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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from Demon4x4 in Star Wars Horror?   
    Somewhere in the Core Book it advises GMs to avoid 'non Star Wars' elements like horror. 
    I think the idea of a horror based adventure or at least some horror elements cropping up to be a great addition to the genre. Anyone feel the same.
    I have a denizen of some old mining tunnels that is absolutely a horror type monster and I plan to run it that way. Doesnt seem out of Star Wars character to me.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    I suppose I should apologize, I reacted to some aggressive posts and came off far more opinionated than I actually felt. I should have more questing than defensive or accusatory. Obviously I am in the extreme minority so it's my place to resolve these issues not FFG.
    I hope you will welcome further threads on my part and not write me off as a forum troublemaker.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    I guess I will have to respond that in the absence of anything instructing me one way or the other I'm within my rights to interpret any function of the system any way I like. But I don't find that to be a strong point. When the lack if info can lead you off in any number of ways, it's a problem. Maybe not a big one but I feel a mistake. When players debate for months over the cost of ship operations, hyperspace travel times and the range of communications then the designers let a few thing slip, in my opinion.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    I'm sorry but this sounds rediculous. In real life if anyone asks for a distance they get, well a distance measurement as an answer.
    "How far away do you think that water tower is?"
    "I don't know, maybe a mile?"
    Why the heck is it taboo in this game for some of you guys?
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    I'll make a final plea and let it go.
    If a given range band has a lower and upper end, and it's possible for a vehicle to cross that band in a given amount of time. (Like a turn or two or three) then you have a mathematical situation regardless if you pay attention to it or not. Many if not most involved are going to do that math and come up with a correlation, and when it's not consistent but rather varies on the whim of the gm, some will rightfully complain. Their equipment, skills, abilities, die rolls and choices become secondary to the apparently inconsistent laws of the universe.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    That's fine for a movie but players don't pass put as the screen fades on your gaming table
    This should be explained in the rules of its supposed to handled that way by the gm.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Thanks for the response I appreciate your time.
    Sounds like the ships began out of the player's sensor range, so to begin with how did they know they were coming?
    Then with no other frames of reference your description of the ships approach is fine, just a matter of time. But what if they launched from a station on the other side of the planet, once listed as a good 12,000km in diameter. The players purposely made orbit on the opposite side to avoid it. This provides a frame or reference to the players and highlights the crazy speed the rules seem to indicate. In under 3 minutes the enemy orbits the planet and closes. Yes real life space craft are fast too I know, the shuttle orbited around 17,000kph but these ships of yours are moving at 4000km per MINUTE. Surely that's not intended as is.... as Ive been alluding to, an aberration of the rules.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    ok but in the case of our beloved rules your couch is from 3 to 40 meters away and you cant tell the difference. Its either in your living room or on the next block.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Laugh, you just proved my point. When moving through the world we interpret ranges as part of our perception. We guess certainly but we do. If I ask you how far away the grocery store is you don't answer "medium range", you may say "oh its a ways" but if I press you will respond "I don't know, maybe half a mile?"
    That's what Im trying to do in the game. My players need a reference to visualize these distances that the book leaves so vague.
    "You pull out of the loop and slip in behind the Tie, lazers raining fire on him!"
    "Easy, I don't want to over shoot, trying to stay on his tail."
    "No problem, your at close range but still a couple hundred or so meters back"
    You have to have equivalents in real terms at hand to paint the picture. Continuing to use Medium Range and such is as bad as telling a player who asks how bad their partner is hurt that they have 3 left on their Wound Threshold. It works for game purposes but as you all needlessly keep reminding me, its a narrative based game.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    If by narrative you mean making things up without any player affect then we really do game differently. My players wouldn't tolerate that very long, throwing things into the mix that in reality they would have some control over but due to my own laziness or perhaps the rule's short comings I elect to just use "filler" instead.
    That's as bad as the folks on the forum that comment about "at the speed of plot" and other nonsense when addressing travel speeds and the like. There are areas of a game that are open to some artistic license and then there are rules that need to be followed otherwise the players have no direct control and the gaming world has no substance and it becomes an exercise in mutual story telling instead of a game.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Oh, perhaps how they know this? Intuition? Who among them was monitoring the equipment that notified them of it? Are they skilled? Was a roll even made?
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Agreed but apparently you, or maybe even most fans of the game, don't narrate in much detail
    if I were to simply inform my players that...
    "Ok, you are in orbit and now theres a ship firing at you at short range. Get your dice out."
    I wouldn't keep them long. Game mechanics are to determine WHAT happens, not to describe it. Perhaps that's the problem, Im looking for tools to aid in my narrative that aren't considered necessary. If so, then I have a difficult choice to make. Choose another game that better fits my style of GMing or making some serious house rules to elevate this system to a point where it will work for me.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    No, I think your missing my point on narration.
    Lets take an example. The players have just lifted off from a planet and I know as GM there is a bad guy waiting in orbit.
    How do I know if the bad guy sees them? How do I know if they realize he is there? How do I know how far away he will be IF he spots them and visa-versa?
    If you tell me computer or perception rolls or what have you I will ask "by what mechanism"? Does he simply see them out his cockpit window?
    Reason would seem to indicate that the narration should go something like this.
    "Suddenly a flashing light on your dash reveals a sensor contact, several thousand kilometers westward along the planet's spin. Its a ship but your not sure what kind and its moving, toward you."
    But Im hearing sensors don't work like that and according to the rules their sensor couldn't reach him if they did, nor could his reach them so... no engagement. Unless we just hand-wavy some cool technobabble to make sure they get into the fight? Surely not.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    If that's what sensors are used for then what mechanism is responsible for detection? Are we missing a technology that detects and ranges objects in space, locates energy sources and the like. I woukd assume sensors do just that but to listen to you I'm wrong. I'm not trying to debate anyone here, I'm just looking for help. The answer I'm hearing is...there's no problem, which I have a hard time believing.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Im not ready to throw the baby out yet but it seems like such an easy thing to just strap some measurements on the mechanics and let it ride. Being vague just to be, well vague is unnecessary. How bad could it have been to just let Short Range = X at personal range, XX at Planetary and XXX at Space  and then XXXX for sensors and XXXXX for communications or whatever
    a couple of charts and its done
    Im very tempted and am being hounded by my players to do this very thing but as mentioned, Im brand new to the system and hate to jump in when Im still green.
    Its amazing nobody has complained about this heavily before and a fix drafted somewhere. I would think it would be obviously and area ... perhaps not REQUIRING a house rule but certainly due a good look.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Well how do you kniw it's there to shoot at?
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    derroehre  Thanks for your kind post. I appreciate your input. You are correct that Im having as much trouble with the rules as my players, perhaps more so as I feel they hinder my ability to provide a detailed and consistent narrative. Simple and expected questions posed by the players are extremely difficult to answer and require me to pull answers out of nowhere.
    I realize that this is Space Fantasy, but it is still a technological genre and as such requires some detail to adequately describe the environment, interactions between ships and vehicles, and the like. I suppose I could convince my players to simply accept my BS when it comes to such things and go with the flow of the story but its obviously a cop out when it happens. They are afterall, intelligent and somewhat experienced players. They don't expect a hex grid to fight on or a break down of sensory signal fatigue at range but they do want to know the range of their concussion missile launcher or perhaps if their sensors can detect the incoming ships before they reach the asteroid field etc.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    And I would have to argue with you there. If its specific, I can accept it, modify it or ignore it at my pleasure. When it is vague (or in some cases non existent) I have no choice whatsoever but to make it up myself. A $40 rulebook and I have to guess what the intent was.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    Ok, point taken but..
    What if the scan is of a more general nature? "Ensign, scan region four please, long range, we have reports the enemy fleet will be coming out of hyperspace somewhere in that region."
    Can he do this across an entire star system, only out a few hundred-thousand km or what? Sure I can make it up but the game is about a space-faring society for goodness sakes, at war no less, this sort of thing should have been up there with light-sabers.
    The system to system communications in the movies are either incredibly advanced and rare in their time or are the norm. If they are the norm, why even have these short range transcievers that cant talk from one continent to another? If they are advanced, then well some ships aren't going to have them, hence the comms described in the ship descriptions. If they are there, we have to know how they work and as they work now, they are nearly useless.
    I find it hard to digest that a system that brags continually about being narratively driven doesn't give the information needed, at times, to supply a narrative. As a descriptive GM you need "color" in your descriptions. Color requires information to maintain consistency. When you leave big gaping holes in the rules like how far out a typical fighter's lasers can shoot, it forces the GM to take notes by the book load to keep his story straight. Making things up is fun but trying to remember made up details that should simply be part of the universe's reality is needlessly burdensome.
    GM: You find a good ambush spot and set up, you have about an hour before the convoy should arrive.
    Player: Good, Ill sight out my sniper rifle along the trail they are coming on. How far out can I get a clean shot?
    GM: Well the view is good, Extreme range.
    Player: About how far is that? Couple thousand meters? A Barrett.50 could make that shot pretty easy.
    GM: Well, its hard to say. Looking at the distances moved and such between range bands, maybe 150 or so I guess.
    Player: 150 what? Meters!
    GM: yeah, that's about right.
    Player: That's about ridiculous! Its a sniper rifle for Gods sake! I can almost make a pistol shot at that range.
    GM: Well the technology is different, energy weapons must be less accurate in general.
    Player: Then Ill get a slug thrower! I mean, cmon. You sure your reading that right?
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from TheGamerElf in Range Bands   
    the book descriptions are of little help. Yes, I understand the narrative aspect of the system, the theatrical rather than tactical intent in combat. However, it may just be me but there is something very odd going on the way of the whole ranges mechanic.
    Weapon ranges, sensor ranges, comms ranges etc. seem all out of sorts defying any logic at all.
    The post above lists Medium range at the planetary scale as 3,600 km. The book describes it on page 239 as "up to a few hundred kilometers."
    36 is a few? I realize its purposefully vague but wow, a few points more toward 4 or maybe 7 but 36?
    But even if you accept that, the description of Communications and Sensors put this factor in place as their range of function. Really? Space born scanners with a range from L.A. to New York only? In Space? And their communications have the same range? The moon is 384,000 km away. A hundred times too far for my freighter to communicate. Even if it had Long Range sensors the book says it can reach "Several Thousand Km away", hard to imagine "Several" meaning 384 in any dictionary and yet scanning a planet's moon from orbit doesn't seem that daunting for a typical scanner.
    Whats going on here. We have short range sensors that cant see past their missile locks. We have transmitters that cant send a message past their ability to "see" the space around them.
    Something is seriously screwed up here. Weve only played 2 sessions and my players are baulking. My Investment of over $200 in books is being threatened by what appears to be a serious lack of play-testing or even proofreading.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from the mercenary in Kwenn Station, Fair Enough... But what does the Planet Look like?   
    Funny how people refer to 'legends' like a slur. Without it the entire Star Wars universe would be a handful of movies with very little background detail. (and four of those pretty awful)
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from Thunderchild in House Rules   
    We started modifying the game after our first session and after Zombies, Aliens, Gods and Machines we are still modifying. The system begs for house rules honestly. I don't mean that as absolute condemnation, in fact the system is so streamlined that it makes house ruling pretty easy, but we did find it necessary to get a clean game out of it.
    Just wondering what kind of house rules you guys are using?
    Heres one we added first game -
    Cross category Stress and Feature/Trauma Effects - wherein Stress can affect another category besides the one being used for a task and the effects of a Feature or Trauma can come into play where categories other than the typical one are in play.
    For example - a guy has to shoot his buddy that just turned into a zombie and suffers a Stress during the attack - we stick it on Mental as anguish for having to shoot his friend. OR - a character has "Long Distance Runner" as a feature, typically a physical boost, but he is permitted to use the bonus dice in a Willpower roll when trying to stay awake during guard duty as a product of his self discipline.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from Benjan Meruna in Happy Life Day   
    It's easter. It's a religious holiday. Don't believe? Fine, but done change the holiday or deny believers the right to celebrate. Celebrate your own. Doubt any christians will interfere.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from kaosoe in How much is a fortune?   
    Laugh...geeze guys..cmon.
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    rgrove0172 got a reaction from Sturn in Ships, Gunner Seats and Turret Mounted Weapons   
    I agree with you Sturn but you have to admit, in a fight - Han and Chewie could do better with a couple gunners on the roster. The best pilot in the galaxy having to hand over the stick to his co-pilot so he can man a turret isn't terrible efficient. Not to mention counting on some 'crop dusting kid' to man the other turret. Seems to me that a ship outfitted like the Falcon should be set up for at least 3 or 4 crew... perhaps having to make do with less certainly but it does seem a little odd. Unless those turrets can be put on automatic or at least fired indirectly from the cockpit.
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