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  1. nungunz

    New Painter

    Start with Sorastro's tutorials. They are very helpful (though for white armor, look at the Clone Troopers video).
  2. The mooks that make up the bulk of the Empire’s army. Basically these are you US Army GIs and the stormtroopers are your US marine corp https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Army_trooper
  3. Do you have an army list you usually use? If we see that, we can help with strategies and maybe provide some suggestions for tweaking the list if needed. Clones are tough and hit hard, but are few in number. They are also relatively new to the game so we’re still figuring out counter plays.
  4. Yeah, Protection is really rough in single player at tHe moment. I’m hoping Ms. Marvel brings some solid cards to shore it up. BP has some built in AoE that really helps and the retaliate is nice as well so he can deal with minions rather well. With Spider-man you really can’t be afraid to frequently use swinging web kick a lot...even to remove minions like Melter is worth it if you don’t have Haymaker + Spidey or an ally for the final two damage. Take every opportunity you can to hit the nemesis and take minion hits it they aren’t too nasty.
  5. Here is another deck list! The last one I posted ended up being pretty popular for the core-set only solo play build. I used Peter Parker/Spider-man again; this time with the Protection aspect. If you want to make solo, expert mode even harder...the protection aspect is the way to go because threat management is hard (especially with any acceleration tokens in play). Here is the list: https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/151/can-you-get-back-up-solo-play-expert-mode-1.0
  6. 1. No, only the actions or abilities on the side that is currently face up can be triggered. 2. No, if there were any restrictions on the event, it would be written on the card. You could use For Justice and then attack as Spider-Man. Not that if the Hero were confused, the effect of For Justice would be cancelled and the Confused status discarded. 3. No, you could still trigger them. See above. 4. Unless otherwise stated all damage from one source is applied to the same target. You could target different enemies with different attack instances.
  7. This is not correct. Page 5 of the RRG, last bullet point. Since a card controller by the Player with the Spider-Man/Peter Parker identity is defending that player is now the target of the attack. Since that Player’s identity is on alter-ego and the alter-ego can’t be attacked, the Overkill does nothing.
  8. In general you cannot choose an action that does not change the board state. Black Panther: If you cannot discard a Black Panther upgrade because you don’t have one, you cannot choose this. If Black Panther or T’challa is exhausted you also cannot choose the other option in which case nothing happens and the obligation is discarded. Iron Man: Same answer as above. If you cannot choose any of the actions because they do not change the board state, nothing happens and the obligation is discarded.
  9. As a heads up, you can’t be attacked while you are in alter-ego form so this situation cannot occur. How did you end up in this situation?
  10. All, sorry, my marvelcdb profile was set to private so the decklist didn't share. I still haven't found much use for this at this point as I'm usually only at 2 Allies....or I can quickly get rid of someone like Maria Hill with a Thwart action and then drop Nick onto the board. Once more allies are available, Triskelion gets better. Right now I am only considering adding it in to thin the deck on future shuffles and clear a "Power of Leadership" out of the deck. Very good point! Spaced on this one. I updated the decklist permissions. I'm running 40 cards, the extra encounter card hasn't been too detrimental at this point. For "Make the Call" I could see this going both ways since "Make the Call". Paying the cost is very clear, 2 (Maria) or 4 (Vision). However "The Power of Leadership" does not specify that it applies to playing cards, just paying for Leadership cards, which both the characters and Make the Call are. It is also unclear on if the character cost is a modifier to Make the Call or standalone. This combo was also disccussed on BGG here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2300227/card-interaction-question-make-call-and-power-lead. I'm not 100% sure on this and will submit a rules question to FFG. I did update the decklist here: I dropped the Mansion because I play it maybe once every two or three games due to cost. It always ends up being a "Well I have nothing better to do" card. I picked up an extra Make the Call because sometime I end up pitching allies for energy or to draw more cards because I couldn't afford them early on (Nick Fury, Mocking Bird, and Vision being culprits). I also switched Emergency for Haymaker because Emergency was too niche and I am rarely in alter ego form and Haymaker is still an energy resource. Finally, I am also heavily considering dropping one Power of Leadership just to thin the deck down on future shuffles since Power of Leadership tends to only be worth 1 resource anyway...and Triskelion is an energy resource so it can be fed to Vision. Updated list: https://marvelcdb.com/deck/view/2730
  11. So I have been playing a lot of solo games as my fiancé has been extremely busy with work. I love tweaking and optimizing decks woth Netrunner, Arkham Horror, and L5R being some of the previous LCGs I’ve played. In my experience so far, a solo game averages around 15 minutes so I can usually get 3-5 games in an hour. I’d love to share some of the decks that I’ve been tweaking. For the most part I’ve focus on Spider-Man and try to get 3 or 4 games against each villain (Expert Mode) in my experimentation. Unfortunately currently we are very limited in card pool so there isn’t a lot to tweak. Here is what I am currently at for Spider-Man (Leadership) for solo play: https://marvelcdb.com/deck/view/2730 Aside from the required cards, three copies of Inspired are added. It’s cheap and there are a lot of Allies to attach to really boosts effectiveness (Black Cat is nuts). All of the available allies are used since this deck. Mocking Bird is pricey, but essentially provides two “blocks” and two thwart/attack so a cheaper “Webbed Up” with more utility. Hawkeye is golden against Minion heavy decks like Klaw or Ultron, but can clog up space on the bench, also sometimes make pulling off a Spider Tracker difficult. Maria Hill is a card draw and thwart 4 (or thwart 2 and a block) for two resources...not bad. Vision is very pricey and forces you to add extra energy resources to the deck when other cards may be better. But between his ability, get ready, inspired, and lead from the front he can get some insane turns. Nick Fury is difficult to keep in the deck with his price and you can’t keep him around with heals. Useful for a burst and a block, but he is definitely a flex card that could be dropped. Helicarrier and Mansion are the only supports and only 1-of. You really don’t want to see more than one copy a game. Mansion is expensive, but useful to draw into cards and help fuel resources. However, this could be cut in favor of something else. Emergency is not great and is primarily in here because it is cheap, provides an energy resource for Vision, and helps manage threat a bit. It is situational and could be subbed for Haymaker. First Aid keeps Vision and Hawkeye in the fight. Three cards is too many and one card means you may not see it when you need it so two copies it is. Could also be used to patch up Spider-Man in a pinch. Get Ready is fantastic and cheap. Goes great with Inspired and Lead from the Front. Lead From the Front is a slightly high price with zero to one ally. But with Inspired and Get Ready it can be a game changer! Only two copies because of the cost and the situational use. Could possibly be a 1-of. Remember that the bonus also applies to the Hero and not just the allies. Make the Call can be good, but it is basically an resource tax to play an ally from the discard. Can be very strong, but I’ve usually by the time I am ready to play it, I’m most of the way through my deck. Whenever I’ve had more than one copy they’ve been tossed into the bin for a resource early on in the game. Possibly worth a 2-of. I am not a fan of the resource cards really....or at least having too many resource cards. The “Power of Blank” cards tend to just clutter the deck in my opinion and only be worth one energy. But with the limited card pool I don’t really have a better idea other than cramming in more energy resource cards to feed to vision. Notable Exclusions: The Triskellion: Not once have I run into a situation where I felt I have needed this. At best it thins the deck or provides an energy....but other cards do that and have a useful effect from the same price or lower.
  12. Of my decks: Empticate, the Antagonizer of Boys The Bombarding Commander-in-Chief
  13. I have quite a few of these in my decks and usually only get one or two procs in a game at best as it does have to survive the fight. Usually is better as a damage magnet to soak up hits off of other creatures. If you can pair this with a Guardian Demon you can get some better use out of it.
  14. Time for another decklist deep dive! This time with the popular sought-after 4 horseman deck. Is the hype worth it in this case? https://imgur.com/a3XjdNR Card Breakdown: 16 Creatures 18 Actions 2 Artifacts 0 Upgrades Power and Speed is the name of the game here. This deck can draw a lot of cards and play a lot of cards to get the ball rolling! Not much in the way of board clears, Save the Pack + Common Cold and Curiosity (I guess). It has some amount of Aember control in Sequis, Raiding Knight, Doorstep to Heaven, and Terms of Redress. There is some of Aember acceleration (Titan Mechanic, Oath of Poverty, Hunting Witch, Dust Pixie). There is some direct damage (Positron Bolt, Twin Bolt Emission, Mighty Tiger, Charge! And then there are tons of ways to cheat cards out of faction and even cheat Keys into play. On the surface, this looks like a toolbox deck that is a bit light on control, but digging deeper in, this is a deck that races to completion and does it’s hardest to reuse or cheat cards into play as fast as possible. Logos In this deck, Logos gives you pure acceleration. With Library Access and three (yes, three) Phase Shifts plus Wild Wormhole and Library of Babble really let you hit the throttle on being able to draw cards and drop creatures and actions onto the board. With this setup, you can just rip through the deck and setup a pretty oppressive board. The creatures are okay at best. Dr. Escotera is pretty bad, but at least it’s another body on the board. Ganymede Archivist is great and can help setup archives to bank some key cards (and draw faster). Titan Mechanic accelerates your gameplay even more with an Aember discount (also great with Key Charge) that you can fairly easily turn-off by either suiciding it or playing another creature when you don’t want to give the opponent a discount. You also do get some decent damage out of Positron Bolt and Twin Bolt Emission. Sloppy Labwork is also nice for setting up a great archive and ditching less than useful cards. Logs as support does it again! This will never happen, but just for some quick maths with Library Access between Phase Shift and Wormhole, you basically get 8 cards drawn and can potentially end up playing 4 out of faction cards. If you already have a solid hand of Logos cards, you can quite quickly cycle through a quarter of your deck or more while establishing solid board presence. Props if you can fire off Key Charge out of Logos (bonus props if you also have Titan Mechanic on the board)! Sanctum Here come the Horseman! With 7 creatures you can make massive use of Charge! to deal quite a bit of damage! Doorstep can give some decent Aember control and buy more time for this rushy deck. Oath of Poverty is also fantastic to push for the win, Library of Babble will eventually be less useful once you’ve already dumped most Logos cards and Epic Quest can be hard to pull off. Terms of Redress gives you more control with your beefy creatures! Remiel is solid off the bat and can trigger some fantastic cards like Ganymede Archivist, Mighty Tiger, or Witch of the Eye. The Horseman of course to Horseman things. War is pretty fantastic in this deck as you can quickly get out-of-faction cards into play with Logos and you have some decent fighters (Snufflegator, Mighty Tiger, Titan Mechanic, even Escotera and Niffle Ape). Famine helps clear enemies off of the board and is decent at getting rid of low-power Elusive creatures….but beware, there are several weak creatures in this deck as well. Pestilence is another way to clear weak creatures (or just to setup a Save the Pack!), but is a risk to your own critters. And Death of course lets you quickly cycle creatures back, which is great considering how fast you can draw your deck. Raiding Knight and Sequis give you a good bit of Aember control that helps push the rush game in your favor. Oath of Poverty also helps quite well in this regard as you can usually pull 3 Aember off of playing this card. Last but not least, Epic Quest. This is typically pretty hard to pull off…..but between Ganymede Archivist, Phase Shift + Library Access, Sloppy Labwork, Horseman of Death, Remiel+Witch of the Eye, and even Epic Quest itself, you have half a decent chance of setting this up quite quickly. You do only have 3 knights to archive, but that is still a good portion of the way there and you can fish other Sanctum cards out of your garbage with Horseman of Death. Obviously this deck won’t pull it off very frequently, but the thread is there and you can still just use it to play around board clears and even trash it to Oath of Poverty for decent Aember gain. Untamed There is a little lack of focus here, but this faction really helps push the rush game. Curiosity is mostly terrible, but can get sometimes do work (while also potentially killing two of your own creatures). Key Charge is just stupid good here. This deck has so much acceleration and ramp that you will probably be able to fire this off quite quickly. You even have the chance of firing this off in Logos with all of the Phase Shift non-sense that this deck can pull off. Bonus, you get a discount with Titan Mechanic! Save the Pack is the only real board clear, but it can be setup in a number of ways (Common Cold, Positron Bolt, Twin Bolt Emission, Horseman of Pestilenc, Charge!). Plus, as before, you have a decent shot of firing this out of Logos! Troop call is very anti-climactic with a single Niffle Ape, but at least it gives an Aember and can fish something out of the garbage (or save one creature from Save the Pack). Vigor is okay, I guess. Helps keep some creature alive and can gain some Aember. Snufflegator and Mighty Tiger are actually solid fighters and can help control the board. Hunting Witch, Dust Pixie, and Witch of the Eye are flat-out amazing! Given the fact that you can also get them on the field out of Logos and even trigger Witch of the Eye with Remiel is just bonkers! Conclusion This deck is FAST, just FAST. The goal here is just to rocket past your opponent with just enough Aember and board control to slow your opponent down and keep them honest. The Horsemen here really are to be a speed-bump and be enabler while keeping a board presence. Using Horseman of Death to help setup an Epic Quest can be quite silly. Horseman of Pestilence can enable Save the Pack. Horse of Famine can clear out weak enemies Elusive enemies (beware friendly fire). War can setup some decent out-of-faction fighters as well to help manage the board. All in all, this deck has a solid amount of Aember generation and speed-bumps to setup some quick forging of keys. Keyforge is a game about racing to the finish while tripping your opponent. This deck does both of those very well.
  15. nungunz

    Round Length

    In the Archon format, the 35 minute time limit has been fine, most of my games been around 20-25 minutes. In casual game nights, I have had issues where a player has been playing slower than I'd like. We were playing a casual tournament this weekend (single deck, single game) and my opponent and I ended up play three games in the first round because one of the tables took up a lot of time and the judge was being lenient in giving extra time. Not a huge deal as it was a casual event and I still just got to play more games. However, I tend to play fast and am very used to competitive environments. In a serious tournament, I very much feel that if a turn takes longer than 30-45 seconds tops (maybe 60-75 seconds if it is a very involved turn) you are doing something wrong.
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