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  1. So tonight my group and I found myself in a situation: I have a master giant sweep. Does say… 5 damage and has 1 surge to apply stun. I unfortunately do not have the card in front of me, but We couldn't decide upon the order of operations. There are Four heroes being hit. Two of the heroes had abilities/armor that allowed them to "cancel" or cause me to "expend" the surge the surge. If one of these two heroes resolve their defense first, thus either canceling or causing me to expend the surge, does that mean the two other characters would be effects by the surge? What I mean is, the sweep is specifically a single attack roll vs the 4 heroes; not targeting one specifically. Does something that 1 hero does effect that surge usage to the other heroes? Thanks! -cj
  2. 4 players right now, and this is the first time we've played a game of this type. Last weekend we stumbled through the first quest in vanilla descent a few times until we got most of the rules and gameflow down. I think we played... 4 times. What would be the next step for us? Obviously continue and do the next quests, but do expansions only add additional quests and monsters or are there more worthwhile benefits for a particular expansion for even our level of gameplay? -cj
  3. Wow, we didn't even realize about using a fatigue mid-turn to drink a potion. We were playing you have to use 1 movement to drink at the start of a turn and only 1 potion per turn... no wonder the game took so much longer! thanks for the clarification.
  4. I'm a new player, and have a question about the Rapid Fire skill. The card reads as such: "After making a Ranged attack, you may immediately spend 2 fatigue to make 1 additonal attack with the same weapon this turn. You may use this ability multiple times, paying its cost each time." When I played this weekend we interpretted this to mean that after ANY range attack I can simply spend 2 fatigue and do another attack; even to a new creature. Meaning I could battle, have 2 attacks, and then (I had 7 fatigue) do 3 additional attacks pottentially killing up to 5 creatures in 1 battle turn. Is this interpretation correct? or should it ONLY be additional attacks the same creature meaning spend fatigue for additional chances to kill a creature if you didn't on the first attempt. Thanks, C.J.
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