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  1. Received my copy of Cave Troll through the FFG Holiday Sale and found that it came missing 1 Red Adventurer (only have 8 instead of 9). Not a huge deal as I can't imagine ever getting all 9 adventurers out at once and its not like I'm missing one of the unique characters. But nevertheless, wouldn't mind having the complete components. Anything I can do to get my 9th Red Adventurer? Thanks!
  2. My friends and I have also been hoping to see a new expansion for this! For me the main things would be: 1 - New Characters - 2 or 3 atleast, to add some more variety. Also, more starting and advanced quests for them would be nice. 2 - New Missions - Either additional ones or a new deck to completely replace the existing ones. Not a huge fan how easy/hard some of the missions are. Such as Sauron easily blocking the Heroes from having 2 or less Monster Tokens on the board. A New Missions system where you have multiple missions (Primary and Secondary) would be cool. 3 - Final Battle Fix - For us the final battle is a bit lacking. Only 1 player and the only thing Sauron can do is simply keep the Wraiths alive as you have no chance of killing a hero unless they sent in the hero with 5 corruptions. 4 - The Witch King Fix - Out of the many times we have played I think there has been 1 battle against the Witch King. He comes in too late and moves to slow to have a great impact. I actually like it when expansions tack on new rules, better if they are "optional" so that people who don't want to use them don't have to. Only other comment from my group is the movement system. I actually like it, but one of my friends finds it way to limiting and I can see where he is coming from. I had an idea of adding some 6-sided dice into the game. During a character's movement a player could discard a card and roll a die. There would be several different colored dice depending on the terrain type on the card discarded. These dice would have terrain symbols on them that a character could use that turn (at any point) instead of the card they discarded. Note though that it is a bit of a gamble as 1 or 2 sides of the die could be blank. There's alot you could do with this and its somewhat similiar to the runebound movement as far as the dice go.
  3. My friends and I are all huge Song of Ice and Fire fans, but between all of us we don't own any games that are strickly 2 player and I don't see this changing that. I truly hope its eventually expanded into a 4+ player game, at which time it will immediately be picked up by one of us. Same thing with the Horus Heresey game, we are big Warhammer fans, but if we are going to play a 2 player game we'll actually play Warhammer
  4. My friends have learned not to play Argalad, the elf, when I play Sauron (well atleast the smart ones have). I easy incapacitate him every game by simply sending the Mouth of Sauron after him. Between the corruptione each combat and the number of 'Charge' cards in the Zealot deck, the elf rarely gets anything off as his 4:1 ranged:melee ratio causes me to cancel most of his ranged cards with my charges. And even when the other heroes come to the aid of Argalad to take out the Mouth of Sauron, I am then placing plots on the other side of the board and setting up monsters, being sure to put any Zealots in Argalad's path.
  5. I agree on all accounts. My friends and I LOVE this game, but find it needs more. Main things it needs more of is Missions; Characters; and Starting/Advanced Quests. Also, the Finale mechanic could use a bit of reworking. I also think it would be cool to add a mechanic for a 5th player, this 5th player would on Saurons side and could control the minions using a new mechanic. Heck, they could even make it so the minions played similar to the heroes and you could have 2 sauron players controlling a few minions each.
  6. Having played both MEQ and WoW:tBG, in terms of Setup, Downtime and House Keeping MEQ is much better. SETUP: There are a decent amount of decks and tokens to be shuffled/setup in MEQ, but one thing that has helped me in all my games is organizers. For MEQ I purchased a drawer organizer for $12 at Staples. It has 6 small trays, 3 medium trays and 1 large tray that all lock together. The MEQ box fits all 6 small, 1 medium and the 1 large (could also do 3 medium and no large). I place all the tokens in the smaller cups; all the heroes, minions and characetrs in the medium tray; and I made my own divider for the large tray to sort the cards so I don't need to use ziploc baggies. Anyway, even without that setup of MEQ is much quicker setup over WoW. DOWNTIME: Generally not an issue in MEQ, since your actions directly involve the other side. When the heroes are going, Sauron has to pay attention and will be directly involved either through using Shadow Cards or fighting with Monsters/Minions, so for Sauron there is 0 downtime (I have a hard time finding a good spot to room to the bathroom!). For the heroes, there is a bit more downtime, but its not horrible. During Sauron's turns you should be paying attention to his moves and confer on strategy with the other heroes. During the other hero turns we generally find the same discussions going on about what to do. Greatest downtime is during battles that another hero has with Sauron, but those are relatively quick. HOUSE KEEPING: Again not bad at all compared to WoW as all the house keeping actions generally affect both the heroes and Sauron, so you should be paying attention. That and they are relatively quick, at most you are placing either 1 character and 1 favor or 2 favor on the board and resolving some quick text during the encounter phase. As far as game-length goes, my group is somewhere in the 3-4 hour range. But, we have not played it a ton, less than 10 plays, and have been getting quicker with each play. Also, the last time we played contained a 1st time player (never played before) and a 1st time Sauron (played a hero, but not sauron). It took about 45-60min for setup and explaining rules to both the new player and the new Sauron, but once we started the game was actually under 3 hours. So we are definately getting quicker.
  7. Haha, yea it was! There are quite a few encounters like this, one says search the Common Item deck for a Shotgun item. I never knew if we should reshuffle or not. After the double Eldar Sign game (where we lost anyway) I figured we'd start reshuffling, but wondering if there was an official rule (if so I can't find it).
  8. I'm curious if the item decks are suppose to be reshuffled when you get a card that states to look through the X deck for Y item and take it. For example, there is an encounter that will allow you to search through the Unique Items deck and take the 1st Tome there. Once you do so should the unique items deck be reshuffled? If not, then you will know what some of the cards at the top of the deck are. In a game a last week this happened, so I started going through the Unique Items deck looking for the 1st Tome. The top 2 cards were Elder Signs! Since I saw them and we didn't reshuffle the deck we made sure no one went shopping at the Curiosity Shop until someone got a Unique Item from an encounter. Did we play this correctly? Or should we have reshuffled?
  9. I agree that there is nothing stopping you from saying your card was not picked. It makes no sense if you left a distance 3 card on top and the Admiral chose a distance 1. Now you know the Admiral is a Cylon, but can't say why? On the other side, if you left a distance 1 on top and the Admiral pulls the 2 cards and sees the top is a distance 1, he knows you are a Cylon, and while he can't give specifics about the card he can certainly say that you left a bad card on top. Basically, you can accuse the admiral of choosing a "bad" card, since you know the other one was "good". Likewise the Admiral could accuse you of leaving a "bad" card on top.
  10. Before Pegasus the Cylons dominated our games winning close to 80-90% of the time. Since Pegasus (5 games or so) the humans have yet to lose! However, after our last game we checked the new FAQ and found that Executive Orders are limited to one a turn. We had previously stated that the EO bounce is what was winning it for the humans by preping/evacuating 4+ ships a turn on New Caprica. Next time we play and we properly only allow 1 EO a turn we are fairly confident the Cylon dominance will make a return. Not sure if this is the problem with any other groups.
  11. Board to Death TV said: You are right, it was supposed to go into the Neutral, must have been a mistake with the data entry of the website. We will fix this, thanks for bringing it up. With the help of forums like this and people like you, we can make justice to games and come up with a great collective review of games. Thanks again for pointing this out. -The Board to death team- Glad to help Only other review I've had time to watch is Chaos in the Old World, makes it very tempting to buy, but we have too many new games already!
  12. Yes, BUT you listed it as a complaint about the game. Doing so will make some people think that the math required for the game detracts from it, which it does not. You do not have to roll and then add up the result of 13 dice, you have to roll 13 dice and check for successes. You take your fight, add you bonuses, subtract the monsters penalty and then roll a hand full of dice and count the number of dice that rolled a 5 or 6. Something like this should be listed under the "Neutral Information" section and not the "What's Not" section. Actually for some people, concerning younger players, this could even go in the "What's Cool" section. My brother loves playing dice rolling games with my Nephew, who is 7, and because of it my nephew's math skills at his age are at the top of his class.
  13. I want that card "dispenser", lol! One of their complaints is the need to do basic math? Seriously? Any game that involves dice requires basic math.
  14. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply!
  15. Played the game twice so far and looks like my friends and I will be playing again tonight. I re-read the rules last night as a refresher since we have not played in a few weeks, but still have a few unanswered questions from the last time we played. 1) When a Hero Trains he takes the top 2 Skill Cards, places 1 in his hand and discards the other. Does Sauron get to see the 2 cards before or after the decision is made? We've played that Sauron gets to see the discarded card, but not the chosen one until it is used/discarded. 2) The Execute Skill Card seems to be the most powerful. Last time we played I lost a minion to it and after looking through Sauron's combat decks it seems tough to avoid it since a few of the decks have a low number of combat cards with a printer defense greater than 0. When I lost the Minion to Execute I actually had 0 cards with a printed defense in my hand. Seems rough to loose an undamaged Minion so easily. 3) During combat it says to resolve the Heroe's Text 1st, then Sauron's. So if we both play cards that would cancel the other person's card, does this mean that Sauron's card is cancelled and the Hero's is not? What if we both play Anticipate, does this mean Sauron has to show his card 1st on the next round before the hero decides what card to play? Thanks for the help!
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