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  1. Virgo said: r? What can empire player do against such start if he goes second? Peasant Militia+Runefang+Verena+Long Winter+Contested Village/Huntsman to quest=GG 1% of probability that you first hand have all this cards!!!!. You have played 5 cards to destroy 2 units... still loosing. I'll have 6 cards+1 new draw (remember is my turn). You have 2 or 3 cards in your hand.
  2. Virgo said: No additional hammer to quest? If was beginning I would Troll Vomit all over that Sorc and Marauder. Like totally. Please read all... I said: "play empire, play" In fact, if you are a Orc player i take another options y my beginning with a chaos deck. But Order decks that cannot play troll vomit, wight lord, corsairs, etc... what can they do in her second turn vds this star? why do not restrict Verena, troll vomit and Sorcerer better?
  3. I hear, that to balance the game is going to add one final element to the list of restricted: empire board capital xDDDDDD. Turn 1: sorcerer of tzeench (KZ) Turn 2: new marauders (BZ).... play, empire, play.
  4. Speaking of other options rather than restricting letters: Another possibility has been discussed in the Spanish forum, was to change the cards finally restricted adding the trait of limited, to prevent more than one may be played per turn (including the contested village in this limitation) dont think this can be a solution for the great starters of empire decks, and limit the possibility of put in play more than one RR per turn?
  5. Today we test order decks (empire and dawrves) with the new faq versus Chaos. I win 10 games with chaos, one after another, not a single defeat. And without being a great chaos specialist. FFG has already taken a decision. But now do not want to discuss, only search new alternatives and find a new equilibrium. So I accept any suggestion or starting point for creating a new imperial deck. Thank you very much to all who collaborates. Its a friendly challenge for those with which both have discussed (in a good sense of the word).
  6. What is the best way for ... Does your opinion?. Because I think there is no unanimity, as to say that was what everyone wanted. You say that the empire is not dead. For me to play again and again the same strategy (Verena, a card from the basic core) makes me seriously rethink playing a game for almost 2 years, spending more than € 500 to play always the same-> Verena. I dont say to design cards only against specific meta, but yes affecting him. As an example proposed dual purpose cards. The existence of bench would be another possibility to study for me. But does not matter. Within a month I will ask a list of competitive empire deck. We'll see who can give me and how it works. Then we talk again, and see if new cards must join restricted list
  7. I think is possible rebalance the game with new cards, but not necessary broken cards. Is only necessary to correct deviations, If the problem is rodrik raiders, why not give a neutral support cost 2 and 1 P with the continue effect like this: "This support cannot be targeted by cards effects". If the great econnomy of empire is a problem, design a new destruction tactict that reduce the power of a Support during x turns (for example). This cards can rebalance the game and are not Broken Cards, probably can change the meta of the game and dissapear of the decks when the game dont need them . Sure if all think about can give to the designers more ideas, like tactics with two different option to play (there are not in this game). A less powerful and easily usable, and one more powerful but that only affects a certain meta type.
  8. To Virgo: What are you telling.... I always, since first post said that iam a empire player. I never hide it. But also were a empire player when orc-skaven rush, or dwarf or each other of the dominant decks beat easily to empire. And then i dont run to this forum crying because i cant win a tournament with my faction... I say dont restric cards (empire or other factions), rebalance the game with NEW CARDS. Perhaps you dont understand me.
  9. I said that this game always have a dominant deck, but restrict are not the solution for me. I spend more than 500€ in WI, and as empire player i return (as ever) to Verena decks, because is the only option to win now (rush, unsumons and control empire decks are not competitive with this faqs). 2 years and 500€ to play the same deck (sure i change some cards, but the same verena deck at the end) that with de basic core... This is the mistake for me. I´d prefer the designers create new cards to rebalance the game, not impeding a empire all other optinos (i still believe Taal is not competitive). And i believe that with this action, we'll see new "formal petitions" in a few months...(DE and Chaos surely). then i`ll think, restrict are not a solution to a LCG. We'll see
  10. And so is my right to stop spending money on a game where what matters is what think 4 people in a forum. More when the empire did not win a single major tournament in the last 6 months (and remember that the european winner plays a anti-chaos/DE deck, not anti empire). What will happen now if other faction (supposedly) dominates the game easily? More restrictions / ban list? ... we'll see.
  11. As I said in more than one occasion only give my opinion. You say that you can easily beat chaos decks with sorcerers. well I say I can beat the imperial decks. Both are only opinions. then if you say I am trolling because i think different to you, i could say that you are a fascist because you attack me for think different. Better to be a troll than a fascist. Think as you wish...
  12. In this case it is also necessary to restrict the sorcerer, because I see it in all destruction (not rush) decks. Adittionally in fact, in my group we play two months without winning a single game to a deck with have the sorcerer and the new quest in the first 7 cards (yes, 100% of wins in these cases and are not casual players)
  13. it is clear that we will not agree because we have different visions. This is a hypothesis. FFG accepts your premises and ban Verena and DF and restricts RR. If within two months, for instance, Chaos mastering tournaments(like empire now) with a new card, and I propose to ban the hypothetical new card and the sorcerer and restrict the last quest. What I can expect from FFG response? and from this forum? What's the way? Ban/ restrict 3 cards every 3-6 months?. Or try to rebalancing the game with new cards?
  14. The problem of DF can be solved increasing by one his loyalty cost, better than restic it
  15. stormer said: It seems you forgot some other options... Friederick is not the only "finalizer" in empire decks... for example another great and versatile finalizer is Pistoler + Shrine to Taal in Kingdom. Not a great optinon for me. Need a support, and support are really weak right now. The point his: Empire is the best control deck in this game, the smarter in resources managent and playfield control... If this deck takes control (and it usually can do this very quickly) there's no way to get out from the "web", even if you are a good Rush or another Control. Again i'm not agree. There´re different options to break the web, with Chaos, DE or even any other faction. There's only hope for a very focused combo deck, if the combo is enough strong to close the game (like the dwarf RTF winner) As I always say, this game has always had a dominant faction. Now the empire is a better choice than others, but it is perfectly whippable. So his BP is the latest to leave. And then, all the other factions have obtained 10 new cards rather than the empire. As I said to Shindulus, is only my opinion, no one has managed to convince with solid reasons to the need of restrict RR or DF. I read only opinions, not statistics. So respect your opinions but do not convince me ... As a debate, each think what he wants
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