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  1. I have almost every game and expansion published for 1st and 2nd edition Descent. I started at the very beginning when it was published and just kept up. I now have this huge collection but to be honest am so confused as to how to even proceed or play. I played each 1st ed expansion regularly and then fell in love with Road to Legend and never looked back. I introduced some house rules for additional monsters and such but continued to play Sea of Blood and RtL only for years. Then 2nd edition came out and I jumped in. I was immediately disappointed though as good as the new game was it lacked that epic feel RtL had, understandably so as it was just the first small game. But I gave it time and it helped that I could port over characters and monsters from 1st ed. So I started buying up the new expansions as well. Then I took a break, a long one, over a year or so and am not staring at this monstrous pile of Descent on my gaming table. How to get back in? Ill probably never go back and play 1st ed. again, even my old favorite RtL. So how much of the 1st ed. stuff should I keep? The monsters I suppose and figures, the characters certainly. Do I need all the old counters and map pieces? Do they even serve a purpose anymore? Some of them are attached to the various monsters as I recall but geeze how to go back and find out? The rulebooks from the old expansions seem like they could be trashed but some of them hold references to elements that might be brought forward, like the various monster abilities and such for example. Is there a reason to keep all those extra map pieces? Maybe for making your own dungeons or something someday? Is there even a need for that given all the expansions now available? **** Ill be playing for years before I get through all of them. Any help out there? Has anybody else run into this problem?
  2. How does Piercing effect the Tunic and Ghost armor in 1st edition? Thanks in advance.
  3. Im revisiting 1st Ed. and downloaded a comprehensive rules document off BGG. Its seems the Orders rule has changed a bit. Id appreciate it if someone could clarrify or link some discussion to help me settle how they are not intended to work. In the original rules book Orders are just a simple straight forward action - AIMed shot, Dodge for a Turn or Guard and interrupt action.. oh and REST. But now theres this inclusion of a "half action". So... you could move your Speed then Aim and take the shot next turn? Or Move and then Dodge until your next turn or even Attack and then Dodge until your next turn etc.?? Im a little confused. help?
  4. Ive found scads of suggested house rules for 1st edition Descent but rather than adopt and test them all Im hoping there is a consensus somewhere. Is there a document of well tested house rules addressing some of the complaints surrounding the 1st edition somewhere? (ie. balance, spawning etc.)
  5. Thanks and yes, I have the conversion kit and like you have almost every product available for both now except for the some of the Lieutenant packs etc. Ive been reading and actually played the first scenario in 2nd edition and see what you mean. Definitely a tactical skirmish type feel rather than a dungeon crawl. I thought perhaps it might be just the nature of the scenario but after some browsing it seems its the rule rather than an exception. I can see playing 2nd edition once in a while and dont regret picking up all the products but Im glad I didnt sell off 1st edition for sure and have decided to revive it for a while. Im looking now to make sure I have the most updated copy of the rules, errata etc ...hoping there is something comprehensive out there to print out. Digging through all those expansion books is kind of a pain!
  6. Im digging my 1st edition stuff out for a few scenarios and possibly a run through Road to Legend. Its been several years and Im wondering if a comprehensive rules document, including all the expansions, is available online somewhere. i found one on BGG, looks like a fan set but is probably fine... but Im wondering if something more official is available somewhere?
  7. I have the entire Descent 1st Edition collection and playing Road to Legend and Sea of Blood remain one of the most enjoyable board gaming experiences Ive ever had. Its been a few years now and Im considering dragging it out for another play through but there is this 2nd edition thing screaming for attention. I have a few of the 2nd edition modules, purchased out of curiosity from time to time mainly, and have played a few scenarios but Im still on the fence. If I want to experience a truly epic fantasy adventure with Descent as the vehicle, which do I choose? Do I go back to 1st edition and contend with the admitted issues here and there or jump in with the new version and relegate my old collection to Ebay or something? IS there a reason to keep the old stuff? Do you get to use it in some fashion in 2nd edition? Is there a means to blend the two or is it a THIS or THAT decision? Is there even a Road to LEgend type campaign available yet for 2nd edition? Help
  8. rgrove0172


    Was going to try and start a little discussion but noticed how dead this forum is. Should I even bother? Anyone still playing Grimm?
  9. Sounds very close to how we do it too. Keeping the Infection roll a secret is great drama. Our group killed an NPC that wasn't actually infected. No way for them to know really but I was like "dang!"
  10. One rule I have used that I wonder about is dropping the number of Stress Tiers for NPCs. 9 stress to kill something seems pretty high for mobs. My typical Zombies for example have only 2 Tiers and Ive considered the really old, dragging, falling apart ones getting only 1. Similarly I have given gang members and such only 1 Tier before so as to let them get offed pretty quickly, either running away wounded or dying outright. Its a bit of an advantage to the players but in this game they need it.
  11. So far we handle melee pretty straight up RAW. The attacker builds his die pool then adds negatives based on the nature of the opponent. I do allow for the opponent 'defending' and adding another negative or two based on their comparative traits. Lets say a guy is attacked by a Zombie, his Vitality is higher than the Zed's Dexterity to I let him add a negative to the Zombies attack. If he had a shovel to use I might give him another, and maybe even another if he was trained in combat or something. Its not an opposed roll really but I allow for some of the opponent's abilities to factor in. Similarly if a guy was attacking one of the infected rager types, I would give him a negative for the Rager's Relentless Pursuit feature and maybe even another for single minded - making them really dangerous in melee as both of these would be Stress Dice and not just Negative Dice . Another house rule we use is to differentiate between Negatives that just makes thing harder and Negatives that threaten you with Stress.
  12. We started modifying the game after our first session and after Zombies, Aliens, Gods and Machines we are still modifying. The system begs for house rules honestly. I don't mean that as absolute condemnation, in fact the system is so streamlined that it makes house ruling pretty easy, but we did find it necessary to get a clean game out of it. Just wondering what kind of house rules you guys are using? Heres one we added first game - Cross category Stress and Feature/Trauma Effects - wherein Stress can affect another category besides the one being used for a task and the effects of a Feature or Trauma can come into play where categories other than the typical one are in play. For example - a guy has to shoot his buddy that just turned into a zombie and suffers a Stress during the attack - we stick it on Mental as anguish for having to shoot his friend. OR - a character has "Long Distance Runner" as a feature, typically a physical boost, but he is permitted to use the bonus dice in a Willpower roll when trying to stay awake during guard duty as a product of his self discipline.
  13. Wow, this forum is nearly dead. Bummer - just got the books and was all hyped for some discussiion.
  14. Great stuff! Wish there were more folks active on this forum... the EotW game is awesome. Ive been playing a solo campaign for a couple weeks and plan to introduce a couple players this summer.
  15. Yup, it sure does. Like people who post under two forum names... Or in this case people with players that join and post to support them when attacked.
  16. Seriously I've posted on forums for years. I've never experienced the combative and rude behavior found here with a few individuals. Then if you stand up to them the insult you and scream for moderator discipline. It's rediculous.
  17. That he may be but nobody suggested "that's all the gm could come up with." It was a pointless an inflammatory remark. He is guilty of the same in post after post if you search. Guess a forum takes all kinds.
  18. Good question. Can you do this? Use a monitor to fire the guns from the cockpit or do you need the "chair rig"? I'm leaning towards the latter.
  19. My bad guys, just realized a type above. That's $70,000 for the whole shipment. Makes a big difference. Also, I get that proton torpedoes are in comparison very cheap but Im guessing maybe only a few grams of the stuff per detonator so we are looking at enough material here to make hundreds of them. I really played up the difficulty in gaining this stuff (highly volatile requiring specialized processes and equipment to transport etc.) so it needs to be worthwhile - there were several powerful groups trying for it. The quoted "market" price was almost double this, the $70,000 was going to be the negotiated price offered by their contact. Thanks for the input guys. I think IM going to use the age old D&D routine. Handing out the goodies then taking them away! Nothing like poor PCs to garner fun adventures. Ill come up with some plot element that is going to cost them a bundle.
  20. Laugh, Im not expecting Tie fighters on my trip to the beach but if I was.... yeah, Id bring a couple buddies to man the guns!
  21. Fairly new to the system. The players have just managed to get their hands on several containers of Nergon-14, the new active ingredient in the mix for Proton Torpedo construction. They have 5 barrels with about 70kg in each. Id like this to be worth quite a sum but don't want to hand them the kind's ransom or anything. So how much should it be worth? I was thinking maybe $200 per kg? Its supposed to be pretty rare, an improvement over an older ingredient no longer in use. That would be $70,000 for the lot. Is that enough? Doesn't seem like a lot but I don't want them being able to just go out and buy a ship with it or something? It should just take care of operating expenses for a good while (months)
  22. I agree with you Sturn but you have to admit, in a fight - Han and Chewie could do better with a couple gunners on the roster. The best pilot in the galaxy having to hand over the stick to his co-pilot so he can man a turret isn't terrible efficient. Not to mention counting on some 'crop dusting kid' to man the other turret. Seems to me that a ship outfitted like the Falcon should be set up for at least 3 or 4 crew... perhaps having to make do with less certainly but it does seem a little odd. Unless those turrets can be put on automatic or at least fired indirectly from the cockpit.
  23. I began with one player and put together a short intro adventure for him ending with him teaming up with another. A week later I ran the two of them through a short little series of encounters and then brought in the final two players' their characters a long time duo. Having the characters actually meet, introduce themselves and, except for the duo, have no history together seemed like a neat way to get them started and allow them the room to be awkward newbies trying to figure out the system together and each other.
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