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  1. Cpt. Harkonnen said: Ok, 1st off.. a .50 sniper rifle is WAY too complex of a gun for the 41st Millennium. This is 40k where even the most basic of things we take for granted here in the now is considered Arechotech. Furthermore, this game is about flavor, not substance like stats and min/max. Kills me to see so many people concerned with game stats than with the flavor or spirit of the game. Most weapons in Rogue Trader all do the same amount of damage with a +/- a few points. Rogue Trader is kind of like Star Wars in the fact that its Space Opera more than it is Sci-fi. Serve the Emporer today, you may be dead tomorrow… 50 calibre weapons are common in 40k.
  2. I wouldn't strip the weapons from the Anvil Class, nothing the Imperium fields un unarmed. No reason to expect it to be more heavily armed than a Transport, but it would definitely be armed.
  3. Depending on our ship at the time it ranges from elevators to mag-lev trains.
  4. According to consistent calculation of described times in all the Fluff Sources (On other forums) The acceleration figures in RT are three Zeros shy of accurate (minimum) Calculations typically put Warship Acceleration figures at the multiple thousands of gees and fighters/bombers between 10-20 thousand gees acceleration. While I see no reason this would affect the Strategic Turns for the game you should change the travel times to suit your own game, if your players are getting bored with the 'months in transit' etc change it to half that. Remember the Warp isn't exactly reliable and its not unheard of for a ship to have emerged before it left.
  5. Its not a "Tacticae" Vault. On 40k Starships its called a Strategium. But they look good, I might use them
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