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  1. Any hopes for 2nd edition, similar to GoT BG...?
  2. Hi all, Just one question, does huge ships start with their energy bar filled or with 0 energy, and have to fill it from the beginning? Cheers, U.
  3. Hello FFG , I was wondering if there is possibility to revive a classic PC game "Wing commander" in a skirmish-like game (close to X-Wing). Don't know about IP's status and who's holding it, but it would be a blast. Also, it could be expanded into campaign (Humans vs Kilrathi) or something along Privateer line as well. Thanks, U.
  4. Still interested in this idea , and strongly believe there is a player base here, along with X-wing/Wings of war players...
  5. Just wanted to write the same thing! +1 support from me!
  6. How does the old Sympathizer card relates with new Resurrection ship location (in the Pegasus Expansion). In the core game, if the resources were all blue, you would go to resurrection ship location, and not geting any super crisis card. But changed cylon locations in Pegasus offers you when you reach resurrection ship to draw super crisis card as an action. Can sympathizer do that? Also, if a player is in brig, can he use skill cards which are used in movement phase (like preventvie policy) because its stade that in brig u cannont move.. thnx
  7. Sinis said: This has some interesting consequences, if Helo executive orders a player, Helo might reroll something. If another player uses executive order on Roslin, she may not look at the top two crises and pick one when they crisis step arrives. Im not sure im totally following you on this one. If its Helo's turn and he XO's someone, he might reroll something how? during the drawing and resolving crisis cards? I understand if someone XO's Roslin that she's not looking at Destiny Deck, because technically its not her turn. So basically u can XO one (and it can be all th same) person as long as its once in a player's turn, right?
  8. Hi everybody, just wanted to ask you all a question about meaning of "turn"in cards mention above. Is it a absolute turn (in a way its starting with the player who played first at the beginning of the game) or is it relative one (meaning u calculate the turn starting from the player who used card) ? Its nor really clear in rulebook or on the cards themselves, regards Q
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