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  1. Herowannabe

    New game article! Check the link…

  2. Herowannabe

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    I haven’t played against him yet, but I hesitate to cause any large base ship OP when it’s only slightly harder to kill than a B-Wing.
  3. Herowannabe

    Curb your Packaging FFG

    This. And this. Possibly also, as others have mentioned, the costs saved when packaging is a uniform size, but they could just as easily make them uniformly small. The main reasons are the two listed above. The fact of the matter is that the larger packaging results in better shelf presence which leads to better sales, and the larger size helps customers feel better about the price. They did the same thing with the Silencer when they released it- it’s was a $30 expansion so they put it in a bigger box, even though it would have fit neatly inside the same blisters that they sold their $20 ships in. But you can’t have $20 blisters and $30 blisters be the same size sitting right next to each other, because otherwise customers feel like the $30 blister is a rip off.
  4. Herowannabe

    [Blog] Don't stress over Strain and other new rules

    That one’s easy. Just set the required number of dice in front of your phone’s screen and then click this link.
  5. Herowannabe

    FFG Petition Squadron Pack Initiative

    Linked to the wrong picture
  6. Herowannabe

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    None of the A-Wings are I6
  7. Herowannabe

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    I think this is pretty much accurate. At my last tournament I took Old Man Han and Poe and went 3-1, only losing one game to a scum swarm because I flew poorly against it. I still feel that Old Man Han could come down a few more points, but at the same time I hope they raise the cost on a few of the other Resistance ships that are undercosted.
  8. Herowannabe

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    Fenn Rau says hi.
  9. Herowannabe

    Separatist/Republic points guesses

    I’m less interested in what the points will be as I am in when they’ll drop. Wave 3 is due to drop in a week and a half...
  10. Herowannabe

    An Index of useful links 2.0

    I hereby propose that we start a petition to get FFG to make an official alt-art print of Heroic that uses @MidWestScrub‘s face instead of Tallie Lintra’s.
  11. Herowannabe

    Is It Time for a New Pinned Index of Useful Links 2.0?

    Yes please!!!
  12. Herowannabe

    Less is More

    For better or for worse, increased complexity is just the price you have to pay for an ongoing game with continual expansions. They need to keep releasing new mechanics and etc from time to time, because the alternative is that the game starts to get stale. If you want an idea for what X-Wing might be like if they weren’t continually releasing new stuff, go take a peek at the Armada forums (spoiler alert: they’re not exactly bubbling over with positivity at the moment).
  13. Herowannabe

    So Adepticon is getting some announcements... But which ones!?

    Meanwhile, FFG be like:
  14. Herowannabe

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    There’s nothing worth complaining about on these forums.
  15. Herowannabe

    collateral damage

    Technically every bomb has the potential for collateral damage, but why waste effort trying to accidentally damage your friends when you can kill them directly with this guy!?