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  1. I didn't know this rule from Arcana Exxet. I find it very harsh to pay CP to get a familiar you could summon in between 2 stories by setting up a ritual, maybe with some NPCs helping, it would even make a nice RPG moment. It would be like having a character paying 1 CP to be rich and at the third story the PCs find a treasure and he's not that rich anymore ... I have a dark paladin using summoning, he spent 260 points (out of 600) to get summoning skills and Zeon to get it, which is a high enough cost I think, as he didn't use any of these summoning skills after as lots of time is needed to summon anything.
  2. I'm trying to find a way to limit "creature abilities" , PC classes have a 50% or 60% limitation in their abilities, why wouldn't monsters be limited also? I'm thinking to put a maximum of Gnosis x 2 to spend on creature abilities each level, and maybe Gnosis x 8 at first level
  3. I just read your post again, and skipped some of it when first read The main thing in the world is that the Church forbids use of any "magic" power and will hunt and kill anyone who uses it. So "not using" any magic/psy/Ki power will help you avoid being burned by the Church, but will make you a bland character that will die fast in any confrontation against supernatural creatures. There's a lot of hypocrisy in the world, as many "saint" people use magic or Ki, because the Church decided these people were "gifted" by god and are allowed to use these powers. And if you go very far from Abel (or not that far in the Azur alliance), the Church has less power/influence, and use of magic may not cause any problem, it may cause fear and violence though.
  4. why would he spend CPs? it's not mentioned anywhere invocations/summoned creatures cost CPs in the manual
  5. you point out something most people who have played some time still have headaches with : the classes are very unbalanced : the users of Psy, magic and Ki have far more possibilities than the shadow, acrobatic warrior, thief ... there's no real answer as to how a non supernatural class can achieve even the smallest spell/psy/ki power can achieve, even having 250 in a secondary skill ... I think each GM must find a way to make those "non supernatural" classes interesting I worked on a panel where I changed the costs of Use of Ki and the martial knowledge gained each level to make the "non supernatural" classes be able to develop something more than skills When you know the magic/invocation system there's many ways to grant a character something supernatural : he can have a familiar (of course there will be a summoner involved), a spell can grant him powers ...
  6. the world map and cultures are very inspired by our world, but the supernatural elements (wake, magic, secret organisations) make it very fantasy and far from our reality, I think the author, creating all those complicated elements wanted the players to have a basis with the known world and not create an even more complex world with a different map and complex cultures
  7. except it's not actually a "multiple" (which would mean when you have 1 in one accumulation, you'll still get 1 when you multiply by 2, 3 ...), you just add the points you've bought to your accumulation given by the characteristic example : you have 7 Strength, it gives you 1 Str acc, you spend 10 for each point as a Technician, so spending 40 points will give you 1 + 4 = 5 for Str accumulation the term "accumulation" is just as to how it works, you have to accumulate the Ki in you until you have the Ki needed to use the technique
  8. Core Exxet, not released yet (maybe in Spain)
  9. I just read again the rules for shields, and it seems that : - either you use the shiled for blocking, then you get the bonus to block, no initiative malus, don't get the off hand penalty - either you use the shield for attacking, then you don't get the block bonus, get the initiative penalty, get the off hand weapon penalty (good point, as I understood it differently, will have to check the French rules, maybe some "translation" problem)
  10. "+25" would be a good level of power (maybe add some low power - like regeneration, bonus to resistances ...) for the flavor, an artifact is ancient and powerful, but usually it has a story, been created by soemone special for a purpose ... and maybe it could gain new powers or discover hidden ones during the campaign) but it won't be "+25", it's for weapons, it will be : -25 to armor penalty, initiative and armor requirement, +5 to AT, +250 presence, +50 fortitude, -5 movement penalty.
  11. in the book sold with the screen, there's an option that you can exchange the +1 to a characteristic you gain at even levels for a CP, of course there must be a reason to gain them and there's some examples for most, but some are just impossible (well, impossible is quite relative in Anima or any RPG anyway)
  12. yeah, summoning is one of most complicated things, maybe not in rules, but to use for sure first yes, you have to use "rituals" each time you want to summon a creature or an entity, of course it's not always light 100 candles in a circle and chant for hours, it can only be concentrate and send a magic call but the bonuses on tables 62 and 63 work for every type of summoning, which, I must say, make the process very awkward as it would have been good to differenciate summoning an otherworldly creature and "invocating" a godlike power so that you can use one of their powers main problem of course is doing it in combat, as you would have to prepare for 5 turns to do your incantation and summon anythin, of course you can get some bonuses, but most are just either quite impossible or plain stupid (possess an object or a part of a creature ...) I use another way. As for secondary abilities, I use "books" that hive you advice or methods to be better. +5 to +15 can be found in specialised shops (of course +5 coud be 5 GP and +15 could be 50 GP), with each sort (light, darkness, fire ...) having a different book giving the bonus to all skills. Also, I think most summoned creatures don't have a name, for these, common, ones I give a + 50 bonus as it's just an animated element (of course no "knowing the name" bonus). Having some of the element (normal or magically created) can help too, and the intensities table p. 217 table 14 helps, as it hives you the "size" of the intensities, I give a bonus of +5 per intensity to the summoning of a creature of that element, but it is consumed as the creature appears.
  13. 1) there's been lots of bad translating in the character sheets, like the ones who did it were not the same that did the book ... 2) the base would be the DP you've spent modified by the cost in that skill group (1, 2 or 3 ; so sepnding 10 points in a skill costing 2 gives you 5 base in skill), then you'll have a different column for the bonus for class and another for stat bonus and even one for "natural bonus", same logic for attack and dodge 3) initiative will be : DEX bonus + AGI bonus + size bonus (20 usually) + quality bonus (usually 0) + class bonus + special (+20 for magic users and psi) 4) life points : base (depends on constitution) + (class bonus x character level) + (constitution score x number of life multiplier bought) you never actually multiply your base
  14. as I feel what's said in the equipment section for quality items, you can find the price (x 20) for quality 2 items, quality 3 would be GM decision, and artifacts most likely can't be bought in shops at all ; so technically an artifact would be +20 or better quality or at least +15 with special advantages or powers (some say a 1 CP artefact can be built with 75 points as for "creation of beings", 2 Cp : 150, 3 CP : 225 but no official rules exists - it was announced as being in "secrets of the supernatural" but confirmed it's not in the book) artifacts are usually immune to breakage ; lvl 3 artifact could (should?) be sentient, maybe even using magic (but again there's no official rules about it)
  15. I only overlooked this class, and immediately banned the class, because it's already difficult to develop a full mage or full psy so developing both would be most likely badly done, then it would allow difficult to handle combos of spells/psy powers ; I can hardly see the logic of someone gifted by magic powers (using the Zeon) and psy (using mind powers) too, not to forget that they are 2 different actions, thus allowing to cast a pell and a psy in the same round
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