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  1. Herowannabe

    Lt. Tavson breaks the game

    True, but all that means is that you can’t choose for the trick to not work.
  2. Herowannabe

    Lt. Tavson breaks the game

    Not really, but he can create some really funky situations, especially when paired with Electronic Baffle. My friend was flying Tavson tonight and we realized this interaction: relevant quotes: Lieutenant Tavson: “After you suffer damage, you may spend 1 [charge] to perform an action.” Electronic Baffle: “During the End Phase, you may suffer 1 [hit] damage to remove 1 red token.” From the Rules Reference: “END PHASE The End Phase is the fifth phase of the round. During the End Phase, all circular tokens are removed from all ships. Then, each card with a recurring charge icon recovers one charge.” also ”ABILITY QUEUE ... 2. If a player has multiple abilities that triggered from the same event, that player chooses the order that those abilities are added to the ability queue.” So basically, once you reach the end phase you can clear all your tokens, THEN trigger electronic baffle to clear one of Tavson’s red tokens, take a damage, and trigger his ability and take and action in the end phase. All pretty straightforward, right? But think about it. Because the action happens AFTER you’ve cleared your round tokens for the round, any round tokens generated by your action stick around until the end of the next round. This means you can do things like: 1. Focus at the end of the round, then focus again next round for double focus tokens (or 4x focus tokens if you have perceptive copilot equipped) 2. Double jam an enemy ship 3. Coordinate the same action (such as boost or barrel roll) to a friendly ship with higher initiative TWICE before their next activation. 4. Reinforce BOTH your front and rear arcs. Discuss.
  3. Herowannabe

    "Null" and setup

    Asked in the official questions thread for Second Edition. Now let’s see how long it takes for FFG to respond with an answer. Anyone want to place any bets?
  4. Herowannabe

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    Hey FFG, in case you’ve missed it, this question is being hotly debated: does “Null” deploy at I0 or I7? EDIT: there are compelling cases for both sides. Thank you.
  5. Herowannabe

    "Null" and setup

    Guys! GUYS! Let’s compromise, alright? We can all just deploy him at I 3.5
  6. Herowannabe

    New Epic Line Star Destroyer Reveal

    I’d buy one.
  7. Herowannabe

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    @Rexler Brath might I ask, what exactly did you find confusing or what did you disagree with in my post?
  8. Herowannabe

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    I think the fact that the vulture droids park in the middle area of the map makes a huge difference, too. With traditional fortressing, they would usually set up in the corner, so you couldn’t fly past their firing arcs without flying off the map. With vulture droids, you can fly past them, get behind them, flank them, etc. There are so many more counter play options.
  9. Herowannabe

    Poe with R2-HA

    I think Bastian is going to be the sleeper hit of the Resistance. His ability allows him to get off a fully modded proton torpedo shot AFTER your higher-PS ships have already fired, which means that the free crit is very likely to go through. He seems like a fantastic way to finish off your opponent’s damaged ships.
  10. Herowannabe

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    Perhaps I overstated my case a bit, but I think you overstated it even more than I did. My point is simply this: in arc-dodger mirror-matches, the player who moves second has a huge advantage over the player that moves first. Determined who gets that advantage based on a dice roll is not good game design. Is the current point-bidding system perfect? Heavens no, but it’s better than randomly assigning advantages to one player over the other. That’s a fair opinion, and I don’t dispute it (I don’t know if I agree with it, but I respect that you might feel that way). Personally I think the best solutions (and no there will never be any perfect situations) lie in adjusting points until problem ships and upgrades are brought into balance, or tweaking (not overturning) the rules surrounding bidding. I think the often proposed suggestion that your bid points should count as points destroyed at the end of the game is a good start. I’d like to play under a meta with that rule in place for a bit before making any more drastic changes. (Also, just for the record, while I do enjoy arc dodging lists, I have never- and probably never will- bid more than about 6-7 points for initiative.)
  11. Herowannabe

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    To the handful of people who are convinced that “git gud” is the solution to all the problems that would be caused by a random player order system, I challenge all of you to do the following. You may try this as many times as you want but you must complete all steps. 1. Find a reasonably skilled opponent to play against. Nothing fancy, just not a newb. 2. Play a mirror match in which you both use one and only one ship: Soontir Fell with Predator and no other upgrades. 3. Insist that you have first player, so that your opponent always moves after you. 4. Win a match. Once you have successfully completed all 4 steps, let me know. Then, and only then, will I give any weight to your arguments. /snark Okay, but seriously, I hope my little hypothetical scenario proves my point. The Soontir player that moves first is never going to be able to line up his bullseye arc on the 2nd player, and will have difficulty lining up any shots at all, since the 2nd player gets to reposition AFTER the first player has moved. Barring some incredible dice luck or some really stupid decision on the 2nd players part, the 1st player is going to lose that match up every time. No amount of “git gud” on the first player’s part will ever change this. It’s a simplified version of real and not uncommon situations that pop up in X-Wing, where you have high PS ships with the ability to reposition on both teams. This is called arc-dodging. It’s a thing. It’s been cited as one of the three archetypal pillars of X-wing, and is a common tactic employed by many players. And it lives or dies based on its ability to move after your opponent, and as such it’s built into the game that it costs you more points to ensure that you have a higher Initiative + a bid to maximize the chance that you’ll go second. If I wanted to beat my opponent that I knew had a 50% chance of moving after me, I wouldn’t bring high Initiative arc-dodgers to the match- they’re too expensive (bidding wars or no). Rather, I would bring multiple cheaper ships at a lower PS. Don’t be mistaken, this is NOT what gitting gud looks like, this is just switching from the “arc-dodging” pillar to the “swarm” pillar. Now maybe arc-dodging is not your cup of tea, but that doesn’t invalidate the opinions of all the other players out there who do like that play style. And I am opposed any sweeping rule change that would arbitrarily destroy arc-dodging as a valid strategy, just as I would oppose and rule change that invalidated swarms or alpha-strikes or etc.
  12. Herowannabe

    Wave 2 kit article

    Now the question is: are the kits going to reach stores in time for them to plan and hold their wave 2 events before wave 3 is released? Or are we going to have a repeat of the wave 1 kit? (I don’t know about you guys, but the wave 1 championships are just barely getting started in my area).
  13. Herowannabe

    Device Tactics

    Last week I played a game against a guy with a Resistance Bomber in a list he had been using for a while, and near the end he made a comment along the lines of “its funny how hard people work to avoid bombs (he was using seismic charges and proton bombs). It’s only one damage.” I realized that he was right, and I had spent many of my actions and planned many maneuvers specifically to try to avoid a bomb drop, even on my two Upsilon Shuttles, who (with their 12 health and plenty of shields) really shouldn’t care about a bomb or two. There were plenty of rounds where I could have just driven in hard, eaten a bombs damage on my shields, and then fired away at range 1 with modded attacks, but instead I had chosen to turn away from the fight or dialed in a slow/red maneuver just to avoid the bomb damage and ended up with either unmodified attacks or no attacks at all. So one huge advantage of bombs that is often overlooked is that it encourages your opponent to make suboptimal decisions during the planning phase and action steps.
  14. Herowannabe

    Tali is Heart, Tali is Hope.