is usually just played for the Aember gain. The creatures are all big and beefy and almost all can deal bonus direct damage. Firespitter is great and helps stock up Loot the Bodies against weaker enemies (or even enemies that have been damaged by, say, Laval Ball’s splash and help setup a Save the Pack bomb. Remember that Hebe the Huge and Firespitter’s special abilities DO NOT trigger the Warchest, but do trigger Loot the Bodies. Both of them also pairs really nicely with Save the Pack (though Hebe takes some finesse). Untamed This is the second combo enabler of the deck. With Full Moon and Hunting Witch, you get loads of Aember playing creatures that can get loads of Aember when they start smashing stuff. Witch of the Eye also lets you get some awesome key cards back (Common Cold, Cooperative Hunting, Save the Pack). The Snufflegator is not a bad skirmisher, but sadly will never proc the Warchest or Loot the Bodies, so it is really just another body on the board. But hey, any free Aember off Hunting Witch or Full Moon while also adding to Cooperative Hunting is just gravy. By itself it isn’t great, but the synergy with other cards is ridiculous. Ancient Bear falls into the same category as Snufflegator. Not great on its own (because you really want to be fighting out of Brobnar), but it is decent at fighting and combos really well off of other untamed cards. Flaxia is a great one-shot Aember gain and you can quickly suicide attack with her and then pull her back with a Reverse time. And once again, combos great with the other untamed cards. Common Cold and Cooperative Hunting are fantastic and combo with Save the Pack (though you have a decent chance of nuking your own cards with Common Cold + Save the Pack). If you can play Common Cold + Save the Pack into dropping several creatures, you’ve made a great trade. Ritual of Balance is a bit “meh”, as at best you will probably fire it twice, but can be hard to do as you need to play Untamed just as you opponent is about to forge a key and that may not be the best use. It’s also a huge non-bo with Titan Mechanic. Grasping Vines is okay as there are some nasty Artifacts out there, but is mostly just a stalling mechanic. Key Charge can be hit or miss, though it pairs crazy well with Titan Mechanics if you can get a stockpile of Aember and just rush out your opponent. You can easily use this as a closer (though situational) and quickly get two keys in a turn. Logos This is the decks support faction, but boy oh boy is it risky as heck to play. We’ll start off immediately with the elephant in the room: Titan Mechanic. With three copies of this card, you are going to be playing them at some point. Holy smokes is this the definition of reckless abandon in this deck. Ideally, you will want to play these when you know your opponent can’t forge on their next turn and set yourself up with a discount; major props if you already have a key and can combo yourself into a Key Charge next turn for a quick win. You can mitigate the downside by playing creatures on the flanks for the next turn. Otherwise, you will want to suicide attack with these guys on the next turn (strength 6 makes this hard to do), or try and use Save the Pack to get rid of them. Or you just cross your fingers and race your opponent to victory. I kind of love that this card is in the deck as it really, really, plays to the deck’s reckless aggro. Research Smoko and Ganymede Archivist can help you stockpile up for a massive Untamed or Brobnar turn. Common Cold + Save the Pack into a bunch of creatures on the board, anyone? Batdrone is one of the few stealing cards in the deck, but can be fairly lackluster as you don’t typically call house logos a lot. Rocket Boots is flat-out amazing, especially on the Witch of the Eye or something like Firespitter. Ganyemede Archivist or Batdrone aren't bad choices either. Neuro Siphon is a great play after you forge a key and quickly moves you to towards you next key. Library of Babble is okay, mostly good just to clear cards out of your deck/discard pile, but card draw is always welcome if you pull another Logos card. Foggify protects your creatures, but really isn’t great as you might as well just call Untamed or Brobnar and fight anyway. It’s mostly useful when setting up for another Logos turn next with the Batdrone, Ganymede Archvist, or Smoko. Positron Bolt is a solid damage dealer, but it doesn’t proc Loot the Bodies or Warchest so really it’s there for you to setup your Untamed/Brobnar if you don’t have them already in play. Reverse Time is FANTASTIC as it lets you quickly cycle your best cards back in your deck and quickly get to a second shuffle. It’s just great to keep the Untamed and Brobnar train moving along. Conclusion This deck is an all-out creature playing, opponent murdering rushing aggro deck. It capitalizes on high-risk, high-reward play and even has ways to let you deal with the ramp cards (Titan Mechanic). You have very little control so you need to press onward and can’t let your opponent generate Aember on their own, because there is very little you can do to slow them down. This is a very interactive deck and turns every game into a race against the clock, forcing your opponent to deal with your creatures instead of being able to just ignore them. It does not do as well against creature-light decks and does have problems generating Aember against Elusive creatures as you can’t easily or efficiently Warchest them. However, Elusive isn't terrible to deal with as you do have a lot of answers to get them off the board (Lava Ball, Hebe the Huge, Firespitter, Cooperative Hunting, Positron Bolt) and you can occasionally get some Loot the Bodies money off of them. Overall, this is a very fun and fast-paced deck to play.
  8. https://imgur.com/i6QnFxP So my prerelease deck ended up with a pretty entertaining name, but I wanted to put the deck list up as well and do a deep-dive into the card list. Don't let the deck name fool you, it has Antagonized everyone I've played it against. So far for this deck I am 6-0 (4 at the pre-released event and 2 with my SO). Overall, this feels like a very strong control deck that loves to dictate when your opponent can forge keys. It is a toolbox of a deck that needs to dig for answers while controlling your opponent to setup a power turn. Card breakdown: · 12 Creatures (5 Dis, 3 Logos, 4 Shadows) · 2 Artifacts · 1 Upgrade · 21 Actions Right away, this deck feels very light on creatures (I’ve seen mostly 14-16 creature decks), however, many creatures are Elusive, you do get a Shadow Self to help soak damage, and you even have an amazing healer/damage dealer/reaper in the Guardian Demon. I rarely ever attack with the creatures in the deck and usually just end up reaping. Most of the action cards are great at controlling the board so there really isn’t a need to fight, but the Reaper of Souls does loves to fight. Finally, there are very few duplicates so the consistency does feel a bit lacking, but you usually have enough cards in your toolbox to handle most situations. House Dis Dis does not have a ton of synergy with the rest of the cards in this deck, you usually end up calling out house Dis occasionally to help manage the board state until you drop the Gateway with a big power play. You have your single board-wipe card with Gateway to Dis. Usually I want to hold off on playing Dis early (does negate the Dominator Bauble a bit) because you really want to be able to follow-up Hand of Dis with a strong board presence. This deck lets you do that with the high percentage of Dis creatures. However, using Hand of Dis, Fear, Gongoozle, Succubus, and Snudge earlier to help control the flow and speed of the game is useful. The Dominator Bauble is not as useful as it doesn’t play with the Gateway to Dis bomb and you often don’t have a lot of creatures that are all that useful of a proc. Ozmo can be great, but you would usually just get an extra reap (nothing to shake a stick at) or get an attack with an Elusive creature (also nothing to shake a stick at). I do usually end up playing this card as a “why not”, but I don’t think I’ve ever triggered it. Key Hammer is not a useful card. Really you will only play it for the Aember as there is no decent way to follow up and bring the opponent back under the forge threshold. The edge case I can see is if your opponent has a card that increases forge costs for everyone or if Shooler can bring their total to less than the forge threshold. I’ve only ever used this to gain one Aember. The creatures are pretty decent with Shooler probably being one of the weakest (and that is saying something). Snudge and Stealer of Souls lets you maintain control of the board after Gateway to Dis while generating Aember. The Guardian Demon is just amazing and keeps the Stealer of Souls healthy while dealing damage and generating Aember (seriously, it is stupid good and a great target for Rocket Boots). However, be careful when healing as if the enemy has no creatures and you choose to heal, you must damage your own creatures. Succubus is also just a great control card to slow down the opponent. As a thought, all of the Dis cards are great targets for you Archive abilities as this helps the capitalize on the Gateway to Dis bomb. House Dis is usually your finisher and once you Gateway, you are probably calling house Dis for the rest of the game (until your creatures die) Shadows Yeah…Bait and Switch is in here, ‘nuff said. In all seriousness, though, you have a ridiculous amount of control in Shadows here. Oubliette lets you just delete a creature from the game (Hunting Witch, Witch of the Eye, any S3 creature with armor or taunt). Never Blast steals Aember AND deals damage. Lights Out removes scary board presence for at least one turn. Miasma controls when your opponent is allowed to forge a key and lets you steal for longer (plus can setup a ridiculous Bait and Switch or Too Much to Protect turn). Protect the Weak (combined with cards like Madga the Rat, Urchin, and Nerve Blast) can easily prevent your opponent from forging. Bait and Switch is just gross and you have so many ways to enable massive Aember swings. Imperial Traitor is interesting. One Aember and being able to look at the opponent’s hand is decent. I can let you potentially spot things coming in the next turn and can even help setup a next turn Control the Weak. Against an Archon with Sanctum this can be just crippling as with no effort you can just delete a creature with no risk to you. Hitting a horseman or something big with taunt/shields or a combo character is just dirty. Creatures are mostly Elusive and can steal Aember. Magda is fantastic and the Shadow Self really makes your Elusive creatures even more annoying. The Macis Asp is also one of your few creatures that can outside of your removal abilities that can knock out big or shielded enemies, though often your opponent will use up their direct damage or chump creature to try to take it out (also not bad). Not a ton of creatures, but they are all annoying and can generate a good amount Aember. Logos Logos fills a weird role in this deck. Like always, they are very “supporty”. There are several direct damage abilities in Positorn Bolt and Twin Bolt Emission. Phase Shift lets you setup some other cards and clear stuff out of your hand (Dominator Bauble is great). Wild Wormhole is a world of yolo, but it’s goofy and fun. The most fun I’ve had was Wild Wormholing into a Bait and Switch, though this can easily backfire. Archiving cards to setup for a massive Dis or Shadows turn through Sloppy Labwork and Labwork are good, even the discard from Sloppy Labwork isn’t really that much of a bad thing if you are looking to quickly cycling cards. Rocket Boots are solid and pair amazingly well with the Guardian Demon, Stealer of Souls, and Ozmo, but even getting a double reap out of most creatures are useful. Library of Babble is okay, it’s really there to hopefully luck into another Logos card, but getting a card out of your deck for the next shuffle is bad. For creatures, Mother is great overall, keep her on the field and just reap while drawing cards. Dropping her next to a Shadow Self isn’t bad. Research Smoko is really just a 2-power suicide bomber that archives a card, you don’t get to choose what is archived, but additional cards in your pseudo-hand are always good. Ozmo is also just weird, overall he’s a worse Urchin, but if your opponent has Mars cards, drop rocket boots on him and they will have a really rough day. Conclusion This is a very solid deck just from the annoying Shadows cards. It will be generating most of your Aember by stealing and playing cards while controlling the opponents with actions. It doesn’t have a lot of consistency, but there are a lot of tools in the deck. Logos allows the deck to cycle cards faster to get the tools and combo pieces into. Dis has a lot of control and a nasty bomb turn that they can spring with the right tools in place. Shadows has a lot of manipulation and stealing abilities and is a general pain in the neck. As long as cards keep getting cycled through the deck (if at least 3 cards aren’t being cycled a turn, this deck tends to stall out), it has an answer to what opponents can throw at it.
  9. nungunz

    Partial movement?

    In addition to what NeonWolf said, for non-compulsory moves you can also elect to make a partial move. So any unit taking a normal move action may use any speed template equal to or lower than its maximum speed and they may also make a partial move with the chosen template. Vehicles may also pivot instead of using the template during a normal move action.
  10. nungunz

    Activating units

    1. No. Command Range is only for issuing orders. Drawing a command token and avtivating a unit is not related to issuing orders. 2. As long as a single miniature in the unit is at range 1-3, the entire unit is considered to be in command range.
  11. Activating a unit has nothing to do with command range. All units will activate in a round whether by having an order issued or by drawing a token.
  12. nungunz

    Harpoon question

    Did you land a hit or crit? Rolling a single hit against Speeder Bikes does nothing because they just cancel it with "Cover 1". To use the harpoon special you need to have them in range 2 of your rear arc, need to roll a crit (12.5% chance), and you need to get past their defense roll (total of 8.3% chance). It's definitely doable, but hard to pull off (once every 12 attack rolls on average assuming you get them in the firing arc and range) If you did pull that off, can I trade my dice for yours?
  13. Love the report! What are your thoughts against enemies not using AT-STs with the LasCan RTs? Looked they worked well holding down the ST. Kinda confirms my initial opinion that LasCan are really only worth it in pairs and if they exclusively hunt non-speeder armor. Against anything other than STs and RTs without cover/dodge the Rotrary is just better in general (except for the range 4 pot-shots, which is definitely worth something).
  14. Unfortunately sarcasm isn't easily conveyed via post. Definitely agree that it is sad. I always figure the Stormtrooper Corp is similar to US Marine Corp and the Imperial Army (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Army_trooper) to be you rank and file GIs.
  15. If you had to use those white die E-11s, you'd miss all the time too! No matter how much you increased your Precise skill with training those rickety blasters would come back to bite you! Just give to stormies an A280 and watch them work!
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