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  3. Is it just me, or does it seem like a significant chunk of rules are missing in regards to the Bane tokens. Like, what causes them to be revealed/triggered? I’m guessing that you never watched much of the Clone Wars series? Cad Bane was one of the cooler parts of the show.
  4. They’ll get one eventually for sure. We’ll probably see one of those tactical droids as a generic commander, or maybe someone like Admiral Trench (though he was a naval admiral, not a field general). However, first they have to release all the cool iconic characters to draw people in and get them hooked on the faction.
  5. @TIE wing @TauntaunScout for a long time I couldn’t send or receive PMs. I finally contacted customer support and they fixed it for me. Odds are one of you is in the same boat I was.
  6. I didn’t set my timer but it definitely took me more than 66 seconds.😵 🐍 💀
  7. Great write up! Thank you! Also, newbie question: what is the app/program/website that you’re using to list build? Those screenshots look pretty slick
  8. The images in your post don’t work (at least not for me- anyone else have the same problem?), though the article was great! The terrain looks fantastic, and I also love the Geonosian carving/figure in the rock. Nicely done!
  9. I haven’t purchased and tried it yet but this is the one I had my eye on: MG Chemicals 842AR-P Silver Conductive Pen, 8.6g https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYXQE0M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TyDMEbA8MHD85
  10. Partially in response to this, partially because I’ve been wanting to post this anyway, please allow me to share a few things that I’ve tried this past week that have NOT worked out well (and one that did). 1. Painting the acrylic rods I tried taking some clear acrylic rods and experimented with painting them red as well as first priming them white and then painting them. Both methods failed hard. Painting them cuts out too much of the light- down to the point where you can barely tell that there’s a light inside them at all. When I tried thinning the paint / applying less paint so that more light shines through the paint job ended up looking like trash. Maybe there’s a translucent dye or stain or something out there that would do the trick, but if so I don’t know about it. You’re much better off just buying the lights and/or rods in the colors that you want to use. 2. Sanding the acrylic rods This one actually did do fairly well at diffusing the light. You still get most of the light coming out of the top of the rod and the area near the base, rather than an even glow, but it’s far better than doing nothing. I want to get some of this side-glow fiber optics stuff and compare how it works to the sanded acrylic. I have a feeling it will give better results. 3. Using cheaper conductive paint That conductive silver paint stuff is expensive. So I searched around on amazon and found a carbon-based conductive paint for less than half the cost of the silver paint. So I bought some and tried it. It technically works, but the resistivity of the carbon is too high and you lose most of your light. So the moral of the story is don’t skimp- spend more for the silver paint.
  11. This is true, though Ashley Eckstein also does live action. I’m sure they could have made it work.
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