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  1. You don’t necessarily have to fortress, but generally speaking I also like to slow roll them and throw Kylo up in front as bait. I’ve had success starting the UPSs together and alternating Stop/bump maneuvers until ready to pounce, as well as starting them in opposite corners and then slow-rolling with one while swooping in with the other (those 3 banks cover a lot of distance). Either way goal is to keep the opponent’s ships where at least one, preferably both, of your UPSs can fire on them. A few other tips: I’ve also had success with Blackout + 2 SKBs, which gives you room for Pattern Analyzer on all 3 ships. Blackout can get some work done, especially with coordinates from the UPSs letting him set up obstructed shots, and it’s nice always having your actions. With the striker I like to drive in hard at the beginning, draw attention, and try to get the opponent to chase it, while pounding on them with the UPSs. Most people will chase the striker, but the striker is tough enough that it can tank for a few rounds, especially if it’s Kylo. Then, after you’ve killed a few enemy ships they are usually too weak to chew through the UPSs 24 shields+hull before you can destroy them. The only games I’ve lost with this list are when they ignored the striker and went for the UPSs first. Also, bring Gas Clouds. The UPSs can pretty much ignore them, making it easier to maneuver them, and the striker loves the boosted defense, and your ships (especially the Blackout variant) put out enough damage that they can still kill enemy ships without much difficulty.
  2. Herowannabe

    Rename X-Wing

    “Star Wars: Vreeoom Pew! Pew! Pew! KaPOW!!!!”
  3. Oh yeah plenty of room, as you can see here:
  4. Annnnnnnd there goes the thread. How about we all just drop it and NOT add gasoline to the fire? What do you say everyone?
  5. Wait, if I’m reading Snap Shot right, you can perform the snap shot attack as your regular attack during the Engagement phase. Am I reading that right? There’s nothing on the card that says you can’t perform the “Attack:” header during Engagement. It’s not a very good attack, but for the Nantex, it gives you a little extra coverage when your arc is rotated.
  6. Maybe... I do wonder about how much support ≤1/4” would provide. The slots wouldn’t do much good if the cards fall out every time someone bumps them or knocks the table. Actually, I have toyed with idea of making something like this out of acrylic. My biggest concern would be making it worth my time. @Force Majeure balked up there at 4 stands for $30. I doubt I’d be able to make custom card holder for less than $25 a piece, and more if we start adding in slots for shields and charge tokens.
  7. Actually, I happen to be a woodworker by profession. The problem with this is that it covers up the bottom of the cards, which is especially troublesome for the pilot cards, since the stats are right across the bottom.
  8. Something like this might work for you. You’d probably have to put shield/charge tokens on the table in front of the rack, but other than that, these seem to hit all the points you’re looking for. Note that they do not grip the cards snuggly (I tried them and returned them for this reason), so if the rack gets knocked over your cards might spill out. I do like that they are clear though, so you can see those important stat-lines and text near the bottoms of your cards.
  9. Herowannabe

    The Hyenas

    I looked it up on Wookieepedia and now this will forever be my head-canon.
  10. You should really add a link to this: https://x-wing-cardcreator.com Thanks by the way for doing this!
  11. We all have too much free time. Otherwise we wouldn't be spending our time browsing and commenting on a forum dedicated to discussing a plastic spaceship game. Of course, I don't happen to think there's anything wrong with that...
  12. I predict FFG will make him 65.5 points just to spite us
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